Dallas Morning News Bias – December 18, 2013


*WashPo/ABC poll: Obama approval rating is lowest since Nixon
*More Obamacare fine print: Medicaid bills your estate for health expenses
(But “Schneering” Schnurman jes’ loves him some Medicaid expansion!)
*Obamas 17-day Hawaiian vacay to top $4 million
(Read these factoids. You’ll not see them in The News.)
*Price of ground beef hits all-time high
(C’mon, DMN. This hits the poor and middle class.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Budget deal offers ray of optimism, AP, p. 1A – Unless, of course, you’re a disabled American vet. Here’s the headline, DMN: Senate Dems block GOP effort to save vet pay. Or maybe: Senate Dems side with illegal immigrants over vets. … The News doesn’t care about any of that. After all — things are getting done!! … (Not noted here: every singleSenate Dem voted for this.)  
*Analysts wary of ‘income gap,’ AP, p. 1A – Are they now? The “income gap” is “hurting the U.S. economy?” Sothat’s what’s doing it!! Not Marxism. Not Obamacare. Not government regs. Not punishing achievement. It’s “the rich”hoarding all the money!! “So says a majority of more than three dozen economists surveyed last week by [AP].” (Wow, impressive. And AP names just two of them — and no dissenters are quoted.) … Loved this line too: “Analysts say the economy would be better able to sustain growth if the riches were more evenly dispersed.” So how would AP and the rest of the Left suggest we do this? Y’all know. They’re doing it: TAKE IT from those who have it – — but now, it’s for the economy’s sake.! … Funny: AP quotes Dear Leader here, squealing that “income inequality” is “the defining challenge of our time – as if he hasn’t been prez for five years – as if he’s still campaigning for the job! Hahahahahahaha! Too much.
*Outside our bubble, sobering forecasts, p. 1D – Oh, dear. A DMN business columnist just heard a very bad forecast for Dear Leader’s 2014 economy – things she’d evidently not heard from inside her “bubble” at The News. Dem scribe Cheryl Hall says she “was caught off guard” hearing these bad things from SMU Business school experts. (And it seems they didn’t mention “income inequality.” Don’t they read AP?) … These guys actually point out to Ms. Hall that this is “the worst economy in our lifetime in terms of slow recovery and the way we’re creating jobs”; that “this weakness in the job market trumps The Great Depression”; that “if the labor force participation rate were at a normal level, unemployment would be nearly 12 percent.” Again, evidently news to Ms. Hall, though it’s been bellowed by tea partiers and talk radiofor years. … Hey, but thanks for running this, guys. (Look for “Schneering Schnurm’s” rebuttal soon. This cannot stand.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.