Must Read Texas – November 25, 2013

Cruz, Davis Among TIME Magazine’s 46 POY Finalists;
Ethics Questions Raised for Two Texas Congressmen;
Wide Ranging Glenn Beck Interview with Sen. Cornyn;
Cruz Foreign Policy Magazine op ed on Iran

Good evening from Austin.

Here’s the short holiday week brief:

Your absolute must clicks:
> TIME Magazine has announced 46 finalists for Person of the Year, and Wendy Davis and Ted Cruzmade the cut.
> AP reports on ethics questions surrounding Congressmen Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) and Steve Stockman (R-TX).
> Glenn Beck had a wide ranging interview with U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) on Monday.
> U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has an op ed on the Iranian nuclear deal for Foreign Policy Magazine.

– A contentious Senate Committee on Natural Resources hearing was held on Monday on the subject of the Public Utility Commission and a proposed overhauling of the state’s wholesale electricity market.  Here’s the Reuters report on State Sen. Troy Fraser’s (R-Horseshoe Bay) comments.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– KVUE ABC Austin’s Mark Wiggins reports on the top of the 2014 Democratic ticket in Texas.
– YCT’s 2014 GOP statewide primary online straw poll results have been released.

Other stories of interest:
– Tesla Motors finishes Texas leg of re-charging network.

Lighter clicks:
– Ron Burgundy will co-host ESPN’s Sportscenter on Dec. 5.
– The LA Lakers just 
signed 35-year old Kobe Bryant to a two-year extension worth $48.5M.
– 2A Refugio QB Travis Quintinilla 
broke the state career record for TD passes (previously set by Graham Harrell) and will likely break the career yards record this weekend.  But they’ve consistently run up the score.
The case for “Sunday Night Football” as the best program on TV.
– Sure seems like the 
Buffalo Bills will move to Toronto after their 95 year-old owner passes away.
– So maybe 
Bon Jovi isn’t trying to buy the Buffalo Bills.
– The 
wife of Nick Saban speaks.
– Did you expect something different from 
Bears fans? (Browns fans behave the same way, only naked.)

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Man tries to catch woman falling from upper deck in stadium, is injured.
Rallying around a bullied kid.


WFAA ABC DALLAS: After explosion, West finds healing in football (11/26/13 10:02pm)

AP: Texas congressman’s Twitter stock questioned (11/26/13 9:51pm)

AP: TxDOT to out habitual toll violators monthly (11/26/13 9:50pm)

AP: Oilfield company to pay $253M to settle bribe case (11/26/13 9:49pm)

TT: On Market Decision, Lawmakers Question PUC’s Authority (11/26/13 9:48pm)

TIME MAGAZINE: Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year? (11/26/13 9:47pm)

DMN ($): USS Dallas finishes final deployment, but it’s not clear when — or if — it’ll come to Riverfront Blvd (11/26/13 8:01pm)

FWST ($): Ex-Fort Worth officer tipped off gambling operators released from prison early (11/26/13 7:56pm)

FWST ($): Schools are taking steps to outlaw ‘vaping’ (11/26/13 7:55pm)

CHRON ($): FDA halts sales of home DNA testing kit (11/26/13 7:51pm)

CHRON: HISD engages law firm for Sharpstown abuse probe (11/26/13 7:42pm)

CHRON: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee recalls what might have been during commemoration at Dealey Plaza (11/26/13 7:19pm)

CHRON: Louie Gohmert wants parental permission before abortions (11/26/13 7:18pm)

SAEN ($): Man arrested, linked to double murder (11/26/13 2:45pm)

SAEN: Former Mayor Hardberger recovering from heart surgery (11/26/13 8:48am)

AAS ($): Ex-Texas comptroller’s employee Mary Jo Woodall takes plea in Jonestown energy fraud case (11/26/13 8:30am)

AAS ($): William ‘Bill’ Williamson left his mark with iconic star in Texas Capitol (11/26/13 8:29am)

VIDEO: U.S. Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Leonard Lance (R-NJ) on Fox News’ “Hannity” (11/26/13 7:42am)

KVUE ABC AUSTIN: Democrats’ leading ladies historic, but can they win? (11/26/13 7:31am)

KVUE ABC AUSTIN: Austin 10-1 commission certifies district map (11/26/13 7:31am)

WASH POST (In Play): What should Ted Cruz be thankful for? (11/26/13 7:28am)

POLITIFACT: Macy’s, other retailers asked Rick Perry to veto equal-pay measure (11/26/13 7:27am)

REUTERS: Lawmaker says Texas agency moving too fast on power market reform (11/26/13 7:14am)

DALLAS OBSERVER: Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Calls for Statewide Ban on Red-Light Cameras (11/26/13 7:13am)

DAILY BEAST: Ted Cruz’s Aggressive Campaigning Could Hurt Him With Crucial Iowa Voters (11/26/13 6:52am)

POLITICO: Ted Cruz criticizes Iran nuclear agreement (11/26/13 6:51am)

TW: Gravel Plan on Pause, but Fallout Continues (11/26/13 6:50am)

TT: Open-Carry Advocates See Hope in Abbott Proposal (11/26/13 6:50am)

TT: 2011 UP Settlement Could Impact Bridge Dispute (11/25/13 6:49am)

TT / KUT: Funding Woes Imperil Future of State Parks (11/26/13 6:49am)

NY DAILY NEWS: Rick Perry owes Bobby Jindal 100 lbs. of brisket after LSU beats Texas A&M (11/26/13 11:43am)

TT: Ethics Commission Chief Leaves for CPRIT (11/26/13 11:43am)

TT: What Ethnic Diversity Looks Like: Fort Bend County (11/26/13 10:36am)


BURKA BLOG: MQS and Those “Terribly Liberal Republicans” (11/26/13 9:44pm)

DMN: Stalling Iran’s nuclear march (11/26/13 9:41pm)

DMN: Reid’s ‘nuclear option’ play on filibusters is all pain, no gain (11/26/13 9:40pm)

FWST ($): New Arlington school district-UTA program offers more students chance to attend college (11/26/13 7:59pm)

FWST ($): Texas Public Utility Commission faces the heat (11/26/13 7:58pm)

FWST ($): Dallas decides on Love Field gates (11/26/13 7:57pm)

CHRON: A plan to end human trafficking (11/26/13 7:48pm)

CHRON: Off track (11/26/13 7:48pm)

SAEN: Time for payday lenders to pay up (11/26/13 8:51am)

BEAUMONT ENTERPRISE: Sen. Ted Cruz is no JFK (11/26/13 7:35am)


TRAPHAGAN: The problem with higher education? Parents (11/26/13 9:42pm)

LEUBSDORF: Senate’s filibuster change was long overdue (11/26/13 9:37pm)

M. MATTHEWS ($): Another big step in reducing carbon dioxide emissions (11/26/13 8pm)

BURKE ($): Faces of hunger are all around us (11/26/13 7:54pm)

BEGLEY ($): Rail supporters still looking for signature win (11/26/13 7:52pm)

N. POWELL ($): The Latino vote is eluding GOP (11/26/13 7:49pm)

CHASNOFF ($): Kinky could see competition in primary (11/26/13 3:26pm)

HENDRICKS ($): New Westside Development Corp. leader lists goals (11/26/13 2:45pm)

BAY: Economic revival key to avoiding strategic decline (11/26/13 8:53am)

LT. COL. BURKS: Technology won’t ruin Thanksgiving this year (11/26/13 8:53am)

BECKERMAN & VOLKENING ($): Patent trolls take unearned bites out of businesses (11/26/13 8:32am)

U.S. SEN. CRUZ: A Dangerous, Wrongheaded Deal with Iran (11/26/13 7:25am)

ROTHENBERG: If Linda Lingle Could, Why Can’t Wendy Davis? (11/26/13 7:24am)

STANFORD: Common Core – a Failure Democrats and Republicans Can Agree On (11/15/13 6:28am)

BLOGS (from the left)

BOR: Hypocrite Rick Perry on Expanding Medicaid: ‘It’s Like Putting 1000 More People on the Titanic’ (11/26/13 7:26am)

BOR: Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte at the Top of the Ticket as GOP Alienates Women Voters (11/26/13 7:24am)

BLOGS (from the right)

YCT: Young Conservatives of Texas Releases Straw Poll Analysis (11/26/13 8:03am)

THE REAL WENDY: Wendy Davis’ Liberal Policies Would Undermine Texas’ Energy Boom (11/26/13 7:39am)

OFFICE OF GOV. PERRY: In Case You Missed It: Texas Sees Continued Job Growth (11/26/13 7:29am)

THE BLAZE: Glenn Beck Has a ‘Frank Conversation’ With Texas Sen. John Cornyn (11/26/13 7:29am)

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