Dallas Morning News Bias – November 27, 2013


From yesterday:
Whooping cough cases have jumped, p. 5B – You’ll never see a DMN Dem scribe mention illegal immigration with one of these stories. Sherry Jacobsen doesn’t disappoint. (Some context below)
1) 80 million to lose insurance under employer mandate
“Schneering Schnurm” said yesterday we should “appreciate” this “back-stop” for the less fortunate — and not worry ’bout being lied to, or paying way
more for stuff we don’t need or want.
2) TIME political analyst: There really are death panels
3) ‘Nonpartisan’ group paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories
(Dang, if The News got none of that, it’s a travesty.)
4) AP kept Iran secret talks under wraps
5) American held hostage in Iran for 444 days calls Iran nuke deal ‘foolishness’
6) Illegal-immigrant mob attacks Border Patrol agents near San Diego
(Looks like the Left is done talking – they’re about to force this on us! Good times! And don’t forget, “Willie Mac” sez we should play nice!)
(They call it a “gross editing error.” Yeah, right.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Justices to take up faith vs. health law, AP, p. 1A – Wow, this IS news:We’re discussing whether owning a corporation or making a profit should cost one their religious freedom. Why? ‘Cuz Dear Leader Obama simply decreed it should, with powers supposedly granted by his under-appreciated health law. Yes, folks, he made it up. It’s certainly not in The Constitution or The First Amendment. But no matter, AP gives no inkling to this stunning turn of events over the last five years. (To them, it’s acceptedtransformation!)
*Texas Guard allows same-sex benefits, San Antonio Express, p. 2A – More force, more coercion — reported like a walk in the park! “Gov. Rick Perry defied the Pentagon, saying Texas defines marriage as between a man and a woman. But [Secretary of Defense Chuck] Hagel made it clear in his Oct. 31 speech that the Defense Department expected all 54 Guard organization to comply with his order.” (And he’s got tanks and bullets, kids!) … This hack scribe sez, “Congress did away with the controversial [don’t ask don’t tell] law two years ago.” Actually, it was three years ago, Goober — right after the 2010 elections. It was done by a LAME-DUCK Congress, made up many who’d just been voted out of officeTHAT is “controversial.” Dear Leader “formally certified” it two years ago, after his bleating-sheep military chiefs went along with it.
*A reel pleasure to be there: Obama visits fantasy factory, AP, p. 5A – Oh, look! Dear Leader toured DreamWorks with Steve Martin and other cool people! (He’s smiling so in that pic! Whatta guy.) AP is careful to note that Dear Leader “said delightedly” his girls would like the animated character imitating his voice! And he told DreamWorks execs,“with a grin,” he couldn’t wait to see their next movie!! So very cool. Hard to imagine he’s busy transforming us into a European Socialist state, huh? … With his approval ratings at septic-tank levels, Dear Leader desperately needs these puffy puke pieces, and his mainstream media — and The DMN — are happy to oblige. … Here’s the same story for Bush: With his approval ratings at record lows for his presidency and his signature legislative achievement in shambles, President George W. Bush sought desperately on Tuesday to improve his flagging image with a visit to a Los Angeles animation studio. By all accounts, the attempt failed …


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.