Dallas Morning News Bias – November 9, 2013

1) Gallup: Uninsured not signing up for Obamacare
(Of course The News skips this, after having wailed about saving the uninsured for years – no matter the colossal destruction and disruption caused. Again, DMN: Gallup says the uninsured don’t appear interested. How’s that not news?)

(The News runs McClatchy all the time – but not this. Obama knew – they all knew. This was the plan. They’re stilllying.)http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/11/07/207909/analysis-tens-of-millions-could.html
3) Colorado Obamacare champion loses health plan, sees premiums skyrocket
(Some news organizations are actually seeking out local stories of those hurt by Obamacare. But not The DMN.)
4) McClatchy: In wake of NSA scandal, U.S. popularity in Germany in steep decline
(More ignored McClatchy. Weren’t we s’posed to be loved with Dear Leader Obama?)
5) Obama secretly began lifting Iran sanctions last summer

Meanwhile The News’ “news”
*Jobs report upbeat, AP, p. 1A – Really? Maybe we should shut down the government more often! … Missing context: Just think how well we’d be doing without a Marxist president! … Look what AP throws in three graphs from end: “The percentage of Americans working or looking for work fell to a 35-year low.” Hey — that’s Jimmah Carter days! (No, AP doesn’t note that. That’d be great, though: “The workforce participation rate is at levels not seen since the Carter administration. LOL. I can dream.)
*Obama says he’ll help people losing coverage, AP/WashPo, p. 6A – Of course, he will! He didn’t have any idea this was gonna happen! … This BS report warns, though, that “legally and practically [Dear Leader’s] options appear limited.” Aw, tough break. He reallywanted to help! … Folks, legal and practical considerations have never stopped Dear Leader before. … Limbaugh, yesterday, gave the best description I’ve heard of what’s going on. Keeping your insurance is not and never was part of Dear Leader’s plan — for ANY of us. It simply can’t happen under full-blown Obamacare — yet the mainstream media still spin furiously THE LIE. Enjoy, below:
*Mental health parity strengthened, AP, p. 6A – “It’s final,” crows AP. “Health insurance companies must cover mental illness and substance abuse just as they cover physical diseases.” Why? “The Obama administration issued new regulations Friday …” Oh, OK. … When, how, did we get here, friends? Scary, man. … So for this LAW signed by Bush in ’08, Dear Leader adds a new “RULE,” and AP calls it “final.” (Dictatorships are sooo clean and efficient, no? Especially if the “watchdog” media are on board. Less “bickering.” Things get done.) … More “rules” coming soon!
*Wendy Davis signs deal with Blue Rider for memoir, p. 2A – Wait, lemme guess: How I Went From An Embryo To The Governor’s Mansion? … Note, The News runs this, but censors “Abortion Barbie” claiming to be “pro-life” this week. Read about her less than stunning Brownsville performance below:
*Leno confronts Cruz over abrasive image, p. 8A – Why didn’t The News cover Leno’s hilarious barrage on Dear Leader this week? That was funny stuff! Or how ’bout The CMAs on ABC? Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood brought the house down. … Pregunta, por favor: Why is it “news” that Cruz “seemed at ease” on The Tonight Show? I don’t recall ever seeing that for Dear Leader. Just wondering.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.