Dallas Morning News Bias – December 7, 2013

OK, I was wrong. The News DID run this today:
U.S. to let wind farms kill eagles, AP, p. 4A
(Not highlighted by AP, though: Yet another example of Dear Leader Obama simply making a “new rule” concerning laws on the books. It is ILLEGAL to kill these eagles. He doesn’t get to decide this. We don’t have a king — yet.)
*Gallup: Obama approval down most among Hispanics
(Down 23 percent this year! That’s not “news” at The DMN. LOL.)
*Biden drops half-a-mil on Singapore two-night stay
(The News makes no mention of a “divided legacy”, his ties to the Soviet Union and other despots, or ANC violence. Just sayin’.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Error rate on health website cut from 25% to 10%, McClatchy, p. 9A – Odd. Here’s a story that sez Obamacare bugs still affect 1-in-4 enrollments:
*As job figures improve, hopes rise; Jobless rate drops to 5-year low, AP, p. 1A – “Hopes” are all we have till the Marxist leaves the White House, friends. … Hey — look what’s buried in the middle of this piece, way over on 6A: “Many Americans are still avoiding the job market, neither working nor looking for work. That’s one reason the unemployment rate has fallen in recent months. The percentage of adults either working or searching for work remains near a 35-year low, at 63 percent.”  SIXTY-THREE PERCENT, friends. … And AP doesn’t note that 41 percent of these new jobs are gubment jobs, or that the private sector has shrunk in 41 states under Dear Leader. … Atransformation is taking place alright, folks. Right before our eyes.
*New area targeted for [Frisco] Exide-related cleanup, p. 1B – DMNDem scribe Val Wigglesworth is still on the case! They’ve found more“contamination!” Lives have been saved!! (Not.)
*Peacemaker Awards given to advocates, p. 4B – Page 17a of The News’stylebook: Where ten or more lib activists are handing out awards, there The News will be also. … What a line-up! CODE PINK’s local chiefa Dallas Residents At Risk repthe founder of UTA’s Center for Mexican American Studies, SMU leftist Rick Halperin – and a DMN reporter!! Yes Diane Solis was named Peacemaker of the Year for dredging up a tragic 40-year-old murder and getting Mayor “Flintstone” to apologize for the entire City of Dallas for it. … DMN Dem scribe Deborah Fleck, perhaps running for next year’s Peacemaker of the Year, calls CODE-PINK simply a “grass-roots peace and social justice movement” — not “controversial,” nor “extreme. But, Deb — they dress up like vaginas. Surely, you’ve seen them. And they sent muchodinero to aid our enemy in Fallujah in 2004. They’re about as radical and anti-American as one can imagine. (See below.)


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.