Dallas Morning News Bias – December 3, 2013

1) Fact check: Obama’s latest claim about health law also false
(He continues to lie to our faces, publicly and without fear of reprisal – and The News sees no story.)
2) Healthcare.gov balks at 30,000 users, well short of claimed ability
3) Cancer patient, dropped by Obamacare and went public, gets IRS audit
(These stories don’t interest The News. They’re just not agenda-productive.)
4) Iran’s Rouhani: ‘Our enrichment will never stop and this is our redline’
(Aw, dang. I thought Dear Leader fixed this.)
5) Hassidic man latest victim of NY ‘knockout game’
(Yeah, maybe legal-rights-for-NY-chimp, p. 4A, IS a bigger story. My bad.)
6) Activists demand end to FDA ban on homosexual male blood donations
(Most DMN readers don’t know male homosexuals are still banned from giving blood. … This is another one of those areas where pesky FACTS get in the way of the Left’s agenda. So all-hell must be brought to bear on reason.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*HUD accuses Dallas of bias, p. 1A – Dear Leader Obama’s HUD officially claims North Dallas’ “wealthy” to be racists? Stunning. This, of course, goes front-page above-the-fold — as it fits so snuggly with The News’ North-South Gap narrative AND Mayor “Fred Flintstone’s” Grow South campaign. (Collusion? Perish the thought, child.) … The sick ideology on display here: “low-income” folks are, by definition, noble, moral and deserving, and the “wealthy” are ignoble, immoral andundeserving. (And there’s NEVER movement between the two groups.) Therefore, “the wealthy” must be forced to give up their property — in this case property value, to make things “fair.” … Think on these things, grasshoppers:
1) To paraphrase the late, great economist Milton Friedman‘What makes libs certain that government is always more moral than the private sector?’ 2) Make up your minds, libs. Is the plan to make South Dallas North Dallas, (with North Dallas money) — or to just move everybody North, (with North Dallas money)?
3) It is not racist to desire and achieve the best environment and circumstances for one’s self and family.
4) We’d love to see how close to “low-income, affordable housing” members of The News’ editorial board reside. (One of those cute maps would be perfect!) Heck, throw in Mayor “Flintstone,” too.
5) Finally, why are DMN ed-board members ensconced in fancy fourth-floor suites, while the circulation folks subsist in relative squalor?
*To his GOP challengers, Cornyn is no Cruz, p. 1A – We have a female Hispanic tea-party challenger to Cornyn? Why is she buried on 7A, along the spine? Ms. Linda Vega would make a wonderful 1A feature, no?
*Committee split on ‘marriage equality,’ p. 4B – I added the proper quotations to that headline. (Tricky, tricky, you guys.) “Marriage equality” is simply a buzz phrase to further the agenda and The News is waaay on board. DMN Dem scribe Robert Wilonsky uses it in the lede too. … Obviously, the “issue” is not “marriage equality,” but whether we’re going to redefine marriage after thousands of years. … (Also, “Biblical” should be capitalized when referring to the Old/New Testament Bible, as Sheffie Kadane obviously was. (i.e., he was not speaking of an issue of “biblical proportions.”) Scribe Wilonsky was certainly just following The News’ style-book.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.