Dallas Morning News Bias – December 20, 2013







*Obama admin knew of website risks before launch
*Sebelius: Yes, you will pay more for insurance 
*The next Obamacare ticking time-bomb: small business rate hikes
*45 states still haven’t hit 10 percent of Obamacare sign-up goal
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Fed’s move won’t jolt the economy, AP, p. 1A – Is this an Op-Ed? An editorial? A commentary? Heck, no! It’s a DMN front-page “straight-up” news story! There’s no source for this proclamation anywhere in The News’ headline or subhead. Perhaps that’s because the “source” is AP hack Paul Wiseman – the reporter!Hilarious!! Wiseman goes 7 inches into this propaganda — onto The News’ jump-page — before quoting or sourcing anyone. It’s all Wiseman – explaining what’s going to happen. BTW, his first source-quote? “They have tried to sugarcoat the pill.” The next, 6 inches later: “Homebuyers aren’t going to be happy.” Anything there say this move “won’t jolt the economy?” Not even close. … Truth: No oneknows what effect ending this “money-printing” will have — because it’s entirely unprecedented. Wiseman even implies this at one point: “The impact of the Fed’s action is hard to predict” – but that doesn’t stop The News’ copy editor from leading with the journalistically corrupt header.
*Total of people without replacement health policies falls; Of 4 million losing their plans, fewer than 500,000 still in limbo, AP, p. 11A – Says “the [Obama] administration.” Anybody believe them? LOL. Again, the headline and subhead state this as fact. … No mention here that: 80 million more are predicted to lose their plans when the employer mandate kicks in, or that those who have gotten replacement policies are paying WAY more now — for things they don’t want or need. … Note how AP hack Julie Pace describes where we are: “… Obama repeatedly promised that people who liked their insurance would be able to keep it. However, the law set minimum requirements for coverage, meaning people who obtained subpar plans after the law was passed would have to find new coverage.” (Uh, so he lied, Julie? Care to close the circle?) Note the “subpar plans.” That’s White House lingo, folks. Also, “people who obtained” plans “after the law was passed …” This implies the people caused their problems – they just didn’tunderstand. And, by using “obtained” Pace is covering for the fact that the law decreed if you made ANY changes to your plan – ANYTHING – you’d lose it.Ooops! You’ve obtained a new policy!! … (See below. Dear Leader just exemptedfrom Obamacare those who lost policies. It’s TOTAL chaos, friends.)
*Breast cancer’s racial bias; Black women far more likely to die as advances pass them by, AP, p. 1A – Good Lord. Cancer is racist. It probably thinks Santa is white too.
*Al-Qaeda figure predicts Syrian rebel victory, McClatchy, p. 21A – The rebels!That’s the side Dear Leader is helping! But he’s not mentioned. Hmmm. Sez here this al-Qaeda group “has emerged as the most effective and dreaded of the Syrian rebel groups fighting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.” That’s what Dear Leader wants to do! I remember!! Why doesn’t McClatchy mention him?
*Letters, p. 28A – The News’ Letters editor is still on a big-bias roll. Today, FOURletters bashing anyone who isn’t on board Dear Leader’s “Income Inequality/Health-Care Gap” choo-choo. Letters with an opposing view? ZERO. NADA. NOT ONE.  



Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.