Must Read Texas – November 29, 2013

Perry Campaign-Style Swing Through SC Next Week;
Mackowiak and Stanford on TX vs. CA in Monday’s AAS;
Conservative Group Running “Thank you, Ted Cruz” TV ads;
Annise Parker to Make National Speech Dec. 10
Good evening from Austin.
We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We certainly enjoyed sometime down time with our families.


Two national reports about Gov. Rick Perry’s 4-stop trip to South Carolina next week.
> Here’s CNN’s Peter Hamby reporting.
> Here’s ABC News’ Arlette Saenz reporting. (Saenz was a 2012 Perry campaign embed for ABC News)

Note that Gov. Perry will headline the largest Virginia GOP fundraiser in Richmond next weekend.


MRT co-founder Jason Stanford and yours truly have dueling AAS op eds on Texas vs. California.

Your absolute must clicks:
> A national conservative group is running “Thank you, Ted Cruz” TV ads over Thanksgiving.
> Houston Mayor Annise Parker will give a national speech in Washington, DC on Dec. 10.


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– Nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarette, Jr. weighs in (behind paywall) on the YCT UT chapter’s recent “illegal immigrant game” controversy.
– Thomas Lindsay has a Daily Caller 
op ed on the fight over the UT Board of Regents.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– TM’s Paul Burka again asks “Where’s Wendy?”
– SAEN columnist Gilbert Garcia reports (behind paywall) on Tommy Adkisson, the likely Democratic primary challenger to Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.
– Primary challenger Don Huffines, who is running against State Sen. John Carona (R-Dallas),launched his first TV ad in the primary.
– Dental center mogul and former 2012 congressional candidate David Alameel will run for the U.S. Senate in 2014.
– State Rep. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) leads in the polls for the State Senate special election.
– U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will headline a fundraiser for the Palm Beach County GOP in February.
– Gov. Perry has a friendly wager with Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO) over this weekend’s Texas A&M-Missouri game.

Other stories of interest:
–  Houston Mayor Annise Parker will address the National Prfess Club in Washington, DC on No

Lighter clicks:
– The King Ranch is bigger than Rhode Island.n, DC.
– A 
topless barber. (no photo, fellas)
– This is an 
– Three 
unpublished J.D. Salinger stories have leaked online.
– The next Jurassic film will take place 
22 years after the previous one ended.
– Genesis 
– New Springsteen album 
dropping in January.
– Billboard 
interview with Hall & Oates.
– Texan Roland Martin 
finds a home in Leesburg, VA.
– Mississippi State mascot is 
out for the season.
– Black NFL players 
arrested nearly ten times as often as white NFL players.
– Al Davis talked Jerry Jones out of 
trading Michael Irvin.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– 9 things happy, successful people choose to ignore.
– Surviving two strokes, three months from a coma, and 
scoring two touchdowns.
– What an 
amazing story. (from my alma mater!)


AP: Texas congressman apologizes for stock purchase (11/29/13 11:49pm)

TT: Democrat Alameel Will Run for Cornyn’s Senate Seat (11/29/13 11:47pm)

TT: In Ad, Rival Hits Carona as “Career Politician” (11/29/13 11:45pm)

FINANCIAL TIMES MAGAZINE: A Lone Star in the immigration debate (11/29/13 11:44pm)

CNN: Perry plans campaign-style swing through South Carolina (11/29/13 11:39pm)

ABC NEWS: Rick Perry Barnstorms South Carolina Like It’s 2016 (11/29/13 11:37pm)

DMN: Why has wave of Obamacare insurance cancellations mostly missed Texas? (11/29/13 11:24pm)

DMN: Mexico president had successes in first year, but issues remain (11/29/13 11:23pm)

DMN: To GOP, gun rights a big weapon for votes (11/29/13 11:20pm)

FWST ($): Earthquakes prompt inspection of North Texas dams (11/29/13 11:13pm)

CHRON ($): Seeking efficiency, Houston may add court space (11/29/13 11:08pm)

CHRON ($): Vanishing Katy Prairie designated as critical bird habitat (11/29/13 11:07pm)

CHRON ($): ATF underfunded and under the gun (11/29/13 11:07pm)

CHRON: Houston mayor to speak at National Press Club (11/29/13 10:54pm)

CHRON: Uresti opts out of AG race in 2014 (11/29/13 10:52pm)

CHRON: Wendy Davis vs Greg Abbott: redistricting fight over lawyer fees heating up (11/29/13 10:18pm)

SAEN ($): S.A. already has plan for plastic bags (11/29/13 10:13pm)

AUSTIN BUSINESS JOURNAL ($): New state cybersecurity chief sets agenda (11/29/13 6:24pm)

AUSTIN BUSINESS JOURNAL ($): CPRIT’s new chief talks capital, startups (11/29/13 6:23pm)

AAS ($): Gay couples sue to block Texas marriage ban (11/29/13 12:24pm)

AAS ($): Can anonymous blogger be outed so he can be sued? (11/29/13 12:22pm)

TT: South Texas County Gets Off TxDOT’s Gravel List (11/29/13 12:20pm)

MEDIAITE: ‘Thank You, Ted Cruz’ Ads Set to Run During Thanksgiving NFL Games (11/29/13 11:29am)

USA TODAY: Potential 2016 GOP candidate: Rick Perry (11/29/13 11:11am)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY COURIER: Creighton, Toth encouraged by poll data results (11/29/13 11:10am)

THE STATE (SC): BUZZ: Boy Scouts fundraiser, Electric Co-ops among Rick Perry’s stops in SC next week (11/29/13 11:10am)

TT: In Austin, Toll Lanes May Give Bus Service a Boost (11/29/13 10:55am)

SAN ANTONIO BUSINESS JOURNAL: Texas manufacturing activity increased for November, Dallas Fed says (11/29/13 10:53am)


BURKA BLOG: Where’s Wendy (Part II)? (11/29/13 11:27pm)

DMN: Conservatives vs. the death penalty (11/29/13 11:26pm)

FWST ($): Keep the true spirit of Thanksgiving (11/29/13 11:17pm)

FWST ($): Iran agreement is a sign of hope, not weakness (11/29/13 11:16pm)

FWST ($): Channel 5’s “The Texas News” vintage film footage to be preserved at UNT (11/29/13 11:15pm)

CHRON: Shop and spend (11/29/13 10:47pm

CHRON: Year of the bike (11/29/13 10:32pm)

CHRON: Day of thanks (11/29/13 10:25pm)

SAEN: Happy Thanksgiving, South Texas (11/29/13 1:46pm)

SAEN: City drops ball on adult education (11/29/13 1:46pm)

AAS ($): Common ground on sexual assaults in military (11/29/13 1:33pm)

AAS ($): Good plays, bad plays (11/29/13 1:31pm)

AAS ($): Texas needs judicial reform (11/29/13 12:27pm)


MULLER: The truth about tornadoes and global warming (11/29/13 11:26pm)

SLATER: GOP candidate for Texas governor touts her appeal to women, Latinos, blacks (11/29/13 11:21pm)

MCCLENDON ($): It’s time to stand up for underemployed workers (11/29/13 11:19pm)

NEELEY ($): Rule could mean lights out in Texas (11/29/13 11:11pm)

COLBY ($): Homeless deserve more than rhetoric (11/29/13 11:10pm)

ZWELLING ($): Most ‘providers’ don’t have the old first name – doctor (11/29/13 11:09pm)

FALKENBERG ($): Refugee remembers kindness of the Philippines (11/29/13 10:50pm)

KING: U.S. is unrivaled as a force for good (11/29/13 10:49pm)

N. BUSH & GOOSSEN: If you can read this, please help (11/29/13 10:45pm)

BARNES: Iranian nuclear pact no big deal for Houston – yet (11/29/13 10:43pm)

BRADLEY: Textbooks fail to teach real-world government (11/29/13 10:36pm)

M. ROTH ($): Dumb loans damage economy (11/29/13 10:17pm)

ELAM ($): Skill sets better than empty grades (11/29/13 10:16pm)

K. BROWN ($): Public schools crucial to community success (11/29/13 10:16pm)

SAKAI ($): Sutton epitomized lawyers’ contribution to community (11/29/13 10:15pm)

G. GARCIA ($): Adkisson primed to challenge Wolff for county judge (11/29/13 10:13pm)

CHASNOFF ($): Family a good reason not to run (11/29/13 10:12pm)

NAVARETTE, JR: Texas young conservatives are amateurs (11/29/13 1:45pm)

BENAVIDES: San Antonio should showcase history (11/29/13 1:43pm)

SCHULTZ ($): Tensions rise in flood insurance blame game (11/29/13 1:35pm)

KOWALSKI & DOUGLAS ($): Congress should not weaken patent protections (11/29/13 1:34pm)

HERMAN ($): If you adopt a highway, can you outsource the litter pickup duty? (11/29/13 12:23pm)

LINDSAY: Texas tries to topple higher-ed transparency (11/29/13 12:12pm)

THROCKMORTON: What’s behind David Barton’s war on Christian colleges? (11/29/13 11:27am)

RAMSEY: Democrats Hope Third Time is Charming (11/29/13 10:56am)

BLOGS (from the left)

BOR: Texans React to Senator John Cornyn’s Bizarre Comments on Iran Deal (11/29/13 6:25pm)

OFF THE KUFF: More on LVdP for Lite Guv (11/29/13 6:24pm)

OFF THE KUFF: Fjetland files for Senate (11/29/13 6:22pm)

BOR: Medicaid Expansion is Providing Health Care to Thousands of Homeless – But Not in Texas (11/29/13 12:17pm)

BOR: Texas National Guard Will Finally Begin Offering Benefits To Same-Sex Couples (11/29/13 12:16pm)

PROGRESS TEXAS: Let’s Talk Turkey – How to talk about ACA at Thanksgiving (11/29/13 12:15pm)

BOR: Conservative Group Airs Thanksgiving Ad Thanking Senator Ted Cruz (11/29/13 11:28am)

BLOGS (from the right)

LIFE NEWS: Planned Parenthood President is Thankful for Wendy Davis Defending Late-Term Abortions (11/29/13 6:18pm)

BIG JOLLY POLITICS: Rep. Sarah Davis gets a primary challenger (11/29/13 12:18pm)

EMPOWER TEXANS: Bi-Partisan Activists Successfully Challenge Streetcar Bonds (11/29/13 12:14pm)

EMPOWER TEXANS: San Antonio jumping on the “Ban” wagon (11/29/13 12:14pm)

EMPOWER TEXANS: “Healthy Food Zones” Are Unhealthy Policy (11/29/13 12:14pm)

EMPOWER TEXANS: Which Side Are You On? (11/29/13 12:13pm)

MICHAEL QUINN SULLIVAN: Negligent Gun Tricks (11/29/13 12:11pm)

Author: Must Read Texas

Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) & Jason Stanford @MustReadTexas