Dallas Morning News Bias – November 5, 2013

Note: as Obamacare chaos spreads, The News’ Obamacare coverage recedes.
(One teeny 4A sidebar blurb today — ’bout that pesky website, of course.)
*Maiden run of free shuttle sees more stares than riders, p. 1B – Ain’t this “free” stuff great? … DMN Dem scribe Roy Appleton doesn’t note what this “free” service costs taxpayers — just sez it’s “funded by Dallas Area Rapid Transit [so don’t worry about it.]” … Where does DART get its money, Roy? 
*Texas slow to get needy kids into preschool, report shows, p. 3A – Of course, we are!! We suck!! Everybody knows that! My God, Kennedy was killed here! … Note how this “news” was made: lib group from back East diddles some stats, discovers Texas “lags” at providing welfare, posts a news release, The News picks it up, is disgusted, writes story with color pic of poor children — and, of course, GOP cuts are mentioned, illegal immigration is not. Ta-daaaa!
*Corrections & Clarifications, p. 2A – Dang, that quite a list — twice as much text as The News runs on Obamacare today!
*S. Texas woman pleads guilty to voting scheme, Briefs, AP, p. 3A – Kudos for at least running this slight blurb — butwhere’s this woman’s party affiliation? She’s a DEMOCRAT. See below:
*[Homosexual] rights bill gets bipartisan boost, AP, p. 4A –As the mainstream media misled on Obamacare, they’re at it again: AP sez this bill simply “prohibit[s] workplace discrimination against gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.” Actually, dear readers, ENDA makes “gender identity” a protected minority. It FORCES everyone — including churches and religious groups who sincerely oppose homosexuality — to hire open, practicing homosexuals and cross-dressers. The so-called “religious exemption” is ajoke — won’t stand. (“If you like your religious exemption, you can keep your religious exemption,” anybody?) … (ENDA has along history. See below.) … Also, AP sez there remains only“lingering resistance to homosexuality” in America. Really? Guess that’s why The News quit running homosexual “marriage” and “engagement” notices as its third-quarter ledger tanked. … BTW, a story The News has steadfastly ignored: black religious leaders strongly oppose same-sex “marriage” and, in Illinois, they’re fighting to stop it. (See below.)
*Non Sequitir – A DMN comic strip mocks tea partiers!! Genius! Thank you! Oh, it’s quite clear: rats in a maze, ignoring the cheese, taking a hostage instead, as observer notes they’ve “decided to form a new political party.” Hahahaha — (Dear Leader called us “hostage-takers” too, you know!) … Number of DMN comics mocking libs today: ZERO.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.