Dallas Morning News Bias – December 13, 2013


*Congress moves to take Obama to court
*Obama admin still hiding, manipulating health care stats 
*Taxpayers shelling out $14,000 per Obamacare enrollee
*HHS awards another $58 million for health ‘navigators’
*Obamacare raising cost of teeth braces
*British health system rife with blunders 
*Iraq falling to al-Qaeda since Obama’s 2011 pullout
On John Boehner’s Temper Tantrum
Obama’s Flirt With Danish Prime Minister Is A Disgrace
(Great pic of Miche here!!)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Bipartisan tide lifts budget compromise, AP, p.1A – Bipartisanship!!!! The News is so pleased: BIG front-page headline, BIG pic (of the Dems). Now we can “get things done” — the way it should be!!! As an added bonus, Boehner rips the tea party!!! He gets a big front-page pic too! Meanwhile, see below.
*Anger high, tactics low as Senate votes on nominees, NYT, p. 14A – Over in the Senate, and waaaaay over on 14A, Harry Reid continues hisscorched-earth jihad on Republicans, stacking the DC Circuit with leftist judges who’ll stay for lifetime terms. … This is how the Dems do it, friends. And the mainstream media aren’t particularly alarmed by the lack of “bipartisanship.” Nor were they bothered by the lack of “bipartisanship” in passing Obamacare without a single GOP vote. Still aren’t. … As an aside: Boehner has stepped in it big-time, folks.
*[Texas lieutenant governor] Hopefuls back creationism, p. 3A – Per DMN Dem scribe “3-Dub Jr.” Garrett: “Mindful that the state GOP’s staunchest conservatives dominate primaries, the four men continued to steer to the right.” Translation: They don’t really believe this creationism crap. Nobody does. They just have to say they do to get elected by Texas’ uneducated, brain-dead right-wingers who unfortunately decide these elections. … Here’s a sentence you’ve not seen in a DMN report: “Mindful that the state Democrat Party’s staunchest liberals dominate primaries, the candidates continued to steer to the left.” In those stories, stances taken by Dems are portrayed as deeply-held, principled convictions.
*Measures aim to ease move [to Obamacare], AP, p. 5A – Oh good. Sebelius has heard the cries of her subjects who’ve lost their health plans and offered to make things “easier” for them. So what about Dear Leader telling everyone this would not happen in the first place? And what about the 80 million more who’ll lose their plans next year with the employer mandate? AP doesn’t say. Nor do they tell you Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) yesterday accused Sebelius of criminal obstruction of justice:
*Justice in South has come a long way, Cowlishaw column, p. 1C – Yes, even the sportswriters are libs, folks — and we all know libs areobsessed with race. Here’s Tim Cowlishaw’s take on Florida State QB Jameis Winston not being charged with rape: Well, at least they didn’t just take him out and lynch him like they used to 60 years ago. Really, Tim? And you weren’t able to work in that JFK’s murder was the catalyst for this change? (Mighta got an attaboy from the mayor for that! )… I’ll be quite honest. Race never entered my mind about this case. What, is the alleged victim white, as Cowlishaw implies? Didn’t know, don’t care.
*Hawaii health director killed in plane crash, AP, p. 4A – Gee, AP and The News don’t tell you this Loretta Fuddy is the one who approved the release of Dear Leader’s supposed long-form birth certificate in 2011 — the certificate found to be fraudulent by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation. See more below:
*Light amid the darkness, Gun Violence Vigil, WashPo, p. 4A – An anti-gun rally inside Washington National Cathedral? Somehow, WashPo fails to allude to “separation of church and state” here. Oh, wait — they do say “much” of the rally was “apolitical” — though “some speakers urged Congress to take a stand.” I guess that’s OK, then — as long as it was just “some,” and as long as “much” of it was apolitical. … I know it’s easy pickins, but imagine for a moment conservatives holding a 1st and 2nd Amendment rally inside Washington National Cathedral. Good Lord.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.