Must Read Texas – November 12, 2013

Wallace Hall Drama Heats Up; New videos from Patrick, Boyuls, Christian;
5th Circuit Hears Fisher Arguments; ScotusBlog on Texas Abortion Law;
The Hill: Perry 2016 Trouble?; Cruz: Clintons ‘Fleeing Obamacare’
Wendy Davis Clarifies “Pro Life” Comment;  Dallas Lt. Gov. Forum Last Night
Good morning from Austin.
Here’s the brief:


AP reports:

The University of Texas System has reversed course and is now asking state lawmakers to issue subpoenas for university employees while investigating possible impeachment for a system regent.

University attorneys say they want “friendly subpoenas” issued to provide extra legal protection for those testifying before a state House committee.

The House Select Transparency in State Agency Operations Committee responded Tuesday by subpoenaing Regent Wallace Hall for Dec. 10.

But members later recalled that subpoena due to scheduling issues.

Hall has been accused of misusing his office to try and oust Austin campus President Bill Powers. He faces many allegations, including whether he abused open records laws with requests for more than 800,000 pages of documents.

The committee also subpoenaed Powers and UT System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa to appearDec. 18.

> Chron’s Patti Kilday Hart reports (behind paywall) that Regent Hall is accused of sharing private student information, which could be a misdemeanor.
> Meanwhile, Jeff Sandefer has an op ed in today’s Houston Chronicle making the case for reform at UT.


Three new campaign videos are out:
> Lt. Gov. candidate and State Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) released a 2nd amendment video.
> Railroad Commission candidate released an introductory video.
> Railroad Commission candidate and former State Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Center) also releasedan introductory video.

Your absolute must click stories:
> KTVT CBS Dallas-Fort Worth’s Jack Fink interviewed gubernatorial candidate and State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) about her recent “pro life” comments.
> The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in the affirmative action case involving UT.
> The widely read ScotusBlog reports on the state of Texas defending its abortion law.
  > The Hill’s Cameron Joseph reports that Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) is having “difficulty getting traction” for 2016.
> Politico 
reports that U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said yesterday that the Clintons are “fleeing Obamacare.”
  > DMN reports on a Republican Lt. Gov. candidate forum in Dallas last night, with criticism of the incumbent coming from all three challengers.

– DMN’s editorial board calls for greater enforcement authority to prevent another tragic explosion like the one in West, TX.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– KERA NPR Dallas’ Shelly Kofler reports on Democratic excitement over the top of the likely statewide ticket.
– However, TT/KUT’s Ben Philpott reports on the slow pace of candidate filings from Democrats seeking statewide office.
– State Sen. Davis will attend a fundraiser in Boston Thursday.
– TM’s Paul Burka evaluates gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) campaign platform.
– Democratic El Paso Mayor John Cook has filed to run for Land Commissioner.
– DMN reports on CPA and Democratic candidate Mike Collier’s entrance into the Comptroller’s race.

Other stories of interest:
– U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has called for (behind paywall) a halt to the Affordable Care Act’s “Navigator” program.  Sen. Cornyn also has an op ed for on Obamacare.

Lighter clicks:
– A Fort Worth man has now won the lottery twice in 9 months.
– Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K. and 
the Gettysburg Address.
Imagine his surprise. (Reminds me of a Chappelle Show episode)
– The NBA continues to try to fix a 
$300 million mistake. (An amazing story if you’ve never heard it)
– Talkers Magazine 
released its new Top 100 Sports Radio hosts list.
– Sorry, 
wrong Jonathan Martin.
– The case for Johnny Football 
winning a 2nd Heisman. (NBC Sports’ and national radio host Dan Patrick made a similar case yesterday on air)
– ESPN on Case McCoy’s 
growing road comeback resume.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Some amazing facts here.
– Rupee the dog is amazing too.


TT: Patrick Releases Ad Aimed at Gun Rights (11/13/13 10:55am)

AP: Texas House subpoenas Hall, but then recalls it (11/13/13 10;52am)

AP: 5th Circuit rehears affirmative action appeal (11/13/13 10:52am)

AP: In Dallas, many organizations marking JFK date (11/13/13 10;51am)

AP: Caller-Times veteran Averyt named publisher (11/13/13 10:51am)

AP: Ex-El Paso mayor runs for Texas land commissioner (11/13/13 10:48am)

DMN: GOP challengers for lieutenant governor blast Dewhurst (11/13/13 10:40am)

DMN: Collier calls Texas Republicans “destructive,” says he’s at ease with “D” behind his name (11/13/13 10;18am)

FWST ($): Settlement terms won’t hurt American, US Airways, executives say (11/13/13 10:16am)

KTVT CBS DALLAS: Wendy Davis Clarifies Pro-Life Comments In CBS 11 Interview (11/13/13 10:15am)

CHRON ($): Abbott asks high court to let state enforce abortion law (11/13/13 10:14am)

CHRON ($): Council could take up controversial wage theft measure (11/13/13 10:14am)

CHRON ($): DiNardo elected to new role in bishops conference (11/13/13 10:14am)

CHRON ($): Regent accused of sharing private student info (11/13/13 10:12am)

SAN ANTONIO CURRENT: The Truth About Crisis Pregnancy Centers (11/13/13 10:08am)

SAEN ($): Agency alleges it was bilked by a nonprofit (11/13/13 10:05am)

SAEN ($): Attorney general: No real abortion backlog (11/13/13 10:04am)

SAEN: Suit aimed at streetcars hits projects for VIA buses (11/13/13 9:59am)

QR: Scott Braddock Interview With Mike Collier AUDIO (11/13/13 9:50am)

AAS ($): Will F1 in Austin hit a sophomore slump? (11/13/13 9:39am)

AAS ($): Greg Abbott to Justice Scalia: Let Texas enforce abortion law (11/13/13 9:38am)

AAS ($): Sen. John Cornyn calls for halt to ACA ‘navigator’ program (11/13/13 9:37am)

TT: Between Fisher and Fawcett, a Big Day in Court for UT (11/13/13 9:21am)

TT: With Prop 6 Approved, Plans Remain Uncertain (11/13/13 9:21am)

TT: Abortion Issue Surfaces in Railroad Commission Race (11/13/13 9:21am)

TT: Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal: The TT Interview (11/13/13 9:20am)

REPORTING TEXAS: Student Advocates Call For More Prevention Policies To Stop Educator Sex Crimes (11/13/13 9:20am)

NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE: What’s ‘Pro-Life,’ Anyway? (11/13/13 9:19am)

NEW JERSEY STAR-LEDGER: Potential 2016 candidates Santorum and Perry join the chorus downplaying Christie’s presidential chances (11/13/13 9:18am)

MASS LIVE: Texas politician Wendy Davis to hold Boston area fundraiser (11/13/13 9:18am)

AUSTIN CHRONICLE: Texas Tribune and ‘Statesman’ feud over water story (11/13/13 9:16am)

KERA NPR DALLAS: Texas Democrats Like The Look Of A Leticia Van de Putte-Wendy Davis Ticket (11/13/13 9:15am)

TT / KUT: Democratic Candidates Slow to Jump on Statewide Ballot (11/13/13 9:15am)

TT: Abortion Providers Ask SCOTUS to Reinstate Injunction, by Becca Aaronson (11/13/13 9:14am)

SCOTUS BLOG: Texas defends abortion control law (11/13/13 9:14am)

THE HILL: Perry struggles to get any traction for 2016 (11/13/13 9:09am)

POLITICO: Ted Cruz: Clintons fleeing Obamacare (11/13/13 9:05am)

WSJ: GOP Selecting a Conservative Presidential Nominee is ‘Suicide,’ Consultant Says (11/13/13 9:04am)

POLITIFACT: “Social Security took seven years before anybody got the first check.” (11/13/13 9:02am)

TT: Malachi Boyuls Releases New Railroad Commission Ad (11/12/13 4:13pm)

TT: Dewhurst to Congress: Did NSA Spy on Gun Owners? (11/12/13 3:35pm)

TT: Committee Recalls Subpoena for UT Regent Hall (11/12/13 3:32pm)

TT / KUT: Peter Baker on “Days of Fire,” Bush-Cheney Relationship (11/12/13 9:01am)

TT: As Hearings Resume, UT System Lawyers in the Spotlight (11/12/13 9:01am)

TT: Interactive: Where the Prop. 6 Votes Came From (11/12/13 9am)


BURKA BLOG: Greg Abbott’s Agenda (11/13/13 10:46am)

DMN: Texas schools owe their athletes insurance coverage (11/13/13 10:43am)

DMN: Enforcement authority to prevent another West (11/13/13 10:43am)

FWST ($): Settlement of DOJ suit against American Airlines/US Airways in best interest of country, consumers (11/13/13 10:17am)

CHRON: Our HCC choices (11/13/13 10:09am)

SAEN: Texas can help typhoon victims (11/13/13 10:01am)

SAEN: Needless blow to SA’s missions (11/13/13 10:01am)

AAS ($): Killer storms connect Central Texans, Filipinos (11/13/13 9:38am)


J. MITCHELL: American-US Airways merger will go forward as DOJ pulls out from a conflict that didn’t match the hype (11/13/13 10:44am)

M. DAVIS: Iran’s latest president gives us no evidence to trust him (11/13/13 10:42am)

FMR. U.S. SEN. DORGAN & FMR. U.S. REP. CASTLE ($): Breaking through government gridlock (11/13/13 10:17am)

WITT ($): Star-Telegram decision to outsource printing the right move for the future (11/13/13 10:16am)

FALKENBERG ($): Trickery aside, can new HCC trustee show his true colors? (11/13/13 10:12am)

SANDEFER: UT-Austin’s true supporters know it has room to improve (11/13/13 10:11am)

LESTER: Conservation, aquifers solution to water plight (11/13/13 10:11am)

G. GARCIA ($): Taco Haven caught in the middle of S.A.’s gay-rights debate (11/13/13 10:07am)

CHASNOFF ($): Push to preserve Univision building just not practical (11/13/13 10:06am)

HENDRICKS ($): Credit proposal won’t change anything (11/13/13 10:05am)

MORGAN & MCINTYRE ($): The next Obama disaster is immigration reform (11/13/13 9:58am)

HERMAN ($): In Michael Morton case, a system gone wrong or a system gone right? (11/13/13 9:36am)

FEEHERY: A principled pragmatist (11/13/13 9:19am)

COLE: Why I Am A Democrat (11/12/13 3:36pm)

U.S. SEN. CORNYN: We can do better: American People deserve affordable healthcare plans (11/12/13 9am)

BLOGS (from the left)

RELIGION NEWS SERVICE: David Barton & Kenneth Copeland: Soldiers should not suffer from PTSD, according to the Bible (11/13/13 9:52am)

LIBERAL AMERICA: Death Penalty In Texas: 30 Milestones That Should Be Recognized Instead Of Executions (11/13/13 9:22am)

LIBERAL AMERICA: Gohmert And Stockman: The Truth Behind East Texas Whack Congressmen (11/13/13 9:22am)

CROOKS AND LIARS: Barry Smitherman: Living Proof That Texas Has a Deep Bench of Crazy (11/13/13 9:16am)

BOR: Wendy Davis, the Candidate for Young Texas Voters (11/13/13 9:12am)

BOR: Poll Finds 49% Of Texas GOP Primary Voters Want Someone ‘More Conservative’ Than John Cornyn (11/13/13 9:12am)

BOR: Texas Tea Party Ted Cruz Terrorist Attacks on FAA Federal First Responders (11/13/13 9:03am)

LIBERAL AMERICA: Dozens Of Armed Cowards Confront Unarmed Moms At Dallas Restaurant (11/12/13 3:35pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

OFFICE OF SEN. CRUZ: Cruz: Bring Transparency to the Federal Reserve, Vote to Audit the Fed (11/13/13 10:54am)

EMPOWER TEXANS: Wendy Davis’ words support Greg Abbott’s charge (11/13/13 10:54am)

CHRISTIAN CAMPAIGN: Meet Wayne Christian (11/13/13 9:56am)

NEWSMAX: Rick Perry’s Father Finally Gets His WWII Medals (11/13/13 9:12am)

LIFE NEWS: Wendy Davis: “To Be Pro-Life Doesn’t Necessarily End With a Woman’s Pregnancy” (11/13/13 9:11am)

FITS NEWS: Rick Perry (In Case Anybody Cares) (11/13/13 9:09am)

RED STATE: Are #ObamaCare Navigators Teaming With Battleground Texas To Turn The Lone Star State Blue? (11/13/13 9:05am)

CONSERVATIVE HQ: Billy Graham, Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz (11/13/13 9:03am)

BOYULS CAMPAIGN: New video (11/12/13 4:13pm)

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