Dallas Morning News Bias – December 27, 2013

Glad to be back!

As a new year approaches, let’s update new readers on back-stories for my nicknames for certain DMN Dem scribes and opinion hacks.
Here we go:
*Keven Ann “Lovey Howell” Willey, VP/Opinion — Listen to her voice-mail greeting at 214-977-8253 — if that’s not an elitist, dah-ling, I’ve not heard one.
*”Weaselly Wascally Wayne” Slater, Senior Political Writer — No explanation needed; sometimes shortened to “3-Dub”; can picture him snooping through Rick Perry’s garbage; wrote Bush’s Brain, but has yet to give Dear Leader Obama’s a look.
*Robert “3-Dub Jr.” Garrett, Texas Political Writer — See above; he’s Wayne’s sidekick, trained at his knee; same lib snark.
*Terrence “The Lib Putz” Stutz — Handles Texas public school propaganda: give us more money!; two sides? —what two sides?
*Tod “Che” Robberson — probably the biggest lefty on The News’ editorial board; calls capitalism “do-nothing capitalism”; thinks any white person north of Woodall Rogers Freeway is a racist; ditto for any white person who was breathing in the ’50s.
*”Hack-quielyn” Floyd, Metro columnist — despises conservatives save, I guess, for one: her husband Mike Hashimoto, the lone conservative on The News’ ed-board; a virulent pro-abort who once wrote a loving piece about saving a yucca tree on an Arlington freeway; embarrassed by Texans often, but won’t leave.
*Michael “Laggie, The Lib Aggie” Landauer – I guess a big-wig in Opinion; once handled Letters, where he stopped running my tomes cold years ago, after they’d run almost monthly for a time; went to conservative Texas A&M, where he was severely out-numbered; perhaps now seeks revenge; knows it all.
*”Goofy” Will Deener, Business columnist — loves him some Fed-propped stock market; tells folks not to worry a bit; fairly oblivious to Obama’s economic carnage; goofy grinning pic.
*“Schneering” Mitchell Schnurman, Business columnist — loves Obamacare like cotton candy; wants to expand Medicare — after all, it’s free!!; thinks Republicans are stupid, sneers at them.
*”Jimbo” Landers, Business columnist — See above; writes something called “Global Beat” that’s usually about the wonders of Obamacare; “Jimbo?” I don’t know.
*Mike “Fred Flintstone” Rawlings, Dallas Mayor — doesn’t work for The News but they’re holding a seat for him; looks like Fred Flintstone.
*Gallup: Obama’s approval drops to 39%
*CNN poll: GOP leads 2014 mid-term stakes
*New Obamacare fees coming in 2014
*Patchwork Obamacare deadlines creating chaos, confusion
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*GOP debates next move; With Obamacare a reality, subtle shift seen among some legislators, AP, p. 1A –Forget all the coming taxes and fees, the chaotic deadlines, the crashing train wreck — the GOP is flummoxed!Obamacare is a “reality!” … Folks, we’re to believe that because 2 million people supposedly have insurance now, this thing is a done deal. No matter that three times that lost their policies; no matter that 80 million more will lose them next year; no matter that Republicans now lead 2014 mid-term polling. AP mentions NONE of that. … Be sure: the stunning fraud now being perpetrated on the American people simply wouldn’t be possible without thedirect loving assistance of our mainstream media — as demonstrated daily in The DMN.
*Egypt hardens line on Muslim Brotherhood, AP/NYT, p. 1A – Somehow, these j-schoolers fail to note thatDear Leader SIDED with this now officially-labeled terrorist group! Isn’t that a hoot? That doesn’t happen every day! Dear Leader even sold ‘em tricked-up F-16s — yet he’s not mentioned at all! (This omission, dear readers, can only be termed corrupt.)
*Gridiron gig offers Cruz a chance to tackle humor, p. 10A – Here, Todd “The Hack” Gillman “reports” in another patented news-section Op-Ed. (The News doesn’t even label them “analysis” anymore.) Concerning Cruz’s upcoming headliner turn at Washington’s Gridiron Dinner, Todd “reports”: “He’d best leave behind his inner filibuster, though. That would not go over well.” (Thanks, Todd, like Ted is too stupid to know that.) Todd also“reports” on Rick Perry’s “epically-flawed presidential bid.” Friends, Todd never calls Hillary’s ’08 run anything like that. In fact, I’ve not seen any DMN scribe refer to Hill’s memorable butt-slide into the ditch. … Dear Editor Mong: please give Todd’s ramblings some indication that he’s not reporting – he’s musing. See — because you also have him reporting straight news, often on 1A, the difference should be clear for readers.
*Free Enterprise Isn’t Free, Editorial, p. 22A – I leave town four days and these clowns are STILL blaming Republicans for West blowing up. … Glad I missed DMN Dem scribe James Drew’s Sunday piece, which sounds like it came right out and BLAMED CONSERVATISM FOR KILLING PEOPLE. “Lovey Howell’s” studious crew calls it “connecting the dots” though no “dots” are ever “connected” in their halls for: blacks and the knock-out game; homosexuality and AIDS/STDs; liberals and mega-TRILLION-dollar debt; illegal immigrants and crime; Dear Leader and anti-Israel Muslims; abortion and killing. … Think of the craven level of contempt it requires to say conservatives don’t understand the “crucial distinction” that business should not be allowed to kill people.They – really – think – this! And check the particularly condescending finale (they’re SURE  they’re on to something!): “Sacrificing human life must never be a cost of maintaining Texas’ business-friendly reputation.” Folks, we have another contender for a new façade quote at DMN headquarters!! (BTW, you’ll NEVER see“sacrificing human life must never be a cost of maintaining Democrat party donations” used in a DMN editorial.)
*Business section – Save this one, folks: Outlook better for U.S., Texas; Outlook strong for Texas in ‘14; Jobless claims drop sharply; Dow closes at another record; ’13 a lucky number. It’s all good, baby!! $17 tril – going on 20 – in-the-hole, deficit spending, tax-and-spend leftists running D.C., Obamacare swallowing 1/6th of the economy, a propped-up stock market — and at The Newsnone of it matters! We can roll like this!! Cabbage Patch!! … BTW, for a look at real concerns for 2014 and beyond, see below:

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.