Dallas Morning News Bias – November 7, 2013

*Profits, pay are at odds, AP, p. 1A – Folks, this is priceless: AP is confused — why does our Marxist president’s economy still suck while the stock market soars and corporate profits bloom? How can this be? Still-high unemployment, no jobs, no investment?AP noodles this endlessly — without noting:
— The Fed is still feeding 85 billion fake dollars per month into the stock market;
— corporations, small businesses, investors are still scared feces-less of Dear Leader’s anti-business/anti-growth regime.
— corporations, small businesses, investors are still scared feces-less of coming Obamacare effects.
And more Va. governor’s race news you don’t see reported in The News:
— McAuliffe won by just 2 points, dragged down by Obamacare
— The RNC bagged on Cuccinelli
— Cuccinelli won independents by 9 points
— Cuccinelli won married women by 9 points
— Cuccinelli was outspent by $15 million
— Also, lib Politico doesn’t share The News’ front-page tea-party-is-toast take from yesterday:
1) Sebelius: convicted felons may become ‘navigators’ 
2) Kaiser Health News: Unions may get Obamacare relief
(The News notes Kaiser reports all the time – but not this. And why hasn’t The News invested in locating and telling the stories of DFW folks who’ve lost their insurance?)
3) Loyal Obama supporters lose health plan
(The News often runs personal vignettes – but not this.)
4) Former Obama Secret Service agent: It’s worse than people know
5) Rush Limbaugh book No. 1 in America 
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Obama touts [Obamacare] insurance push, p. 1A – The White House has obviously been reading The News’ revisionist JFK50 series. You know, the JFK-Was-Martyred-For-Liberalism bilge? Here — two weeks before the assassination anniversary — Dear Leader flies into Love Field on Air Force One and offers a greeting-line photo-op with adoring supporters. (Get it? All that’s missing is Miche in a pill-box hat.) And The News runs the giant pic across the top of 1A. Let’s take it a step further, DMN. How ’bout a realside-by-side comparison of the two presidents – to show just how far Democrats have “progressed” in 50 years? Something like:
— Did Kennedy support homosexual “marriage?” No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy force Catholic organizations to provide abortion coverage? No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy force ANYBODY to provide abortion coverage? No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy support cutting taxes to spur economic growth? Yes. Obama, no.
— Did Kennedy have real problems with how the U.S. Constitution is written? No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy force the U.S. military to accept homosexuality? No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy support an open-border with Mexico? No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy back Muslim groups with terrorists ties? No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy vigorously support Israel? Yes. Obama, no.
— Did Kennedy oppose The Second Amendment? No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy openly attack Christian religious freedoms? No. Obama, yes.
— Did Kennedy ever publicly say a local police department “acted stupidly?” No. Obama, yes.
— Was Kennedy’s college mentor a Communist? No. Obama, yes.
Great idea, no?
*Religious workplace clause in [homosexual] rights bill, AP, p. 4A – You mean ENDA, the law that makes something called “gender identity” a protected minority? The law that lets cross-dressing men use women’s bathrooms? The law that attacks private business owners who don’t wish to hire homosexuals/transgendered? Just say it, AP. … So is this like those “strong protections” provided by Dear Leader’s 2010 Executive Order against forcing abortion coverage? That sorta went away, didn’t it? And we’re s’posed to feel good ‘cuz this exemption protects “religious groups?” What about individualAmericans?? Read The First Amendment. Nothing about “groups” there. … Not noted here: Harry Reid told just homosexual activists to accept the exemption and he’d “fix” it later.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.