Dallas Morning News Bias – November 19, 2013

1) Dem rep: Obama lacks ‘legal underpinning’ to reinstate canceled health plans
2) Universities canceling student health plans due to Obamacare
3) Treasury forced to issue 1 trillion in new debt in first 6 weeks of FY2014
(But Dear Leader said raising the debt limit had nothing to do with increasing our debt, no? Yes. He did.)
4) Judge won’t allow Holder to appeal Fast and Furious contempt case
(DMN editors: Fast and Furious? What’s that?)
5) Homes raided, subpoenas issued, targeting Wisc. conservative allies of Scott Walker
(This is how the Left does it, folks.)
6) MSNBC host apologizes for saying someone should defecate on Palin
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*For hospitals, quality pays, Jim Landers’ Global Beat, p. 1D – Obamacare-hack JimboLanders thinks it grand that Washington central-planners claim to know best when it comes to hospital readmissions – and that with Obamacare, they can now punish hospitals who don’t agree! In fact, these distant statists know best when it comes to defining “quality”care for EACH of us! Landers eats it right up. … Recall last week — in the midst ofObamacare’s spectacular implosion — Landers chose to report “an international poll” by the left-wing Commonwealth Fund that showed Americans really hated our health system before Obamacare, and that Great Britain’s socialist system was the most popular in the world! Good “reporting,” sir! (See below):
*Critics see liberal bias in school workbooks, p. 1A – Kudos, guys. Some improvement here? The News runs this on 1A and actually cites a conservative website! (Will I take credit? Of course!)
*’Catch an Illegal Immigrant’ game draws outrage, p. 3A – (A call to defecate on SarahPalin — not so much in The DMN.) … Actually, the news here, “3-Dub,” is that UT evenhas a Young Conservatives chapter. Who knew? … Libbies are smokin’ over this, folks – ‘cuz it calls attention to the fact that illegal immigration is ILLEGAL. … Loved this: “[Texas Dem] party chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said [Greg] Abbott owed an apology to students in the country illegally who are attending Texas universities.” To paraphrase former Cowboys linebacker Darren Hambrick, “What do ‘illegal’ mean?”
*Sea change for Texas? Firm hopes to make state first to have offshore wind farm, p. 1D – DMN Dem scribe James Osborne sticks to the “we-suck” playbook here: “While offshore wind power has taken off in countries including Denmark and Japan, the United States has yet to get past the starting line.” Yes, James, we must “keep up” with the Danes! All 6 million of ’em! (What were we thinking?) And we’ve always mimicked Japan in the past, right? … Osborn makes a couple of oblique references to “interference with migratory bird paths,” and the project “being potentially harmful to migratory birds” — without ever spelling out: these wind farms slaughter half-a-million birds annually, including protected species like eagles. Another half-a-million bats also meet their bat-maker each year, thanks to precious, inefficient, “green” fan blades. The News hasn’t reported this — as it could split the Left.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.