Dallas Morning News Bias – November 23, 2013

Dang, after Harry Reid’s use of the “nuclear option” in the Senate, I thought surely I’d see a DMN editorial calling for an end to “brinksmanship.”
Guess not. Maybe tomorrow?
1) CBS poll: 7 percent are satisfied with Obamacare
(Don’t forget, folks: not just Dear Leader and the Dems sold us Obamacare; newspapers like the The DMN sold us — and still are selling us — Obamacare.)
2) ‘Climate-change’ summit nears collapse
3) Obama biography is required reading for Ill. 4th graders
(Spoiler Alert: Whitey is racist. It’s part of Common Core — of course!)
The Liberal Media and the JFK Lie
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”

*’We all grew up that day,’ JFK50 Ceremony, p. 1A – Isn’t it an obscenity that libs like Dallas’ mayor Mike Rawlings still say JFK’s murder gave Dallas a wonderful “opportunity” — a “gift” — that led the city to ridding itself right-wing “hate?” Truly abominable. And, after spending much of this year highlighting cheery-picked strident 1963 opposition to Kennedy – which had nothing to do with his murder — The News ignores an MSNBC host saying someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth. He was forced to apologize but still has a job. Palin has canceled a long-planned sit-down with NBC host Matt Lauer over the incident. But in The DMN, none of it happened
*JFK observance shows how Dallas has grown, Floyd column, p. 1B – In case y’all think I’m makin’ it up, Jaci Floyd knew exactly what Rawlings’ meant: “The most difficult public message of all [from Rawlings’ speech] … is the honest acceptance that while Dallas was not culpable for Kennedy’s assassination, it wasn’t blameless either.” (Y’all get that? Dallas wasn’t guilty — but it was!) Again:conservative opposition to Kennedy had NOTHING TO DO with his murder. No inkling, no evidence — no nothing from The Warren Report, or anywhere else, showed that. This was simply inventedand a cause by the Left and pounded by the mainstream media. … Imagine if a conservative prez were killed by a random nut and conservatives blamed liberal “hate” for it, and endlessly hauled out specific “hate” examples, and a conservative Mayor stood up and alluded to that “hate” in a memorial service? Think that would fly for a minute at The DMN? (Wilbur and Orville flew longer at Kitty Hawk.)
*Pace of enrollment in health exchanges picks up, WashPo, p. 12A – The News ran nearly this exact same headline three days ago. It was propaganda then, and it’s propaganda now. … Here, WashPo takes the word of the severely left-wing Commonwealth Fund for this momentous “news”. Hahahahahahahhaha! …. (No, the Commonwealth Fund isn’t ID’d as liberal, left-wing, or anything like that here.)
*[Wind farm] Firm settles in bird deaths, AP, p. 8A – Finally! … But this piece makes no mention of the 500,000 birds and 500,000 bats being killed annually by these wind farms — just a few eagles by this one company. You can do much better, guys.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.