Dallas Morning News Bias – December 1, 2013

*Race to rescue [Obamacare] website not over, NYT, p. 1A – Funny, yesterday The News’ front-page headline told us: “Website to meet deadline.” Yes – I’m quite certain I saw that. It was really straight forward. But today, we learn from The NYT: “The website, which the administration promised would ‘function smoothly’ for most people by Nov. 30, remains a work in progress.” So it seems the deadline was NOT met. Shall we expect a correction, Editor Mong? (Loved your sub-head today too, sir: Out of officials’ tense meeting came scramble to save Obama. How ’bout that? These“officials” share The News’ motivation!) … To show how far off-base was The News yesterday, here’s yet another paper’s headline for the same news: Health site improving, but likely to miss Saturday deadline. That’s The WSJ. And recall The Times’ headline yesterday: “Health care website rushes to meet Sunday’s deadline; Weeks of effort remain.”  My point: The News really is way out there, folks. I call it Texas’ Most Liberal Newspaper for very good reasons.
*Power firms face darker days, p. 1A – Yeah, yeah. But how does this epic get written with no mention of Dear LeaderObama’s sinister plans for power companies? DMN Dem scribe James Osborne never once mentions our prez.
*Celebrations, p. 12E – Where ARE the homosexual “engagements” and “weddings?” I understand they’re sweeping the nation — but I’ve not seen one in The News in ages. Please don’t tell me the practice has been stopped for the almighty dollar. Did the homosexual announcements have a deleterious effect on sales? Shouldn’t matter — DMN publisher JamesMoroney called it “the right thing to do.”
*Flawed Death Penalty, Editorial, p. 2P – “Opposition to the death penalty is not just the province of the political left.”Yes, and the opposite is true too: Per Gallup, Dec. 2012 — “Independents” support the DP, 65-32, “Democrats” back it, 51-42, “Liberals” are evenly split. Famous lib lawyer Cass Sunstein even flipped on the issue. See below.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.