Must Read Texas – December 27, 2013

Nandita Berry Appointed Secretary of State;
Chron: Annise Parker to Marry Partner in January?
Best Ted Cruz Quotes of 2013; Cruz to Headline Gridiron Dinner;
Van de Putte’s Heritage; Mackowiak & Stanford in Monday’s AAS;

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Your absolute must clicks:
> Houston Lawyer Nandita Berry, the wife of Houston-based talk show host Michael Berry, is the first Indian American Secretary of State in Texas history.
The Houston Chronicle reports that Mayor Annise Parker (D-Houston) will reportedly marry her longtime partner in Palm Springs, CA in January.
> The 74 best quotes from U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in 2014.
> Sen. Cruz will headline the fancy Gridiron Dinner in Washington in March.
> A DMN report on the heritage of State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio) and how it may affect her race for Lt. Gov.


MRT co-founder Jason Stanford and I share our opposing views on Republican and Democratic resolutions for the New Year in Monday’s Austin American-Statesman.


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– Empower Texans sent out a mailer on the impeachment proceedings of UT Regent Wallace Hall.
– SAEN reports (behind paywall) on how the state’s Voter ID law performed in November.
– The FWST editorial board criticizes (behind paywall) Gov. Rick Perry’s (R-TX) “meddling” at Texas A&M University.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– DMN’s Gromer Jeffers, Jr. uses his weekly column to guess what Christmas gifts certain Texas politicians needed.
– Columnist Dave McNeely writes on the first Democratic statewide official in Texas in a decade.
– TM’s Paul Burka cannot understand all the media coverage that U.S. Senate candidate and Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) is getting.
– The Austin Chronicle compiles all the candidates who are expected to run for newly created City Council seats in 2014, under the city’s new single member districts map.  (Watch #’s 6, 8 and 10 for GOP candidates winning).

Other stories of interest:
– The DMN editorial board is calling for the pathway to citizenship to be removed from the comprehensive immigration bill.
– FWST reports (behind paywall) Drilling in the Barnett Shale is the lowest it’s been in a decade.\

Lighter clicks:
– The best gadgets of 2013.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Space is magical.
– Heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time.


QUORUM REPORT: Ethics Commission again rejects complaint against Ratliff’s chief critic (12/27/13 9:03pm)

AUSTIN CHRONICLE: Very Early Returns: Calling All Council Candidates! (12/27/13 9:02pm)

WASH EXAMINER: Celebrate the year of Ted Cruz with 74 of his best quotes of 2013 (12/27/13 9:01pm)

DMN: Booming North Texas made 2013 a banner year for real estate (12/27/13 8:20pm)

DMN: The name game: Van de Putte’s surname creates challenges in her race for Texas No. 2 job (12/27/13 8:19pm)

DMN: Angela Hunt is now a columnist (1`2/27/13 8:17pm)

DMN: Gridiron call offers Ted Cruz a chance to tackle humor (12/27/13 8:15pm)

DMN: Big gig for Ted Cruz: Gridiron dinner (12/27/13 8:12pm)

FWST ($): Drilling in Barnett Shale slows to lowest level in nearly a decade (12/27/13 8:09pm)

FWST ($): Crews make progress on area road work in 2013, but more on the way (12/27/13 8:08pm)

FWST ($): Mayors plan to lobby for national park fund (12/27/13 8:08pm)

FWST ($): U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall, 90, says 2014 will be his last campaign (12/27/13 8:07pm)

FWST ($): Inter-city bike route would connect Fort Worth to Dallas (12/27/13 8:06pm)

CHRON ($): City plans ‘hugely important’ new justice complex (12/27/13 8:02pm)

CHRON ($): Mitchell fund to aid Galveston’s poor (12/27/13 8:02pm)

CHRON: Source: Parker, partner plan January wedding (12/27/13 8pm)

CHRON: Judge removed from eight more cases (12/27/13 7:57pm)

CHRON: Wendy Davis prods Greg Abbott on education cuts (12/27/13 7:57pm)

CHRON: Empower Texans mailer criticizes Hall impeachment panel (12/27/13 7:57pm)

CHRON: Perry names Houston lawyer secretary of state (12/27/13 7:56pm)

CHRON (Fuel Fix): 2013 oil boom is biggest ever, data shows (12/27/13 7:53pm)

SAEN ($): Voters hampered by Texas voter ID law say they’re no criminals (12/27/13 7:50pm)

SAEN ($): Cruz gets a new — and humorous — platform (12/27/13 7:49pm)

SAEN ($): 19,000-plus comments on new abortion rule fall flat (12/27/13 7:48pm)

AAS ($): HomeAway takes rival Airbnb to court in birdhouse trademark fight (12/27/13 10:29am)

AAS: Berry to succeed Steen as secretary of state (12/27/13 10:26pm)

AAS ($): GOP plan would make Texas major player in 2016 (12/27/13 10:25pm)

TT / KUT: In Austin, Solar Technology Advances in Unlikely Place (12/27/13 9:06am)

TT: Texas Candidates Make Sales Pitch to Audience, Not Job (12/27/13 9:05am)

TT: As Food Programs Are Cut, Deer Hunters Share the Bounty (12/27/13 9:05am)

TT: Considering the Toll of War in a Death Penalty Debate (12/27/13 9:04am)

THE HILL: Cruz: ‘Thought police’ silencing ‘Duck’ star (12/26/13 11:36pm)

TT: Oil Boom’s Unexpected Byproduct: Broken Windshields (12/26/13 11:15pm)

TT: Perry, Straus Reach Out to Appointees Amid Hall Inquiry (12/26/13 11:14pm)

TT: North Texans Challenge Drillers Over Royalties (12/26/13 11:10pm)

AUSTIN BUSINESS JOURNAL: UT system bonds get high ratings, S&P says (12/26/13 10:54pm)

TEXAS LAWYER: Hearing in case against UT regent Wallace Hall Jr. shows he wanted to fire V&E, seize law school foundation computers (12/26/13

HUFF POST: Wendy Davis Gets Fundraising Boost From Elizabeth Warren (12/26/13 10:51pm)

NPR: How To Master The Fine Art Of Political Symbolism (12/26/13 10:50pm)

TT: Report: EPA Followed Rules in North Texas Drilling Case (12/26/13 10:42pm)

POLITICO MAGAZINE: Steve Stockman Can’t Lose (12/26/13 10:40pm)

POLITICO: Ted Cruz: ‘Dismayed’ by A&E (12/26/13 10:39pm)

BLOOMBERG NEWS: IBM, Exxon Decry Texas Retreat on Math Standards (12/26/13 10:29pm)


BURKA BLOG: The Steve Stockman Non-Story (12/27/13 8:32pm)

DMN: Dallas County’s dubious death penalty distinction (12/27/13 8:31pm)

DMN: Immigration reform’s pathway to defeat (12/27/13 8:31pm)

DMN: Sacrificing public safety for business’ sake (12/27/13 8:30pm)

DMN: Consumers must demand greater financial security (12/27/13 8:29pm)

DMN: Dallas needs an overlook that’s less easy to overlook (12/27/13 8:29pm)

DMN: The new LBJ adventure (12/27/13 8:28pm)

FWST ($): Intercity bike trail part of North Texas transportation plan (12/27/13 8:12pm)

FWST ($): Gulf land deal wasn’t just for the birds (12/27/13 8:11pm)

FWST ($): Kitna’s charity payday puts food on Tacoma’s table (12/27/13 8:11pm)

FWST ($): Perry should not meddle with A&M administration (12/27/13 8:04pm)

SAEN: If Cornyn is a liberal . . . (12/27/13 10:46am)

SAEN: In Eagle Ford, a thirst for water (12/27/13 10:45am)

SAEN: South San board needs to stop games (12/27/13 10:45am)

SAEN: Mexican resource wealth untapped (12/27/13 10:44am)

SAEN: San Antonio made progress in 2013 (12/27/13 10:44am)

SAEN: New flying fear: endless phone calls (12/27/13 10:43am)

AAS ($): Drop the politics and focus on improving all Austin schools (12/27/13 10:33am)

AAS ($): Voters should have say if board sought for Austin Energy (12/27/13 10:32am)

AAS ($): Central Texans helping neighbors get back on their feet during holidays (12/27/13 10:32am)

AAS ($): Charter school freedoms don’t exempt them from accountability (12/27/13 10:31am)

AAS ($): A look back at 2013 Austin, with an eye toward 2014 Austin (12/27/13 10:30am)


MANNING: Ted Cruz: 2013 Person of the Year (12/27/13 9:04pm)

LEUBSDORF: You heard it here: What to expect in 2014 (12/27/13 8:27pm)

SCHNURMAN: Another Boeing auction, another big giveaway (12/27/13 8:14pm)

JEFFERS, JR: Holiday gifts for local politicos to use as campaigns heat up next year (12/27/13 8:13pm)

NORMAN ($): In one scholar’s view, suburbs are protecting criminals (12/27/13 8:07pm)

STATE SEN. GARCIA ($): Pope Francis should inspire us all (12/27/13 8:03pm)

FALKENBERG ($): ‘Duck Dynasty’ fan saddened by TV tumult (12/27/13 8pm)

KING: War on drugs has added to U.S. income disparity (12/27/13 7:59pm)

FIKAC ($): For DPS recruits, fitness part of the job (12/27/13 7:59pm)

DE HON ($): Justice system gone haywire (12/27/13 7:52pm)

HAMMOND ($): Federal pre-K program a bad idea (12/27/13 7:51pm)

BOREL ($): Better public policies for people with disabilities would lead to a better Texas (12/27/13 10:34am)

FAINTER ($): Don’t undersell the importance of reliable electricity (12/27/13 10:33am)

HERMAN ($): The state government men’s club (12/27/13 10:30am)

RAMSEY: Texas Candidates Make Sales Pitch to Audience, Not Job (12/27/13 9:05am)

RAMSEY: For Candidates, the End of the Year is a Deadline (12/26/13 11:14pm)

MCFEATTERS ($): Some Christmas gift suggestions for pols (12/26/13 10:42pm)

MCNEELY: Dems gain first statewide elected officials in a decade (12/26/13 10:13pm)

STANFORD: Time to investigate Pearson in Texas (12/23/13 8:08am)

QUIGLEY: Rick Perry vs. Jerry Brown: Why Brown should run for president (12/19/13 4:23pm)

STANFORD: It’s Time to Investigate Pearson in Texas, Too (12/19/13 10:01am)

BLOGS (from the left)

DIANE RAVITCH: Jason Stanford: Time to Investigate Pearson in Texas (12/27/13 7:34am)

GRITS FOR BREAKFAST: TPPF: ‘Texas should lead on restorative justice’ (12/26/13 10:54pm)

BOR: Texas Republicans Who “Stand With Phil Robertson” The Duck Dynasty Patriarch (12/26/13 10:30pm)

BFL: Cease Fire in L’Affaire Sacco? (12/24/13 2:04pm)

BFL: Is George W. Bush Making a Pop-Culture Comeback? (12/22/13 6:43pm)

DALLAS OBSERVER: Rafael Cruz, Conservative Rock Star, and the Making of Ted (12/19/13 4:25pm)

BFL: Time to Investigate Pearson in Texas (12/18/13 4:55pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

OFFICE OF SEN CRUZ: Cruz Statement on The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 (12/27/13 9:26pm)

OFFICE OF SEN. CRUZ: Sen. Cruz: There are bipartisan achievements in NDAA bill we can be proud of (12/26/13 11:12pm)

RIGHT WING WATCH: Beck: Ted Cruz ‘May Be Our Ronald Reagan’ (12/26/13 10:51pm)

OFFICE OF GOV. PERRY: Gov. Perry: Presidential Disaster Declaration Approved for Three Central Texas Counties (2/22/13 1:33am)

LIFE SITE NEWS: Shock: Houston grand jury won’t indict abortionist for twisting heads off newborn babies (12/22/13 1:30am)

OFFICE OF U.S. SEN. CRUZ: Cruz: Bad Budget Bill Spends More, Taxes More, and Funds Obamacare (12/17/13 1:14pm)

PAXTON CAMPAIGN: Ken Paxton Announces Release of Web Endorsement Video from Kelly Shackelford (12/17/13 1:01pm)

Author: Must Read Texas

Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) & Jason Stanford @MustReadTexas