Dallas Morning News Bias – December 4, 2013

See if THE DALLAS MORNING DAILY KOS reports this tomorrow:
Harry Reid exempts his staffers from Obamacare
(To be clear, folks, if The News had its way, you would NOT know any of this.)
1) Congressman warns ‘fixed’ health website still not secure; White House won’t brief Congress
2) Hacker: no security ever built into health care website; Online security expert: risks worse than before ‘fix’
3) AP: Healthcare subsidy program vulnerable to fraud
(This is AP — The News’ main source — but it’s ignored.)
4) Expert tells Congress Obama’s actions may lead to government overthrow
(Oh, yeah, Congressional hearings are ongoing – you just don’t know it from reading The News.)
5) Issa: FBI is impeding IRS inquiry
6) Obama exploring ways to let Iran keep enriching uranium


Meanwhile, The News’ “news” and opinion
*[Obamacare] Sign-up push is on, NYT, p. 1A – Indeed, and The News falls right in line! … We’re to believe the “botched launch” is a thing of the past — but the disaster continues: the employer mandate is coming — with its loss of 80 million more health plans, according to Dear Leader’s own 2010 estimate — and the doctor shortage is coming. Neither are mentioned in this front-page propaganda.
*Obama’s uncle allowed to remain in U.S., AP, p. 4A – Interesting WashPo tidbit ignored here by The News: this uncle says Dear Leader stayed with him in the 80s, directly contradicting Dear Leader’s claim that he never met the man.
*Reasonable Drilling Rules, Editorial, p. 20A – Hey, “Lovey Howell,” is it “reasonable” to accept a $19 million check from a drilling company and then change the rules for drilling? You don’t get into that here. Obviously, your deep-thinkers aren’t bothered by it. … See, folks, lib ideology trumps any thought of fair play or contractual agreement. It’s similar to radical Islam in that regard. Lying to “infidels” is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.
*Man executed in officer death, AP, p. 3A – Missing Editor’s Note: The DMN does not think this jail guard-killer deserved to die. And we’re quite certain those who think otherwise are ignorant, knuckle-dragging fools. We at The News do all we can to ensure these fools are marginalized so future miscreants like Mr. Jerry Martin may enjoy long, fulfilling lives.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.