Must Read Texas – November 6, 2013

Obama in Dallas Pressuring Perry on Medicaid;
David Barton Says he Won’t Primary Cornyn;
Election Wrap-Up; Griffin Named George P. Bush Manager
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Here’s the short brief.

Your absolute must reads:
> DMN reports on President Obama’s visit to Dallas Wednesday.
> David Barton told Glenn Beck that he will not primary U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).
> Republican Party of Texas political director Travis Griffin has been named campaign manager for Land Commissioner candidate George P. Bush.
> AAS reports (behind paywall) on the overwhelming passage of Prop. 6, the water fund.

– The Chron reports (behind paywall) on the smooth execution of the state’s Voter ID law.
– The SAEN editorial board 
focuses on the work that remains on water for Texas.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is near the top of the polls for 2016.
– The Chron reports (behind paywall) on Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s third term.
– A runoff is set (behind paywall) for the state house district (HD-50) vacated by former State Rep. Mark Strama (D-Austin).

Other stories of interest:
– Doctor and U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) is gaining attention (behind paywall) on the Obamacare issue.

Lighter clicks:
– NBC Sports: Can Tubby Smith save Texas Tech?
profile of Baylor’s Art Briles.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Willpower. (h/t @tuckereskew)
– “I want to die running.” Wish, granted.


TT: Hall Said Powers Would Be Gone by Year’s End (11/6/13 11:58pm)

NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE: David Barton Won’t Primary Cornyn (11/6/13 11:58pm)

AP: George P. Bush taps Griffin as campaign manager (11/6/13 11:58pm)

AP: Despite vote, no quick demise likely for Astrodome (11/6/13 11:58pm)

AP: Fort Hood building, massacre site to be demolished (11/6/13 11:58pm)

AP: Hearing scheduled in former South Texas DA’s case (11/6/13 11:58pm)

DMN: In Dallas, Obama urges Medicaid expansion as he scoops up cash (11/6/13 11:58pm)

DMN: Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins eager to tout Obamacare (11/6/13 11:58pm)

DMN: Progressive petition to Cruz: give up your health care (11/6/13 11:58pm)

DMN: PPP poll: Greg Abbott has commanding lead over Wendy Davis (11/6/13 11:58pm)

FWST ($): Obama says Perry’s opposition to Medicaid expansion is ‘bullheadedness’ (11/6/13 11:56pm)

FWST ($): ‘Star-Telegram’ announces agreement to have papers printed at ‘Morning News’ plant (11/6/13 11:54pm)

FWST ($): Rep. Burgess, a Texas doctor, wants to cure Obamacare for what he says ails it (11/6/13 11:54pm)

CHRON ($): Book details foibles of first Perry presidential run (11/6/13 11:52pm)

CHRON ($): Parker’s third term to include new council, challenges (11/6/13 11:51pm)

CHRON ($): Prop 6 coalition splits on path forward (11/6/13 11:51pm)

CHRON ($): Dome, Katy stadium brought down by anti-spending sentiment (11/6/13 11:49pm)

CHRON ($): Texas’ new voter ID law appeared to go smoothly (11/6/13 11:41pm)

CHRON: Texas voters have their say at the polls (11/6/13 11:41pm)

CHRON: One year out, 2014 election campaigns in Texas are gearing up (11/6/13 11:40pm)

CHRON: Ted Cruz says Obama’s trip to Texas brings “nothing with it but broken promises” (11/6/13 11:39pm)

SAEN ($): Obama defends health care law in Dallas (11/6/13 11:34pm)

SAEN ($): Natural gas or nuclear is one choice for CPS (11/6/13 11:32pm)

SAEN: Comal ISD regroups after bond defeat (11/6/13 2:01pm)

AAS ($): Water funds proposition gets a vigorous yes from voters as officials applaud its passage (11/6/13 1:08pm)

AAS ($): Race for District 50 heads to runoff (11/6/13 1:07pm)

AAS ($): Austin housing bond measure passes (11/6/13 1:06pm)

AAS ($): Williamson County voters approve bonds for roads, parks (11/6/13 1:05pm)

TT: Thousands of Affidavits, Few Problems With Voter ID Law (11/6/13 6:08am)

TT: UT/TT Poll: Texans Like Parts of Federal Health Law (11/6/13 6:08am)

TT: Texas Voters Approve Nine Constitutional Amendments (11/6/13 6:07am)

TT: UT/TT Poll: Border, Fiscal Issues Top Texans’ Concerns (11/6/13 6:07am)

TT: Texas Supreme Court weighs same sex divorce case (11/6/13 6:06am)

TIME MAGAZINE: Six Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Texas Oil Boom (11/5/13 11:50pm)

TO: Texas’ Voter ID Law: Nothing to See Here, Move Along (11/5/13 11:50pm)

POLITICO: Poll: GOP 2016 pick a 4-way split (11/5/13 11:50pm)

QUORUM REPORT ($): Mostyn’s new trial lawyers group makes it official (11/5/13 11:50pm)

TT: Combs Defends Controversial Conservation Program (11/5/13 11:50pm)

THE HILL: Cruz’s shadow hangs over Sessions primary battle (11/5/13 10:22pm)

DES MOINES (IA) REGISTER: Iowa Gov. Branstad won’t intervene in squabble between Cruz, Paul camps (11/5/13 4:54pm)


DMN: Electing Solis is a victory for Dallas school reform (11/6/13 11:58pm)

DMN: The problem with participation trophies (11/6/13 11:58pm)

FWST ($): Keller says no again, so what next for traffic? (11/6/13 11:58pm)

FWST ($): Making FW school bond projects real (11/6/13 11:57pm)

CHRON: Flood insurance and the rising tide (11/6/13 11:46pm)

CHRON ($): Dome, not doomed (11/6/13 11:45pm)

CHRON ($): Prop 6 passed, hallelujah (11/6/13 11:44pm)

SAEN: How Mexico handles reforms will count (11/6/13 11:29pm)

SAEN: Prop. 6 offers hope, but more work remains (11/6/13 11:27pm)

AAS ($): Agency running out of second chances (11/6/13 1:10pm)

AIKEN (SC) STANDARD: Cruz, Paul can make early mark with visits to S.C. (11/5/13 4:52pm)

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Media Trash Cruz’s Father, Spare Obama’s (11/5/13 10:25am)


LEUBSDORF: Despite Virginia-New Jersey contrast, tea party unlikely to relent (11/6/13 11:58pm)

M. DAVIS ($): GOP, embrace the Christie model at your own risk (11/6/13 11:58pm)

STATE SEN. WEST: Next city manager must be phenomenal — and vigilant (11/6/13 11:58pm)

NEAL ($): Legislature’s targeting of trustee at UT is off the mark (11/6/13 11:53pm)

RUSSELL: Bureaucrats violating open-space ordinance (11/6/13 11:47pm)

T. BENNETT: Idea for ‘capacity market’ in electricity would hurt us all (11/6/13 11:47pm)

KING: Malfunctioning minds often cause of mayhem (11/6/13 11:46pm)

FALKENBERG ($): The wonk whips ‘the futurist’ (11/6/13 11:42pm)

G. GARCIA ($): Dems lining up for county clerk race (11/6/13 11:32pm)

CHASNOFF ($): Commissioners didn’t know judge had ‘resigned’ (11/6/13 11:32pm)

GUAJARDO: NAFTA agreement a big win for three nations (11/6/13 11:29pm)

NAVARETTE: A kinder, gentler Ted Cruz? (11/6/13 11:27pm)

MAYOR LEFFINGWELL ($): Your chance to speak up on rail plan (11/6/13 1:10pm)

GRACHOS ($): Expanding Austin’s artistic riches (11/6/13 1:09pm)

BLOGS (from the left)

THINK PROGRESS: Top Texas Republican Slams Her Party’s Focus On Legislating Women ‘South Of The Waistline’ (11/6/13 3:39pm)

RIGHT WING WATCH: David Barton Announces That He Will Not Run For Senate (11/6/13 2:07pm)

CROOKS AND LIARS: Rick Perry, Still Running (11/5/13 11:50pm)

PROGRESSIVE POPULIST: Lunatic Potential Senator From Texas Believes Global Warming is Caused by Abortion (Video) (11/5/13 11:50pm)

BOR: Wendy Davis Visited El Paso, Laredo, Brownsville and San Antonio This Week (11/5/13 11:50pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

OFFICE OF GOV. PERRY: Statement on President’s Visit to Texas (11/6/13 11:58pm)

OFFICE OF GOV. PERRY: Statement on Prop. 6 Passage (11/6/13 11:58pm)

THE BLAZE: Historian David Barton makes major announcement about potential Senate run (11/6/13 11:58pm)

BREITBART: Limbaugh: When You Attack Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, You Attack Me (11/5/13 11:50pm)

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