Dallas Morning News Bias – November 21, 2013

Busy day! Just look at what The News ignores:
1) Obama crashes to record-low 37 percent approval in CBS/WSJ poll; 61 percent disapprove of Obamacare
2) CBS poll: 84 percent of Dems want health law changed or repealed
3) Second wave of health cancellations looms
4) Texas ‘navigator’ taped conspiring to release private data
(James O’Keefe: doing the job our mainstream media just won’t do.)
5) Small business owner tells Congress ‘Obamacare is driving me to drink’
(But Sandra Fluke squealing for free birth control at last year’s mock hearing got first-class DMN treatment.)
6) Retailers brace for weakest holiday shopping since 2009
(Thanks, Obamacare!)
7) Tribune Co. cutting 700 jobs
(That’s The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times and six other papers — but Dear Leader’s economy is roaring, doncha know?)
8) North Texas drivers stopped, asked for saliva, blood samples
(Yeah, how could this possibly be news, guys?)
9) Three more ‘knockout’ attacks reported, this time in Philly
(This national story is under full blackout at The News — like the gang-rape by Austin illegal immigrants last summer.)
Think you’re informed reading The DMN? Think again.
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Tighter health insurance networks create backlash, WashPo, p. 7A – WashPo wants you think the “backlash” is against the insurance companies!! That’s because Dear Leader wants you to think that too!  Hilarious. … Folks, The News runs two health care stories today: this one — and ’30-year study details benefits of eating nuts. (I’m not kidding.)
*Stricter drilling rules set for vote, p. 1B – DMN Dem scribe Scott Goldstein fails to remind readers that lib-run Big D has already cashed a $19 million check from drilling company Trinity East — way back in 2008. … So Dallas sold these leases — and now wants to change the rules. … (Don’t forget, as Limbaugh has stressed: liberals lie — they have to.)
Fracking firms give generously to [GOP] Texans, p. 1D – (Yes, and The Communist Party USA gives generously to Dear Leader Obama — but that has no legs at The DMN.) … Here, DMN Dem scribe Michael Lindenberger implies more sinister GOP dealings —- because fracking companies seem to back politicians who aren’t trying to run them out of business. Recall, last Sunday, The News thought a couple of Republicans earning interest on loans to their campaigns was a story. (And recall, that “news” came straight off theTexans for Public Justice’s fax machine.) … Hey, here’s story idea! How is it that today’s Dem goals read eerily similar to CP-USA’s? Put Slater on it!
*Doonesbury, p. 8E – Here, The News’ Comics section falsely claims Republicans voted for Obamacare. That’s a good one! So funny — and so effective on the low-info crowd! Of course, not a single Republican, in either House of Congress, voted for Obamacare. But what the hell? This is “journalism” – and j-schoolers set the rules! … BTW, nobody gives a flip about the “government shutdown,” Mr. Mong. ‘Case you missed it – our health care system is collapsing as we speak. … (For new readers, Bob Mong is The News’ esteemed Editor. He’s told me he has no problem running Doonesbury in Comics, instead of inOpinion where it belongs. He said it tended to get “lost” in Opinion.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.