Dallas Morning News Bias – November 11, 2013

More on why DMN Dem TV reviewer Chris Vongar despised “Killing Kennedy”:
Against his sage advice, I watched it. In the first five minutes, Oswald is shown — in Moscow — declaring himself a Marxist and an anti-capitalist.
Don’t think I’ve seen that in The News all year!
From yesterday:
*Many forced to juggle jobs, Kansas City Star, p. 2D – Wow, a feature that admits Dear Leader’s “recovery” is “jobless,” that Obamacare is indeed costing folks their full-time jobs — and he’s not mentioned one time! (Degree of journalistic difficulty —10.0. Bravo!) But in case you DO tie any of this to Dear Leader, you’re informed three times here, this is “the new normal” — it’s nobody’s fault. (Get used to it. Perhaps you already are!!) This Dem scribe even finds three folks who LIKE having multiple part-time jobs and earning less money!
*Israeli-U.S. relations back on the rocks, AP, p. 19A – A fricking Cold War with Israel! (More “new normal?”) Thanks, Dear Leader! Thanks, “Lurch” Kerry! … Been awhile since the U.S. publicly ripped Israel, huh? Could it be that Muslim Bro’hoodinfluence inside Dear Leader’s White House? AP, of course, won’t go there. … Hey, DMN: Cold War with Israel gets the bottom of 19A? (Geez.)
*[Illegal immigration] Overhaul pleas fail to sway Texas GOP, p. 1A – DMN Dem scribe Emily Wilkins sez Dear Leader’s amnesty plan is basically being held hostage by a small, vocal minority of Texas tea partiers — and they’re effective only because of evil Republican redistrictingTranslation: something is terribly, terribly wrong with our system, people!! … Ms. Wilkins fails to note the new Pew Research poll showing 60 percent of Americans OPPOSE Dear Leader’s amnesty plan. Only 32 percent approveEven 42 percent of Democrats disapprove. How’d y’all miss that, ma’am?
*[GOP] Senator unwavering after CBS retracts witness’s account, NYT, p. 4A – Yeah, we’re s’posed to drop Benghazi now ‘cuz one guy supposedly changed HIS particular story that “seem[ed] to support claims that the mission was not adequately secured and that the attack was the result of a terrorist plot.” Uh, neither of those claims is up for debate, NYT: the mission wasn’t adequately secured, and the attack was indeed was a terrorist plot. This guy’s deal changes NONE of that. … GOP demands are based on: 4 Americans died, they got no help, Dear Leader and his thugs lied about it, and they won’t let survivors speak. … The News’ front-page sidebar for this is particularly stupid: “Even as the news report on which the GOP based their latest demands was being retracted, Sen. Lindsay Graham stood by his threat to block all [Obama] nominations over Benghazi.” … What’s really crazy is our mainstream media are the ones who should be demanding truth here. Instead theyleap at chances to drop it.
*Millions in Texas depend on direct federal aid, Economic Snapshot/Government Benefits, p. 1D – Oh, good. The News has the scoop on welfare. (Ready?) In this full-page, bells-and-whistles feature, DMN Dem scribe Michael Lindenberger actually concludes: “redistribution of wealth … puts billions of ready-to-spend dollars into circulation in the Texas economy each year.” It’s good for us!! See, those with money would just hoard it — or invest it or hire somebody — right, Mike? (Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike?) … Also, The News includes this gem from an ignoramus VP of some D.C. hack-factory: “For every dollar spent [on food stamps], you see about $1.70 added to the economy.” Hey, that’s Nancy Pelosi-speak! I remember! So — food stamps for everybody? Dear Leader’s economy could use the boost!

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.