Must Read Texas – November 10, 2013

Perry Appears on ABC’s “This Week”;
Cruz Appeared on Leno Fri;  Boston Globe on Cruz’s Harvard Years;
Cornyn Appears on WFAA’s ITP; Cornyn Calls for Sebelius’ Firing;
Abbott, Davis File; Veteran’s Day: Luke’s Wings

Howdy readers.
Good early morning from Pittsburgh, PA.

I spent the weekend introducing Suzanne to my extended family and attending Pitt’s basketball season opener, the UT-West Virginia game (we are on track to attend 10 games this year!) and the Steelers-Bills game.
My teams were 3-0 this weekend and I feel at least partially responsible.

The last few days were an unplanned and unexpected break from the daily brief, ending our streak of consecutive emails at 463.
Even Cal Ripken eventually missed a day.

We are back at it tonight and have as much commitment to delivering you with the top Texas news as we did when MRT was founded by Jason Stanford and I on February 13, 2012.
Thank you for your faithfulness, your interest, and most of all, your patience.

New AP top 25 poll:
4. Baylor
10. Texas A&M
12. Oklahoma State
22. Oklahoma
23. Texas
Big XII bowl projections.

Here’s the end-of-weekend brief:


ABC’s Jeff Zeleny interviewed Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) in Iowa, in a pre-taped interview.
The full transcript is here.
The Hill newspaper covered Perry’s appearance with this story.

My view: The Perry interview was good and bad.  On one hand, he re-inserted himself into the 2016 conversation and reminded primary voters that he is a likely candidate with a record.  On the other, his appearance was very short on a busy news weekend (Christie, Iran nuclear talks, Obamacare fallout, etc).  It was a heavily edited interview and Perry’s answers appeared to be one or two lines because of the editing.  Pre-tapes offer a scheduling advantage but an editing disadvantage.  Perry should continue to appear on Sunday shows when he can (he will be in South Carolina Tues, Dec. 3, so perhaps the Sun before?) and he should look for an opportunity to appear live, in studio (or via satellite) in an extended fashion so he can continue to counter the perception that he cannot adequately debate issues.

Your absolute must click stories:
> Mayor Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) met Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the first time in California on Saturday.  (There’s been talk of a Clinton-Castro ticket in 2016)
> U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno Friday.  Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here.
> The Boston Globe reports on Sen. Cruz’s college days at Harvard Law School.
> U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) appeared on WFAA ABC DALLAS’ “Inside Texas Politics” on Sundaymorning.
> Sen. Cornyn has called for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ firing.
> The two major candidates for Governor filed for office on Saturday.


Monday, Nov. 11, is Veteran’s Day.
We all choose to celebrate it in our own way — to honor the service and sacrifice of our military, active duty and our Veterans.

I’ve been privileged for the past few years to serve on the Board of Advisers for Luke’s Wings, a DC-based national Veterans nonprofit whose sole mission is reuniting Wounded Warriors with their families at military hospitals around the country.
To date, Luke’s Wings has purchased over 1,400 flights.  They can book flights within minutes and have a right of first refusal agreement for all fares with partner American Airlines to ensure maximum cost savings.

If you’re awake, Luke’s Wings’ Jennifer Magerer will appear this morning on Fox and Friends at 6:15am ET / 5:15am CT this morning.

They have now launched their annual “No Soldier Spends the Holidays Alone” program, with a goal of raising $500,000 to book flights.
The average flight costs $300.

Last year, through funds raised in this program, they provided over 200 flights for Wounded Warriors at Christmas time.

If interested, their financials may be found here.
Coverage from last year is here.

To financially support Luke’s Wings, visit
Thanks for considering.

– AAS’ Ralph Haurwitz reports on a “closed” UT Regents meeting (via phone) slated for Monday, and the House committee investigating Regent Wallace Hall continuing its hearings Tuesday andWednesday.
– KXAN NBC Austin’s Josh Hinkle 
investigates the appointment power of Gov. Perry.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– SAEN’s Peggy Fikac reports (behind paywall) on Republican criticism of recent comments from gubernatorial candidate and State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) that she is “pro life.”
– Chron’s Mike Morris looks at how the two major candidates for Houston Mayor spent their combined $6.7 million.
– Two Democrats have filed for SD-10, the State Senate seat being vacated by Wendy Davis.

Other stories of interest:
– The growth of oil production at the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas is astonishing.
– SAEN’s Aaron Nelsen reports (behind paywall) that, according to 2012 Census figures, the nation’s two poorest metro areas are in Texas (Brownsville-Harlingen is #1 and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission is #2).
– This weekend’s Formula 1 race is 
putting an international spotlight (behind paywall) on Austin.

Lighter clicks:
– Drunk college president delivers halftime speech to team.
– A 
bizarre $280 fine at a San Diego Chargers game.
– Every once in a while, a Hail Mary pass 

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Balancing being a U.S. Army Veteran and a college football player.
– Thank you, Major Lyles, for your service & your inspiration.
– An 11 year-old Lubbock boy made it his mission to return a Purple Heart he found.
– The 12th Man is one of the great traditions in college football.  Watch this.


AP: Castro, Clinton meet in California Saturday(11/10/13 11:50pm)

AP: Cornyn urges Obama to fire Sebelius (11/10/13 11:50pm)

AP: No lessons yet from Voter ID law (11/10/13 11:50pm)

AP: Astrodome may see 1 last inning after ‘no’ vote (11/10/13 11:50pm)

NYT / TT: Concerns as Austin Residents Drill New Wells (11/10/13 11:50pm)

DMN: Texas Republicans unlikely to bend on immigration bill in Congress (11/10/13 11:50pm)

DMN: Dallas’ biggest cab company may have been violating city’s insurance requirements, officials say (11/10/13 11:50pm)

DMN: DART’s planned airport station raises parking questions (11/10/13 11:50pm)

DMN: Young Texas immigrants eligible for deferred action want to serve, but denied military entry (11/10/13 11:50pm)

WFAA ABC DALLAS: Inside Texas Politics (11/10/13 11:48pm)

CHRON ($): Council contender scores improbable upset (11/10/13 11:47pm)

CHRON: Parker and Hall spent $6.7 million. This is where it went… (11/10/13 11:45pm)

CHRON: Republican cites ‘Mental Health’ claim from Wendy Davis lawsuit (11/10/13 11:45pm)

SAEN ($): Alamo radiating with new LED lights (11/10/13 11:45pm)

SAEN ($): 2 Valley metro areas still poorest in nation (11/10/13 11:44pm)

SAEN ($): On Veterans Day, ‘Solo pilots’ look back on lives saved, lost (11/10/13 11:44pm)

SAEN: Streetcar opponents sue over funding (11/10/13 11:44pm)

AAS ($): FEMA completes damage assessment from Austin floods; vigil held for 2 victims (11/10/13 11:43pm)

AAS: Another closed-door meeting for UT regents (11/10/13 11:43pm)

AAS ($): F1 race puts spotlight on Austin’s ‘brand’ (11/10/13 11:43pm)

AAS ($): Questions raised about Onion Creek flood response (11/10/13 11:43pm)

THE HILL: Obama ‘perpetrated a fraud’ on US, Perry says (11/10/13 11:10pm)

POLITICO: Perry says Obama should acknowledge healthcare ‘fraud’ (11/10/13 11:07pm)

BLOOMBERG NEWS: Ted Cruz Unilateralism a Prelude as Party Loyalty Falters (11/10/13 11:07pm)

DES MOINES REGISTER: Rick Perry attempts to rebrand image in Iowa visit (11/10/13 11:06pm)

KVUE ABC AUSTIN: Governor Rick Perry Visits Onion Creek Neighborhood (11/10/13 10:51pm)

ABC NEWS: Gov. Rick Perry Questions NJ’s Gov. Chris Christie’s Ability to Appeal to Conservatives Nationwide (11/10/13 9:34am)

VIDEO: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” (part 2) (11/10/13 9:31am)

VIDEO: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” (part 1) (11/10/13 9:25am)

POLITICO: Rick Perry to South Carolina (11/10/13 9:21am)

TT: Lawmaker Tells Perry That UT Regent Hall Should Resign (11/10/13 9:19am)

KXAN NBC AUSTIN: Rick Perry’s influence will outlive his term (11/10/13 9:18am)

BBC: Obama promotes embattled healthcare law in Texas (11/10/13 9:17am)

NBC NEWS: Perry returns to Iowa (11/10/13 9:16am)

ABC NEWS: Perry, in Iowa, Stirs Speculation on 2016 Run (11/10/13 9:15am)

TT: In Drought, Abbott Keeps Lawn Green by Drilling (11/10/13 9:10am)

TT: Democrats Martinez, Willis Enter SD-10 Race (11/10/13 9:10am)

TT: Candidates File for Governor (11/10/13 9:09am)

TT: Perry Talks Job Creation in New National Ad (11/10/13 9:03am)


BURKA BLOG: The Irrelevant Governor (11/10/13 11:50pm)

BURKA BLOG: Doom for the Astrodome (11/10/13 11:50pm)

BURKA BLOG: And the Next UT Football Coach Is? (11/10/13 11:50pm)

BURKA BLOG: The Day Texas Politics Became Sane (11/10/13 11:50pm)

DMN: The business of violent crime in Mexico (11/10/13 11:50pm)

DMN: Remembering the heroes among us on Veterans Day (11/10/13 11:50pm)

FWST ($): Shortage of accountability in Fort Worth election (11/10/13 11:50pm)

FWST ($): The president brings cheer, but how about some results? (11/10/13 11:50pm)

FWST ($): Students lag in reading on ‘nation’s report card’ (11/10/13 11:50pm)

FWST ($): Urban Shield: Training is good, but watch the pricetag (11/10/13 11:50pm)

FWST ($): Details still ahead for Texas water funding (11/10/13 11:50pm)

CHRON: Texas lizards and weasels (11/10/13 11:47pm)

CHRON: Oyster threat signals sea change (11/10/13 11:47pm)

CHRON: Cruz will speak to Houston power (11/10/13 11:47pm)

CHRON: Salute to veterans (11/10/13 11:46pm)

CHRON: Air care (11/10/13 11:46pm)

CHRON: Mayor Parker’s next two years (11/10/13 11:46pm)

SAEN: New JP posts aren’t needed now (11/10/13 11:44pm)

SAEN: A tipping point on gay work rights? (11/10/13 11:44pm)

SAEN: Court ruling on injunction irrational (11/10/13 11:44pm)

SAEN: South San needs TEA intervention (11/10/13 11:44pm)

SAEN: UT regents tarnishing university (11/10/13 11:43pm)

AAS ($): More is needed to protect the next Orion and Alexandria (11/10/13 11:43pm)

AAS ($): Action, not rhetoric, will fix health care law (11/10/13 11:43pm)

AAS ($): Unfilled vacancies strain federal courts system (11/10/13 11:43pm)

AAS ($): As big businesses pay less of the property tax tab, homeowners pay more (11/10/13 11:43pm)

CEDAR RAPIDS (IA) GAZETTE: Cruz will not unite Republican Party (11/10/13 11:41pm)


HUDDLESTON: The diplomats’ role in Dallas’ ‘global city’ designation (11/10/13 11:50pm)

PRESIDENT STARR: The triple tragedy of Christian persecution in Middle East (11/10/13 11:50pm)

C. CUELLAR: Best manager will partner with the arts and its economic power (11/10/13 11:50pm)

CRAWFORD: City Hall needs innovative strategies and increased diversity (11/10/13 11:50pm)

NORMAN ($): Bishops take a stern tone on immigration (11/10/13 11:50pm)

FIKAC ($): Combs says there’s more to women than what’s “below the waistline” (11/10/13 11:48pm)

FALKENBERG ($): Gov. Perry leaves a million Texans without health insurance (11/10/13 11:46pm)

KILDAY HART ($): Unopposed incumbents prosper from rich donors, files show (11/10/13 11:46pm)

KING: Pension promises pose greatest threat to city (11/10/13 11:46pm)

LINDSAY: Transparency, accountability are crucial in higher education (11/10/13 11:46pm)

AMB. WILLEFORD: Regents should help build up Texas’ flagship university (11/10/13 11:46pm)

TROWBRIDGE: Flow of information is key to free speech (11/10/13 11:46pm)

BRODESKY: Latest weapon against grackles (11/10/13 11:44pm)

PIMENTEL: Voting despite the ID ‘speed bump’ (11/10/13 11:44pm)

COMMAND SGT. MAJ. RHODES: Salute our veterans (11/10/13 11:44pm)

CAIN: Gravel roads are not the answer (11/10/13 11:44pm)

MAJ. LYLES: No regrets, and thanks for the support (11/10/13 11:44pm)

MCCUMBER: Obama fails to lead on military sexual assault (11/10/13 11:44pm)

VIKTORIN ($): Formula One should fuel its own economic engine (11/10/13 11:43pm)

SEXTON ($): Tax reimbursements fuel Texas economy (11/10/13 11:43pm)

RUMPF ($): Obamacare closes door to opportunity (11/10/13 11:43pm)

SAXTON & TRAVIS ($): Military service demands sacrifice from troops and their families (11/10/13 11:43pm)

WEAR ($): Convert I-35 to tollway? No way (11/10/13 11:42pm)

RENSIN: Why Wendy won’t win (11/10/13 11pm)

S. SANCHEZ: Wendy Davis is not ready for prime time (11/10/13 9:10am)

MCNEELY: A unique candidate for state comptroller (11/7/13 9:56am)

STANFORD: Is Your Child’s Teacher ‘Highly Qualified?’ (11/7/13 9:43pm)

BLOGS (from the left)

POLICY MIC: Rick Perry 2016? Tell Me This is a Joke (11/10/13 11:05pm)

TPM: Unlike Mike Lee, Ted Cruz’s Popularity At Home Is Stable (11/10/13 11:05pm)

BOR: Is Ted Cruz a Biblically Prophesied ‘King’ Ushering In Christian Fascism? (11/10/13 11:05pm)

BOR: Candidate Filing Roundup; Sen. Wendy Davis and General Greg Abbott to Face Primary Challengers (11/10/13 11:04pm)

CROOKS AND LIARS: ABC Launches Rick Perry’s Comeback Tour (11/10/13 11:03pm)

MMfA: Ted Nugent Says He Works Closely With Ted Cruz And Other Prominent Republicans (11/10/13 11:03pm)

SALON: Ted Cruz’s dad: God loves the death penalty! (11/10/13 11:02pm)

OFF THE KUFF: Of course Wendy Davis needs to talk about health care (11/10/13 11:01pm)

MMfA: Right-Wing Media Trying Super Hard To Smear Wendy Davis Over Routine Legal Pleadings (11/10/13 11:01pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

BIG GOVERNMENT: ‘Tonight Show’ audience roars with approval after Cruz bashes Obamacare, DC’s permanent political class (11/10/13 11:39pm)

TOWNHALL: Wendy Davis: “I Am Pro-Life; I Care About the Life Of Every Child” (11/10/13 11:08pm)

THE BLAZE: Only the Governor of a State Like Texas Would Proudly Take This Picture (11/10/13 11:07pm)

HOT AIR: Wendy Davis declares she’s totally “pro-life” outside the womb (11/10/13 11:04pm)

PAT DOLLARD: Ted Cruz Introduces Bill That Will Offer Reward On Benghazi Terrorists (11/10/13 11:04pm)

GLENN BECK: “This is the old John Cornyn”: Sen. Cornyn grills HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (11/10/13 11:02pm)

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