Dallas Morning News Bias – December 17, 2013


*Sebelius looking for media assistance
*New York’s cultural elite blindsided by Obamacare
(This is a NYT story – skipped by The News.)
*479 sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun laws
(Another NYT story – skipped by The News.)
*Pelosi calls for halt to deportations
*‘Obama’ rodeo clown leads Person of the Year voting
Is Obama ‘Too Big To Jail?’
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*[Middle East] ‘Mega-crisis’ unfolds; Millions of Syrians displaced, AP, p. 1A – MY, but the world is a dangerous place with Leftists running America, no? … This is a really long story – but “Barack Obama” doesn’t appear one time. And he’s fricking AIDING one side here!
*Republicans take aim at [Obamacare] navigators, p. 1B – What, they’re gonna SHOOT them? Hahahahahha. (Pathetic.) … It appears the GOP is doing a job The DMN just won’t do. … Read more below about why Republicans are “taking aim” at this corruption. And it’s happening right under The News’ nose.
*Abbott silent about Koch event, Between Wayne Slater’s Ears, p. 3A – Minor kudos to “Weaselly Wascally Wayne” Slater today: he labels Texans for Public Justice “left-leaning!” (Do I it take credit? Of course! Thanks for reading, Wayne!) … BTW, The News views the Koch Brothers like most folks view Charles Manson and The Green River Killer.
*Health savings accounts, The choice is yours, Jim Landers’ Global Beat, p. 1D – Hey, Jimbo actually gives some fairly balanced ink to a conservative idea here. (Thanks for reading, Jim!)
*[Obamacare] Flaw affects dental care for kids, NYT, p. 4A – Dang! Another “kudos,” guys! (Somebody’s listening!) … Missing context: Yet another Obamacare LIE. The Times simply calls it“flawed implementation.”
*Every baby, wanted or not, needs a haven, Floyd column, p1B – So says abortion-on-demand queen Hack-quielynn Floyd! (I know. That was too easy.) … Amazing, isn’t it, that former-embryo Hack-quielynn can write all this and not mention abortion? That’s because Hacki thinks a baby, like Baby Murphy here, isn’t a baby until she’s born. Till then, it’s OK to kill her.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.