Dallas Morning News Bias – November 10, 2013

1) Pew: Obama’s second-term slide continues
(The News reports Pew all the time — but not this.)
2) Weekly GOP address: This is what betrayal looks like
(DMN readers don’t even know the GOP gives a weekly address.)
3) U.S is having quietest two-year period for tornadoes since 1980s
4) South Dakota, Washington state break snow-fall records
5) Wind turbines killed over half-a-million bats in 2012
(Poor, defenseless, unsuspecting l’il bastards — and The News doesn’t care.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Getting past Perry’s past, p. 1A – Anybody ever seen “Getting past Obama’s past” in The DMN? No. You haven’t. Not in 2008, not ever. But Perry, see, forgot something — then said “Ooops!” Really — can we trust someone with a “past” like that? (Hilarious.) 
*Not all [high school] athletes covered in crisis, p. 1A – How’d Obamacare miss this? … The problem here — of course — is that Texas does not FORCE schools to provide this insurance. DMN Dem sports scribe Corbett Smith dutifully notes that “some states do,” but not [foolish] Texas  — with its level of uninsured 1.5 to two times the national average.” (Good boy. Check that box!) … So 5 of 65 local school districts don’t provide catastrophic coverage and that’s Sunday front-page news — but thousands of DFW families losing their policies, facing massive premium/deductible hikes, is still ignored. Not a local syllable again today. … The News’ game plan: Press the local “uninsured” angle — relentlessly. Ignore Obamacare’s local effects — relentlessly.
*Obama’s Dallas visit full of ‘advice’ for GOP, Texas Watch, p. 9A – ‘Case you missed what Dear Leader said in Big D last week, Todd “The Hack” Gillman replays it here in his patented news-section editorial. Eight inches devoted here to Dear-Leader direct quotes — two to Cruz’s rebuttal. Gillman also claims the shutdown left the GOP “reeling” without noting Dear Leader’s approval hit a record-low in the recent post-shutdown NBC/WSJ poll, or that Gallup showed Dear Leader at 39 percent this week. … But, hey, I know. It’s “analysis.”
*[JFK] Programs represent high road and low road, Television review, p. 1E – Surprise! DMN Dem scribe Chris Vognar HATES Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy — it’s “cheap and tawdry,” and has “cringe-inducing dialogue that congeals in a mass of poor taste” — and LOVESPBS: “when it comes to exploring American subjects with intelligence and depth, no TV enterprise does it better[!]” Hahahahahaha! If that’s true, Chris, why is it dependent on government subsidies?
*Letters to the Editor, p. 3P – On voter ID: 4-of-5 letters against it; On Krauthammer’s Obamacare Op-Ed: 3-of-3 against it.
*Doonesbury – A DMN comic strip portrays conservative opposition to Dear Leader as being exactly like pro-slavery opposition to Lincoln! More “fair comment” from Editor Bob Mong! Boffo, sir! … Number of lib-bashing strips today: ZERO.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.