Dallas Morning News Bias – November 30, 2013

1) Nearly 1,000 record-low temps set across U.S.
2) Obama refers to ‘tea-baggers’ in letter to Texas grade-school teacher
(Oh, come on, this is surely bigger than the Calif. inmate who killed himself with Ajax cleaner on 4A!)
3) ‘Knockout’ game continues, unabated
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*[Obamacare] Website to meet deadline, WashPo, p. 1A – Really? ‘Cuz The NYT headline for the same story sez, “Health care website rushes to meet Sunday’s deadline; Weeks of effort remain.” That’s right, folks: This DMN copy editor is more Leftthan The Times’!! All The Propaganda That Fits! You go, buddy! LOL … Folks, this headline reports something as fact that isn’t. Think of all the poor misled schmucks glancing at this front-page today. Dear Leader’s goons are simply going to claim it’s “fixed,” when it’s not. … To review: real j-schoolers, friends, are s’posed to question authority, be curious — not believe a word emanating from some government creep’s pie-hole. But that’s out the window at The News with Dear Leader in office — because they absolutely support his efforts. … Let me help again today, Mr./Mrs. Copy Editor: Obama officials: Website will meet deadline; or, Obama to claim Website fixed. You’re welcome.
*Study: EPA undershot on methane emissions, McClatchy, p. 9A – Of course, they did! We’re in deeeeeep trouble, folks!!! So says an “international team of researchers[!!]” (Cow-flatulence experts!) … Nice piece of propaganda slipped in here: “Though carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels is the main driver of climate change, …” Says who? How ’bout this instead:“Though carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is the main driver of so-called climate change, according to climate alarmists, …” Yes, much better.
*Latino leaders hope to fill vacuum, Mercedes Olivera, p. 7B – Race-columnist Olivera, like a good lib, has been busily counting people based on their skin color. (But conservatives are the racists, doncha know.) Let’s see — Ms. Olivera’s skin scorecard: Dallas City Council has “only two Hispanics”; the Ft. Worth school board has “only two Hispanic trustees”; the Ft. Worth City Council has“only one Latino”; Dallas Co. Commissioners Court has “one Latina”; North Texas congressional reps: none. (Missing from Olivera’s epidermis epiphany: The DMN editorial board boasts one HispanicShould be about 4 or 5 to meet the illegal immigrant-boosted Dallas population quota, right ma’am?)… Sadly, dear readers, the Left seeks to split us by race, to generalize our desires based on our skin color. Pathetic, indeed.


Author: Must Read Texas

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