Dallas Morning News Bias – December 29, 2013


*White House to step up Obamacare propaganda in 2014
(And you’ll read most all of it in The DMN!)
*DNC worried about stopping Obama’s impeachment
A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues
Meanwhile, The News’ “news” and opinion
*Video had role [in Benghazi attack], al-Qaeda didn’t, NYT, p. 1A – So says an “investigation!” Who did this investigation? THE NEW YORK FRICKING TIMES!!The same folks who wrote the story!! May as well be The DNC! Hahahahahahahahhaha! And NOTHING in The News’ headline or subhead — or on its front-page — tells you it’s a NYT investigation. THAT’s way back on 24A. … So now we’re s’posed to believe Dear Leader and Susan Rice were right?? It was the video?? And the attack had no tiesto al Qaeda’s “international terrorist network??” (This means it evidently wasn’t on al Qaeda’s official daily terrorism schedule and no official on-the-clock al Qaeda repswere on duty — so THERE!) … Folks, it takes tremendous testicular mass to attempt this fiction now. But our mainstream media have absolutely NO moral compass when it comes to Dear Leader. NONE. … No mention here of Dear Leader not sending help or telling the CIA to “stand down”; or why survivors are still not allowed to speak, or why Pat Smith still can’t get answers about her son’s death. None of that, it seems, was pondered in The Times’ “investigation,” or is of any concern to The DMN.
*Safety net holes allow disasters [like West explosion], p. 1A – Stop me if you’d heard this, folks: The News demands, for about the 40th time, more government regulation, more bureaucracy, more money spent — more Dem influence — unless, of course, you want people to DIE!!! (And, yes, it’s front-page — again.) Noteworthy today is thatFOURTEEN  DMN Dem scribes contributed to this epic rehash. (For comparison, Jesus appearing at KwanzaaFest at would garner maybe three — and two would be interns. And The News’ angle would be: Jesus unapologetic for talking so much about Hell.) … This now purely political West hysteria is big at The News, friends. I can’t tell you how big it is. It’s these weasels’ chosen tack for ridding Texas of “dangerous” GOP rule — and they will beat this drum till election night 2014.
*Cruz defends 1st year, aggressive approach, p. 1A – How dare he!! And the jump-page header? Cruz looks back on year, unapologetic. See, kind readers, when aconservative makes a stand, apologies/retreats are in order. It’s expected by these Obama-lobotomized j-schoolers. But — ever seen, Wendy Davis defends aggressive approach in The DMN? Nope. How ‘bout, Davis looks back on year, unapologetic?Nope again. … So — Todd “The Hack” Gillman, The News’ combo analysis/reportingspecialist, is what, a reporter today? (The News never says.) In rebuttal to Cruz’s claim that “Obamacare is the No. 1 job-killer in the country,” Todd says, “Critics have noted the claim is overblown, at least so far, and that the Cruz-inspired government shutdown was itself a drag on the economy.” Critics have NOTED, Todd? Like it’s fact? How ‘bout critics CLAIM, sir?
*The Nation; 2013 In Review, p. 10A – Obamacare’s colossal, on-going, lying, train-wreck-toward-flaming-collapse goes ……….. at the BOTTOM o’ the page! At the top?Homosexual “marriage” gains — of course! … (And don’t forget: Politifact gave Dear Leader “Lie of the Year!” How’d that not get mentioned, guys?)
*Yes, there is a free ride, Steve Blow column, p. 1B – “Fretful Stevie” says DART’s new D-Link bus is “free.” “Fretful Stevie” says it’s “financed by DART, the city of Dallas and Downtown Dallas, Inc.” “Fretful Stevie” is a liberal — he thinks government entities produce money. “Fretful Stevie” also says this new “free” bus around downtown Dallas is good chance to “explore” till nearly midnight. “Fretful Stevie” is also an idiot.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.