Dallas Morning News Bias – November 12, 2013

(As Mark Levin says, “That’s right. I said it.”)
1) Obamacare has reached just 3 percent of its target
2) Dem Senator calls for Obamacare probe
3) James O’Keefe video reveals Obamacare navigators
(This happened in Dallas! Get on it, “Fretful Stevie” Blow!)
4) Obamacare sign-up tally to include those who haven’t purchased plans
(Dear Leader made another “rule!”)
5) How illegal immigration reform died
(Recall, yesterday, The News blamed it on a small band of loud, Texas tea-party nut-bags. Truth: Americans don’t want it — and Dems will NOT compromise.)
*’Obamacare Dozen’ On The Run
*Obama’s Massive Fraud
*Obamacare Will Be Repealed Before 2014 Elections
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Rawlings works on speech of a lifetime, JFK50 Commemoration, p. 1A– Move over, Gettysburg Address! (Good Lord.) … Who’da guessed that, 50 years later, Kennedy’s murder would offer a Democrat mayor such a grand political opportunity! The News is atwitter! … Here’s a guarantee, (I’ll take bets thru Nov. 20): RawlingsWILL allude to the conservative influence in 1963 Dallas and assure the world we’ve changed — though it had nada to do with the murder; he will NOT note Oswald was a self-proclaimed Marxist and anti-capitalist. … Step right up!
*Scalia, swearing in [Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice] Hecht, shows affinity for Texas, AP, p. 3A – “Gov. Rick Perry … suggested in an address moments earlier that Texas and its fiercely conservative politics suited Scalia.” … “Fiercely,” of course, is AP’s term. And you’ll never see “fiercely liberal” in The DMN.
*Study: Nearly 30% grow up in poverty, p. 1B – We’re gettin’ there, comrades! A li’l more “control” oughta do it! (Push us past 50% “poverty,” that is.) … DMN Dem scribe Sherry Jacobsen sounds confused: “Despite an improving economy, children in Dallas County are still suffering, according to a report released Tuesday …” The economy is not improving, ma’am. It’s crippled – propped up in unprecedented fashion by The Fed; a record91.5 million Americans are out of the work force; Dear Leader’s employer mandate still looms. … A crippled, socialist economy hurts the poor and middle class most, ma’am. (You voted for it. Quit whining.) … BTW, McKinney’s Best Buy store — located at the economic-mecca four-corners of Allen, McKinney, Plano and Frisco — just closed. (If you can’t make it there, folks, something is way wrong.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.