Dallas Morning News Bias – November 8, 2013

“The President now is toxic.”
— Charles Krauthammer, after Obama’s “apology”
With Obama, Iran Gets Nukes, Americans Lose Health Care
1) Wendy Davis claims to be ‘pro-life’
(How’s this not news, DMN?)
2) Left-wing activists takeover Wash. state GOP headquarters
(But tea partiers are “extremists?”)
3) Miami Dolphin teammates defend Incognito; Martin and Incognito were ‘friends’
Meanwhile The News’ “news”
*Trans fats get the heave-ho, WashPo, p. 1A – Thank God! We may NEVER die! … Sez here Dear Leader’s central-planners claim they’ll save 7,000 lives. (Aborting 1 million unborn babies a year? That’s still a choice! BTW, if abortion were banned, think The News runsAbortion gets the heave ho? LOL.) … Why stop at trans fats – why not saturated fats? (My gosh, people are dying!) And why not issuegovernment-mandated menus for each household? WashPo doesn’t examine where this stops. (You mustn’t worry ’bout that.) … Sez here that companies, responding to consumers, had already removed most trans fats — but it wasn’t enough! Now it’s —– coercion time!! YIPPEEEEE! After all, WashPo sez, “there’s a growing body of scientific evidence [so step aside.”] … Missing context: folks have been living to 80-85 eating this supposed poison for decades. … See, kind readers, in Obamacare’s Brave New Gulag, they’re gonna take care of you — whether you like or not. And our mainstream media think it proper.
*Apology given for canceled plans, NYT, p. 7A – The President of the United States (sort of) apologizes for lying to the American people — and The News runs it single-column along the spine of 7A? Pretty pathetic, guys. Really. … The Times says “hundred of thousands” have received cancellations. It’s millions, hack boy. And 2010 government records show Dear Leader’s admin predicted 93 MILLION would lose their plans when Obamacare fully implements.
*Shutdown cost $2B in lost output, WashPo, p. 6A – (Too bad Dear Leader shutdown the government, huh?) … BTW, Mr./Ms. Headline writer, that’s — “The White House says.” (We certainly now know they can’t be trusted, right?) Oh, you had room: White House says shutdown cost $2B. See?
*Hispanic students’ reading scores slip, p. 3A – Another “report” shows Texas falling down on the job! (And it can’t get up!) The hallowed D.C.-based National Assessment of Educational Progress has the scoop! It seems Texas sucks really bad at teaching hordes of Spanish-speaking kids to read English. (Yes, even with loads of “resource” teachers and assistants, and all the free food you can eat.) Leftist Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (who runs the NAEP, though scribe “Lib Putz” Stutz doesn’t say it) calls it “very troubling” and blames …………….. budget cuts!! (The money line!!) … No mention here by Stutz of illegal immigration’s effects or the need to secure the border. (Wouldn’t be civilized.) … Hey, now’s a good time to review DISD’s voluminous Directory. (See below.) We do this occasionally, lest anyone think children are being neglected.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.