Must Read Texas – December 4, 2013

Dewhurst Calls for $60M for Border Security; Davis Earned $284k in 2012;
TT Asks All Statewides for Tax Returns; MRT on TV
Good morning from Austin.
Here’s the quick brief as it’s a busy time:

Your absolute must clicks:
> Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R-TX), who is seeking reelection, called for $60 million in border security funding.
> Gubernatorial candidate and State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) earned $284,000 in 2012, according to her just released tax returns.
> The Texas Tribune asked all the statewide candidates to release the last three years of their tax returns.  Here’s the report on how the candidates responded.


Last night, MRT co-founder Jason Stanford (@JasStanford) and I appeared on KTBC Fox Austin to discuss the all-important anglo women vote in the 2014 Governor’s race.
On Tuesday night, Stanford and I debated the Texas economic model vs. the California model.
Jason and I hope you will watch these segments and offer sartorial advice.

– Outgoing Texas A&M president R. Bown Loftin will be the new president at the University of Missouri.
– TM’s Paul Burka weighs in on State Rep. Sarah Davis’ (R-Houston).

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– Daily Beast’s Dave Catanese reports on Gov. Rick Perry’s (R-TX) recent political trip to Spartanburg, SC.
– Texas Tribune polling outfit reports on the negative poll ratings of President Obama and how that’s a drag for Texas Democrats.
– TT reports on Agriculture Commissioner candidate Eric Opiela’s focus on “fighting for rural communities.”

Other stories of interest:
– Texans feature prominently on list of most philanthropic Americans.
– A construction worker at Kyle Field in College Station died one day after falling four stories.
– Next year the Formula 1 race in Austin will be the same weekend as the NASCAR race in DFW.

Lighter clicks:
– A wonderful potential Christmas present for Batkid.
– Remember MTV veejay Kennedy form the 1990s? She’s headed to Fox Business Network.
– Ron Burgundy is co-hosting Sportscenter tonight.  Here’s Burgundy interviewing Peyton Manning.
– President Obama hopes to host “Sportscenter” after he retires.
– Magic Johnson’s trophy room is a sight to behold.
– Tim Tebow as college football analyst is causing a three network bidding war.
– Nice shot here from former Longhorn basketball player and now Boston Celtic Avery Bradley.
– The new “House of Cards” season two trailer is out. (The trailer will underwhelm you)
– The final draw for the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be released Friday morning (televised live on ESPN).

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Abilene, TX restaurant closes for employee ‘attitude adjustment.


TT: Loftin to Become Chancellor of University of Missouri (12/5/13 1:08pm)

AP: Dewhurst calls for $60 million to beef up border security (12/5/13 1:06pm)

AP: Wendy Davis made $284,000 in 2012, according to her tax return (12/5/13 1:05pm)

AP: Former Texas A&M president is new MU chancellor (12/5/13 1:05pm)

AP: ‘Much loved’ Austin teacher killed in Benghazi (12/5/13 1:04pm)

TT: Most Statewide Candidates Won’t Release Tax Returns (12/5/13 1:04pm)

TT: Polling Center: Obama Weighs Heavily on Texas Democrats (12/5/13 1:02pm)

DMN: For the first time, Dallas sues a developer solely for violating city’s tree ordinance (12/5/13 12:40pm)

DMN: North Texas Food Bank asks public for help raising $7 million before end of the month (12/5/13 12:39pm)

DMN: Cornyn rival Maxey Scherr takes aim… at Ted Cruz (12/5/13 12:35pm)

DMN: Fort Worth United Way exec says group will obey any Texas edict for Obamacare “navigators” (12/5/13 12:34pm)

FWST ($): Fort Worth police recognizes officers for bravery, service (12/5/13 12:25pm)

FWST ($): Former West paramedic sentenced to federal prison (12/5/13 12:23pm)

FWST ($): Davis income from law firm increased last year (12/5/13 12:20pm)

CHRON ($): Only a third of those summoned for jury duty show up (12/5/13 12:03pm)

CHRON ($): Galveston anti-public housing lawsuit follows opponents’ script (12/5/13 12pm)

CHRON ($): Civil rights groups want Taser ban in Texas schools (12/5/13 11:58am)

CHRON: John Cornyn: Benghazi has been “a cover-up from the very beginning” (12/5/13 11:45am)

CHRON: Texans on Science Committee eager to explore life beyond earth (12/5/13 11:44am)

CHRON: Wendy Davis releases tax returns (12/5/13 11:44am)

SAEN ($): Sculley to earn more (12/5/13 11:39am)

SAEN ($): Planning commission OKs closing Main for H-E-B (12/5/13 11:39am)

SAEN ($): 2014 voter registration cards in the mail soon (12/5/13 11:39am)

AAS ($): Civil rights groups protest stun gun use on students (12/5/13 11:26am)

AAS ($): DPS ends South Texas checkpoints (12/5/13 11:26am)

AAS ($): Austin could buy, preserve 607 acres in Hays County for $18 million (12/5/13 11:24am)

DAILY BEAST: Rick Perry Can’t Quit Campaigning (12/5/13 11:22am)

TT: Report: Texas Water Woes Need Market Solution (12/5/13 11:21am)

TT: Opiela Touts Record Fighting for Rural Communities (12/5/13 11:20am)

KTBC FOX AUSTIN: Debating Wendy Davis and women voters (12/5/13 10;49am)

KTBC FOX AUSTIN: Debating Texas vs. California (12/5/13 10:49am)

TT: Governor’s Race Draws Spotlight on Red Light Cameras (12/5/13 10:45am)

TPM: Paramedic At Texas Plant Blast Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison (12/5/13 10:14am)

KVUE ABC AUSTIN: Operation aims to put dent in Mexican cartel business (12/5/13 10:13am)

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER: McDermott messes with Texas (12/5/13 10:13am)

ROLL CALL: The $2 Billion Campaign Against John Cornyn (12/5/13 10:10am)

KILLEEN DAILY HERALD: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz meets with Killeen officials (12/4/13 2:36pm)

TT: State Gets Federal OK to Boost Medicaid Payments (12/4/13 1:21pm)

TT: For Groundwater, Political Boundaries Trump Natural Ones (12/4/13 10:58am)

TT: Supporters of Mérida Cite Successes From Aid Package (12/4/13 10:57am)

TT / KUHF: Subsidies for Plant Construction Stir Legal, Financial Concerns (12/4/13 10:57am)

TT: TDI Proposes New Rules for Health Navigators (12/4/13 10:56am)

DES MOINES REGISTER: Branstad’s fundraising trip to Texas criticized (12/4/13 10:53am)

THE STATE: Texas Gov. Perry schmoozing in Upstate (12/4/13 10:53am)


BURKA BLOG: The Legacy of T.R. Fehrenbach (12/5/13 12:46pm)

BURKA BLOG: The Life and Fines of Nathan Hecht (12/5/13 12:46pm)

BURKA BLOG: Does John Smithee Want to Be Speaker? (12/5/13 12:45pm)

BURKA BLOG: A Challenge for Sarah Davis (12/5/13 12:45pm)

DMN: UT-Arlington’s new partnership will create a college-going culture (12/5/13 12:41pm)

DMN: Dallas City Council needs to fix its housing policies (12/5/13 12:40pm)

FWST ($): Beloved Post Office a grand City Hall? (12/5/13 12:29pm)

FWST ($): Expansion of Texas 360 could move a step closer (12/5/13 12:28pm)

FWST ($): Zip (12/5/13 12:27pm)

ELP TIMES: Cheating, to what extent? (12/5/13 12:18pm)

CHRON: Secret police beating (12/5/13 11:51am)

CHRON: Vote for these candidates (12/5/13 11:51am)

CHRON: Steve Stockman’s antics (12/5/13 11:50am)

SAEN: Time for pragmatism with Karzai (12/5/13 11:37am)

SAEN: South San overdue for culture shift (12/5/13 11:37am)

SAEN: Children hungry, even in Texas (12/5/13 11:36am)

AAS ($): It’s time to turn off the ethanol pump (12/5/13 11:30am)

AAS ($): T.R. Fehrenbach’s ‘Lone Star’ captured Texas spirit as well as its history (12/5/13 11:29am)


LEUBSDORF: How Obama’s own shortcomings undercut Obamacare (12/5/13 12:43pm)

C. SESSION: State fire marshal is my Texan of the Year (12/5/13 12:43pm)

BOUDREAUX ($): LNG exports way to boost economy (12/5/13 12:33pm)

LONGWELL ($): Prohibition is alive and well (12/5/13 12:32pm)

MCLERNON: Texas’ economy stands taller thanks to global investment (12/5/13 11:52am)

WEINSTEIN: Federal fracking regulations could boost energy costs (12/5/13 11:52am)

CHASNOFF ($): Greenblum benefits from broad interpretation of charter (12/5/13 11:39am)

LEDFORD: Does city want Heidi Search Center to survive? (12/5/13 11:37am)

PADILLA: School districts add assault weapons to arsenals (12/5/13 11:34am)

MORRIS ($): Consider your Medicare options carefully (12/5/13 11:32am)

U.S. SEN. CRUZ: Obama administration has Iran interim agreement backwards (12/4/13 2:36pm)

JONES: Anglo Women the Key for Texas Democrats (12/4/13 10:58am)

FMR. SECRETARY NORTON & COMPTROLLER COMBS: Endangered-species fixes possible (12/4/13 10:55am)

PRESIDENT POWERS: Research leader is my Texan of the Year (12/3/13 11:45am)

MCKENZIE: Understanding religion is central to understanding global conflicts (12/3/13 11:45am)

BEGLEY ($): ‘Round these parts, traffic circles catching on (12/3/13 10:27am)

SNYDER ($): Thanks for Operation Home Cooking (12/3/13 9:32am)

MARKELZ ($): Warrior and Family Support Center, now 10, gives thanks (12/3/13 9:32am)

BAY ($): Trust but verify: Missing in 2013 (12/3/13 9:31am)

CHASNOFF ($): Local street racing still a problem (12/3/13 9:30am)

AYALA ($): Latinos impatient with Obama’s dispassion on immigration (12/3/13 9:30am)

BLOGS (from the left)

WASHINGTON MONTHLY: The Awful Specter of Perry ‘16 (12/5/13 11:01am)

TFN INSIDER: The Mythical ‘War on Christmas’ in Texas Schools (12/3/13 12:33pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

EMPOWER TEXANS: Debra Medina: Comptroller Candidate, Straus Supporter (12/5/13 12:48pm)

EMPOWER TEXANS: Lobbyists/Lackeys Fundraising for Opiela (12/5/13 12:48pm)

EMPOWER TEXANS: Lubbock Establishment Runs Tax Raiser Against Rep. Charles Perry (12/5/13 12:47pm)

OFFICE OF SEN. CRUZ: Cruz on Iranian Prisoner Abedini: Unconscionable that Top American Diplomats Did Not Mention His Name (12/5/13 12pm)

OFFICE OF SEN. CRUZ: Cruz: Reid Decision To Exempt Staff From Obamacare Latest Example of Washington Disconnect (12/4/13 4:19pm)

THE BLAZE: Texas Sen. who led pro-abortion filibuster is getting hounded after her comments on children (12/4/13 4:10pm)

DEWHURST CAMPAIGN: New video, “Keep Texas #1” (12/3/13 4:13pm)

BIG JOLLY POLITICS: Todd Staples leads race for worst press release (12/3/13 11:50am)

BIG JOLLY POLITICS: Fourteenth court of appeals to hear James Jenkins vs State of Texas (12/3/13 11:50am)

BIG JOLLY POLITICS: Dan Branch backs HB2, legislative process (12/3/13 11:49am)

TPPF: Rule Could Mean Lights Out in Texas (12/3/13 11:48am)

TPPF: (Not) Cheaper by the Dozen (12/3/13 11:48am)

EMPOWER TEXANS: Freedom’s Unlikely Enemy (12/3/13 11:47am)

Author: Must Read Texas

Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) & Jason Stanford @MustReadTexas