Dallas Morning News Bias – December 2, 2013

From yesterday:
*Texas’ Medicaid quandary, Mitchell Schnurman’s Business commentary, p. 1D –(No, I didn’t miss this. It’s just, some days his crap is so tedious it’s not worth my time.) … Stop me if you’d heard this:
1) Schnurm bashes Perry for not “expanding Medicaid”; says the federal government was gonna pay for “nearly” all of it, so what’s the big deal?; 
2) he doesn’t mention how long the fed pays (the spigot slows in three years) — or from which body cavity the fed would retrieve this money;
3) he thinks growing the Medicaid rolls is a good thing, it shows “a pent-up demand for health care.” (Actually, chief, it shows pent-up demand for free stuff  — and that“demand” is boundless.)
Bottom line — and hip dweebs like Schurm either don’t see it or refuse to admit itWe’re ALL headed to Medicaid if Dear Leader succeeds. It’s called single-payer — and there ain’t enough coin in the cosmos to begin to fund that. Our superior health care system will simply be destroyed — and that’s fine with the Left, as it wasn’t “fair.” The same thinking goes for our Constitutional form of government and capitalism.
Abortionist who kept bags of aborted babies found dead
(C’mon, you guys report the world’s “ugliest dog” dying.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news” and opinion
*Shoppers tightened belts for Thanksgiving sales, p. 1A – No way! Even after The News’ front-page feature last week assured shoppers that — with gas now a svelte$3.29/gallon — they had tons of cash to spend?? (See below) AP said then, and The News trumpeted, this “cheap” gas “could” send holiday sales skyward —“could”build momentum for jobs — “might” help shore up consumer confidence. Isn’t happening. None of it. That, folks, is because there’s something called reality out there, and it’s immune to mainstream-media spin.
*Website better but not 100%, AP, p. 1A – Oh, that’s OK. I mean, NOBODY’S perfect. (And don’t forget: people who expect Dear Leader to be perfect are racists.) … Interesting: AP sez on 4A than none of the government’s claims could be “independently verified” — and right next to it, The News runs an“Upgrade Highlights” box that states unequivocally the “site [now] supports 50,000 concurrent users,” and “the site will support more than 800,000 consumer visits per day.” The source? AP. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! … (Folks, The News thinks “fixing” this website is the lone prob with Obamacare. Amazing!)
*In new [Common Core] standards, critical thinking trumps memorizing, AP, p. 5A– AP is miffed that Dear Leader’s leftist Common Core nationwide education standardsare getting criticized. How dare we? (This hack refers to it as “one of the most politicized and misunderstood changes” in K-12 education.) After all, it’s just teaching kids to be“critical thinkers” — like Bill Ayers and Dear Leader himself. Facts? Who needs ’em? Tell us what you feel. And always believe your government, kids! … See below, some of what The News doesn’t present about Common Core:
*10 Drops in the Bucket, Editorial, p. 12A  Oh, good! An update on The News’Redistributing Dallas’ North Wealth Southward campaign. (They call it“bridging” the “gap” – – ‘cuz they’re critical thinkers.) … Today, “Lovey Howell” Willey’s crew is mucho psyched about Mayor “Fred Flintstone” Rawlings’ call to “rethink” how its all going — spending other people’s cash to achieve “equality,” that is. The EdBoard hails Rawlings’ “refreshing call” for more noodling as “welcome.” (Indeed. Nothing wonky libs love more than “reexamining” stuff, huh?) Prediction: They’ll findbetter ways to force money south!
*Bubble attitudes missing, Will Deener, p. 1D – “Goofy Will” is back — pooh-poohing thoughts of a stock-market bubble! And, of course, he knows more than a Nobel prize-winning economist and others. See below. … (Ever notice how these DMN Businesscolumnists tend to hunker down on one subject? Schnurm loves him some Obamacare; ditto for Landers; Deener loves the stock market; Steve Brown thinks housing, real estate, have never been better. Common chord: Dear Leader’s reign is rife with good times. No worries, baby. Just follow the “messiah.”)


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.