Dallas Morning News Bias – December 30, 2013


*Egypt arrests Al-Jazeera crew for alleged Muslim Brotherhood ties
(Hey, we have Al-Jazeera over here now too!)
*Chicago’s public-sector union pension woes are worst in U.S.
(This is happening across America, but these stories don’t much interest The News. Giving everyone a “living wage” — those do.)
*Obama’s feds funded hard-core porn project
(Warning: graphic content … OK, this just came out last night, but I’ll wager IHOP pumpkin pancakes The News won’t report it.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*[Dallas Co.] DA puts most on death row, p. 1A – Uh-oh. Craig “Jailbreak” Watson has gone off the reservation and put a state-high 12 killers on death row since 2007. Now he must answer to The DMN. Clearly-miffed DMN Dem scribe Emily Wilkins can hardly believe it. To paraphrase her exasperated lede: You told us you were “evolving” on this, Craig – what gives???? (Telling note: Wilkins says Watkins had a “reputation for freeing people from prison” — not innocent people, just people. THAT’S praiseworthy at The DMN.) … Folks, these arecop-killers – child-killers – the guy who set the elderly woman on fire. It doesn’t matter to The News. You’veembarrassed us, Craig! We had a deal! Now, you’re gonna sweat!
*No slowdown in crossing by kids, El Paso Times, p. 3A – These poor, desperate children simply want to reunite with their siblings!!! Recall, The News didn’t run the story of the 12-year-old drug mule, toting 80 pounds of weed across the Texas border. You didn’t need to know that.
*Health sign-ups surge past 1 million, AP, p. 4A – Another Obamacare-Is-Surging story!! The News LOVESthese!! Recall, The News didn’t run the story of White House plans to step-up health care propaganda. You didn’t need to know that. … Also, nowhere in The News’ headline or sub-head does it say who’s claiming this “surge.”Ready? It happens to be the If-You-Like-Your-Health-Plan-You-Can-Keep-It Obama Administration! LOL. Also, AP assures (emphasis mine), “combined with numbers for state-run markets due in January, that SHOULD put total enrollment in the new private insurance plans … at ABOUT 2 million people …” (Prospective news!! Ain’t it great?) But where is THIS prospectus? When the employment mandate kicks in next year, ABOUT 80 million more Americans SHOULD lose their health plans, according to White House estimates. And when this happens, most SHOULD pay more for their new Obamacare plans.
*Syria likely to miss weapons deadline, NYT, p. 10A – Dear Leader Obama isn’t mentioned here. Why not? He’s been a big player over there – the “red line,” supplying the “rebels.” I remember. … BTW, how ‘bout some news and pics from Dear Leader’s current $4 million, 17-day Hawaiian vacay? We’d love to know how he’s doing.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.