Dallas Morning News Bias – November 20, 2013

1) Report: Jobs report faked before 2012 election
2) Insurance company stops advertising Obamacare; sign-ups still anemic
3) Woman hailed as Obamacare success, now can’t afford it
4) ‘Knockout’ game spreading across U.S.; black males attack without warning
5) A new fed regulation arrives every 2.5 hours
Meanwhile, The News’ “news” 
*Poll Numbers; Obama health care, McClatchy, p. 11A – Folks, for probably the most devastating poll results of Dear Leader Obama’s presidency, The News runs this tiny-font box on 11A, with no headline. The News notes only a couple of raw, context-free results, then quickly moves on to a supposedly “counterpoint” National Journal poll. Here’s what they leave out:
 42-percent approval is WashPo-ABC’s record-low for Dear Leader;
— Dear Leader’s approval among young adults and women has plummeted;
— Americans now oppose Obamacare by a record 57-40 percent;
— his approval among independents is a career-low 33 percent;
— Mitt Romney wins a rematch today, 49-45 percent;
— Dear Leader’s personal favorability is a record-low 44 percent.
You have no credibility, DMN. None.
Learn more below:
*Pace of [Obamacare] enrollment picking up, McClatchy, p.11A – Pure propaganda, friends. Nothing more. …
What The News doesn’t tell you:
— a security expert told the Senate yesterday that healthcare.gov “may already have been compromised,” that hacking tries are rampant;
— Progressive Oregon has zero sign-ups;
— some D.C. plans cover abortion, not hearing aids (but these are better than your “substandard” plans!);
— Obamacare payment systems still not built;
— Texas Rep.: Mr. President, take down this website.
*Gettysburg Address Anniversary; Two minutes that have echoed over 150 years, AP, p. 8A – Does The News note that Dear Leader skipped this observance? No. Does The News note that in Ken Burns’ new documentary, Dear Leader is the only living prez or celebrity to leave out “under God” when reciting the Address? No.
*28-plus years as a journalist and I’m still rarin’ to go, James Ragland column, p. 1B –Great! The News gets a lib columnist back. (Not enough of those!) Let’s see, Ragland promises to focus on “race and culture, schools, social services and public health.” (Hey — just like Steve Blow, Jaci Floyd, “Schneering” Schnurman, “Jimbo” Landers, Mercedes Olivera and Norma Adams-Wade!) …. And, this is new, right?: Ragland demands to know why “in a braggadocio state such as ours, we can tolerate seeing so many children and young adults without health insurance.” (zzzzzzzzzzz. C’mon, James. That all you got? And why not mention illegal immigration’s effect on Texas’ numbers?) … Evidently, rested James will also focus on himself – today using “I” 30 times! (That’s gotta be a record, son!) … Ragland, BTW, is back after an extended leave while he dealt with domestic-violence charges — but he makes no mention of the ordeal. It would seem a perfect topic, though, with Mayor “Fred Flintstone” Rawlings’ current attention on the subject. (Turns out, Ragland’s wife wouldn’t testify to her original charges, so case was dismissed. See below.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.