Dallas Morning News Bias – December 12, 2013

*4 in 10 would rather pay Obamacare fine that buy insurance
*Blue-state Oregon spends $300 million, gets 44 Obamacare sign-ups
*Cruz calls budget deal ‘deeply concerning’
*Former budget director: budget deal ‘a joke and betrayal’
*Majority believe illegal immigrant deportations not aggressive enough
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Health sign-ups pick up steam, NYT, p. 1A – It’s The News’ third “Obamacare-picking-up-steam” story in three weeks! (11/20: Pace of [Obamacare] enrollment picking upand 11/23: Pace of enrollment in health exchanges picks up) It’s about the only Obamacare “news” The News runs anymore! Well, that and Obamacare comes to Texas[!] (12/9), Error rate on health website cut from 25% to 10% (12/7) and this classic: Obamacare website to meet deadline (11/30). Of course, it didn’t, but no matter — all those problems? Gone, baby! Smooth sailing! …Note: there’s still not been a single story in The News of local folks who are facing hardship due to their policy being canceledNot one. The News doesn’t want those stories told. It’s not in their corrupt interest. (WashPo has an example below, guys.)
*Selective approach to breast cancer treatment is backed, AP, p. 5A – (And who’ll do the “selecting” under Obamacare? Sebelius — and her bureaucratic goons! YIPPEEEEEE!) Friends, here we have The News’ second “you-don’t-need-that-cancer-treatment” story in three days! (It’s called softening-up the masses.) This time: breast cancer! From the lede: “New research” shows “tens of thousands” of women “might” be able to skip “at least some” treatments “without greatly harming their odds of survival.” (Again, who’ll decide “greatly?”) These now-revered studies here are from ……. India ….. fricking Turkey …… and Scotland — bastions of cancer research all! (Recall The News DIDN’T run the Chinese study last week that showed a new abortion/breast cancer link. That foreign research didn’t meet Belo standards.) … AP admits here this research is “aimed at curbing overtreatment. Cool! “Research” with a predetermined “aim!” I like it! AP also calls overtreatment “a big problem in cancer care.”Says who, AP? … And guess what? This “research” found older women and those whose cancer had “spread widely” were leading candidates for less treatment! Perfecto!! (Recall Dear Leader telling us in 2009 to check the age-chart and give grandma a pill? “I don’t think that we can make judgments based on peoples’ spirit,” he said. “That would be a pretty subjective decision to be making.” … Bottom line: All these medical associations are under intense pressure to fall in line with this – and pronto. … If you have time, check out the transcript below of a Dear Leader 2009 health-care presser and his ABCNews event. What lies — and you’ll see none of this context now in Dallas’ newspaper of record.
*Rules on [Dallas’] gas drilling tightened, p. 1A – Wonderful! Dallas effectively bans gas drilling! Very progressive! So what happens to the 19 mil Dallas took from the drilling company? DMN Dem scribe Randy Lee Loftis doesn’t say.
*Is [Texas’ GOP] comptroller too blasé about sales tax record? p. 3A – Yeah, it seems she’s not adequately enthused at the prospect ofblowing millions of taxpayer dollars like a Dem would be. That’s the here story, folks: We might have all this money!! Let’s spend it!! … DMN Dem scribe “3-Dub Jr.” Garrett has located “an independent economist” who says Comptroller Combs is being waaaaay “too cautious.” (Loosen up, baby! It’s time to get jiggy wid it!!) … Garrett doesn’t mention this economist, Stuart Greenfield, is a big lib Democrat. You don’t need to know that. (He gets crappy marks from his students too!)
*The New Reality, Editorial, p. 16A – As North Texans’ drawers finally begin to thaw, “Lovey Howell” Willey’s bunch thinks it’s now time we all “face the realities of climate change.” Hahahahahaha! … DMN founder George Bannerman Dealey would not be pleased. Recall, he said,“Acknowledge the right of the people to get from the news both sides of every important question.” Today’s DMN credo: You have a right to know what we think is right. All else is embargoed. Hey — replace Bannerman’s quote on The News’ building façade with that!


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.