Dallas Morning News Bias – December 28, 2013

*Pre-teen illegal immigrant smuggler stopped with 80 pounds of marijuana
(These stories are simply embargoed out-of-hand at The News. Recall the Austin gang-rape last summer. It didn’t happen.)
*Female Marines not meeting physical fitness requirements
*2013 shatters record for fewest tornadoes; least extreme weather ever recorded?
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Jobless benefits run out for 1.3M, p. 1D – So what’s the problem? This same DMN Dem scribe, Sheryl Jean, told us yesterday what a boffo year 2014 was gonna be for Dear Leader’s economy. These folks will surely find work. (Tip: for a lift, read The DMN.) … Ms. Jean neatly blames Republicans here and digs up a here-to-fore-unheard-of left-wingpoll that shows “more than half” of Americans support extending these benefits. Gotta say, I’ve never seen something called The Hart Research Associates for National Employment Law Project poll cited anywhere — by anyone. (But The News steadfastlyignores Gallup and CNN polls showing Dear Leader and the Dems tanking. LOL) … Ms. Jean also notes: long-term unemployment “remains high – much higher than after past recessions” without positing why that is. We’re just s’posed to accept it: It’s Obama’s “bad luck.” (You know, Bush’s fault!) And, odd, she didn’t mention this curious non-recovery at all in yesterday’s pep-rally “news.” (See below)
*Second jobs a first rate idea, Chicago Tribune, p. 1D – With a good lib like Dear Leader as prez, our mainstream media say having to hold down two jobs to pay the bills is a GOOD thing! It’s now a “personal finance fundamental!” It’s “not unusual anymore!!” YIPPEEEE! … And this quote by a financial expert“I think there’s no other way to live … No one, not even a federal worker, can guarantee their job now,”is met with NO ALARM by this lefty scribe. We’ve simply been transformed, see? Enjoy! …With a sane mainstream media, this development would be met with: What the HELL is going on??? Who’s running this show??? Why are people working two jobs now???? (And there’d be no accompanying happy-art.) … Preposterous bias, folks.
*As the ranks of the working poor grow, more families seeking help, p. 1B – Now wait: here, DMN Dem scribe Christina Rosales says, “Sometimes working two jobs and 60 hours a week just doesn’t pay the bills anymore.” But it’s s’posed to make us happy, ma’am! I just read it! She continues: “The ranks of the working poor, people who have full-time jobs but don’t earn a living wage are on the rise locally …” But this suffering is the “new normal,” Ms. Rosales. Ever read your paper’s Business section? Ever ask yourself why “the ranks of the working poor” are growing after five years of Dear Leader? Ever think it might be due to his jobless “recovery?” (And don’t you vote Democrat, ma’am?)
*In search of Latino leaders at highest level, Olivera column, p. 4B – DMN race journalist Mercedes Olivera says a desperate search is on for a national Latino leader, one who can “advance the concerns of the community.” (We must assume Senator Ted Cruzdoesn’t fit the bill.) … As best I can tell from this, these unique, skin color-based “concerns” include: “equality and justice for all” and finding someone who’ll “move the masses.” That’s it. … Tell us sometime, Ms. Olivera, what specific “concerns” Latinos have, how they differ from other humans’ “concerns” — and why skin-pigment, splitting us up by race, is such a big deal to Democrats.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.