Dallas Morning News Bias – November 6, 2013

1) Gallup: Obama approval falls to 39 percent
2) Obama denies he said ‘you can keep your plan’
3) Five years in, Obama’s approval lower than Bush’s
4) Crowd boos Obama’s mention at Mizzou-Tennessee football game
(The News notes this for George W., Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin — you’d better believe it.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Tea party reels with Virginia [governor’s race] loss, Analysis, p. 1A – Oh, we’re“reeling” alright! … Dems win another close race! Amazing! (The only time they’ve been thwarted is Bush-Gore 2000 — and they haven’t stopped squealing ’bout that.) It works like this: Dem counties report last, with “Whatta ya’ need? Here ya’ go!” LOL. …Missing here: McAuliffe won by maybe 3 points, though days ago he was coasting to a 6-10 point win; and Obama bundlers financed the third-party Libertarian candidate, who took 7% of the vote, mostly from Cuccinelli. BUT — The News’ front-page AP“analysis” sez: tea partiers should hang it up, its “star candidate lost a winnable” race, this is a “vivid reminder that the tea party has become a movement with largely regional — and limited national — appeal. [blah, blah, blah.]” (Marxism, though — that’s something we can all get behind!)
*Obama on mission in Dallas visit, p. 1A – The News runs TWO stories on this today! Dem scribe Todd “The Hack” Gillman hits it here, then Dem scribe SherryJacobsen reprises it on 1B with, ‘Obama to visit group helping with [Obamacare] launch.’ Swell, guys! … Gillman: “At Temple Emanu-El, the president will meet with navigators hired to help people enroll through the troubled Healthcare.gov site. He will also thank volunteers from Dallas Area Interfaith …” Jacobsen: “During his visit to Dallason Wednesday, the president is scheduled to make a stop a Temple Emanu-El, where he will thank Dallas Area Interfaith … .” Y’all got that? … And both scribes follow the script: three references to Texas’ “uninsured” from Gillman, three from Jacobsen. The message:all this hell is worth it ‘cuz we’re saving the “uninsured” — and jack-bootedObamacare is the ONLY way to do it! Also: combined mentions by these scribes of Dear Leader’s ‘you can keep your plan’ lie? ZERO.
*[Dallas County Judge Clay] Jenkins leads the charge [for Obamacare,] p. 1B – A new Dem “star” is born? What kind of shoes was he wearing? Story doesn’t say.
*Tighter rules urged on chemicals, p. 3A – The News sends a scribe way down to Texas City to cover this Dear Leader-ordered, left-wing EPA circus — but no one across town last month for Ted Cruz’s triumphant Welcome Home? The difference, folks, is agenda-based. This leftist confab furthers The News’ push for mass regulation, which furthers its Turn-Texas-Blue push. (The GOP won’t protect you!!) So far, The News has pestered state officials into posting on-line every Texas location harboring over 10,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate. The News advertises the site today. (Got that, Akbar? Just punch in your Zip Code — no “navigator” required!)
*Pair of DART programs not operating as hoped, p. 1B – Oh, dear. … DMN Dem scribe Brandon Formby gives classic lib treatment to a classic lib boondoggle: “[DART] officials on Tuesday told the agency’s board members that two well-intended programs aren’t working as planned. Unexpected ridership changes will probably drive up the cost of transporting the region’s most vulnerable passengers …” The hell you say. Well, as long as they were “well-intended.”. And those “ridership changes” — they WERE “unexpected.” … (BTW, the word “taxpayer” does not appear here.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.