Must Read Texas – November 3, 2013

NYT’s J-Mart on the Cruz-Rand Rivalry;
NYT’s Peter Baker on Bush 43’s New Life;
Politico on David Barton, Potential U.S. Senate Candidate;
Gromer Jeffers on Wendy’s DC Texan Support; Margaret Spellings Profile;
Fikac Sees Abbott Proposals as Unlikely to Pass Lege
Good evening from Austin.

Here is how the new college football AP top 25 looks for teams of interest:
#5 Baylor
#11 Texas A&M
#12 Oklahoma
#15 Oklahoma State
#25 Texas Tech
(#26 Texas under ‘others receiving votes’)

Here’s the brief.

Your absolute must reads:
> NYT’s Jonathan Martin reports on the rivalry between U.S. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY).
> NYT’s Peter Baker reports on former President George W. Bush’s life in Dallas, after politics.
> Politico’s Stephanie Simon reports on the potential U.S. Senate candidacy of David Barton.
> DMN’s Gromer Jeffers, Jr. reports on a contingent of Texans in Washington who are supporting the gubernatorial campaign of State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth).
> DMN’s Tom Benning interviews new Bush Foundation president Margaret Spellings.
> SAEN’s Peggy Fikac uses her weekly column (behind paywall) to cast doubt on the likelihood that gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Greg Abbott’s proposals to limit legislators power through constitutional amendments would ever pass the legislature.

– AP’s Chris Tomlinson and Will Weissert report on the statewide ballot for this Tuesday’s election, with the Prop. 6 water amendment of greatest interest. 

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– 2012 Republican presidential nominee and former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) left Sen. Cruz off his list of 2016 Republican candidates to watch.
– The State (SC) newspaper reports on Sen. Cruz’s South Carolina trip on Monday.
– The Laredo Morning Times reports on gubernatorial candidate and State Sen. Davis recent campaign swing through Laredo.
– Chron’s Jayme Fraser reports on Tuesday’s city elections.

Other stories of interest:
– U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) got married Saturday night.
– 21,000 people 
are expected to arrive in Dallas around the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK in Dallas on Nov. 23.
– Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak 
collapsed during a their game last night and is undergoing testing.

Lighter clicks:
– Usain Bolt dishes in new memoir.
– You’ve heard about Snakes on a Plane, this is similarly terrifying.
– Bleacher Report on Texas A&M’s most likely bowl game opponents.

Have a great week.


NYT: Republican Rivalry Simmers as Paths and Styles Diverge (11/3/13 11:56pm)

AP: New water fund top amendment on Texas ballot (11/3/13 11:56pm)

AP: Romney leaves Cruz off his list of 2016 GOP stars (11/3/13 11:56pm)

POLITICO: Texas tea party seeks Ted Cruz 2.0: David Barton (11/3/13 11:55pm)

NYT: As Bush Settles Into Dallas, Golf Tees and Family Time Now Trump Politics (11/3/13 11:54pm)

KILLEEN DAILY TIMES: AUSA says little about distribution of funds to shooting victims (11/3/13 11:54pm)

DMN: Wendy Davis using ex-Texans in Washington to boost her campaign for governor (11/3/13 11:52pm)

DMN: New leader of Bush Foundation wears many hats, including that of fundraiser (11/3/13 11:52pm)

DMN: Downtown hoteliers prep for Kennedy observance, convention crowds (11/3/13 11:52pm)

FWST ($): New radar could save lives when spring storms hit DFW (11/3/13 11:51pm)

CHRON ($): As court logjam clears, is justice served? (11/3/13 11:51pm)

CHRON ($): Campaigns come to an end; now it’s up to the voters (11/3/13 11:51pm)

SAEN ($): New Braunfels banner law is left hanging (11/3/13 11:51pm)

SAEN: District 20 Rep. Castro weds Anna Flores (11/3/13 11:51pm)

SAEN: Hutchison profiles women who shaped Texas (11/3/13 11:51pm)

AAS ($): Counties see increased early voting turnouts (11/3/13 11:51pm)

AAS ($): Key chairmen pledge to investigate guards’ beatings of youths in state lockups (11/3/13 11:51pm)

AAS ($): Hated property tax looms as campaign issue, but fixes are not easy (11/3/13 11:51pm)

TT: Abortion Debate Could Play Into Hispanic Vote in 2014 (11/3/13 11:46pm)

THE NEW REPUBLIC: The Ted Cruz of Israel (11/3/13 11:40pm)

THE STATE: Cruz to discuss faith with ‘values voters’ in Columbia (11/3/13 11:38pm)

FOX NEWS LATINO: Ted Cruz Left Out of Mitt Romney’s List Of Potential GOP 2016 Candidates (11/3/13 11:38pm)

LAREDO MORNING TIMES: Sen. Wendy Davis visits Laredo (11/3/13 11:33pm)


DMN: Paying for immigrant jail time (11/3/13 11:53pm)

DMN: Bury or haul away? That’s the Exide question (11/3/13 11:52pm)

CHRON: Something worth crowing about (11/3/13 11:51pm)

BLOGS (from the left)

BOR: Guest Post: Election Birthday Girl Wrestles With ‘Voter ID’ Law (11/3/13 11:29pm)

GRITS FOR BREAKFAST: First Amendment fouling Texas prosecutors’ efforts to criminalize sexual content (11/3/13 11:27pm)

OFF THE KUFF: Hagel tells Texas National Guard to obey the law (11/3/13 11:26pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

HOT AIR: Is Wendy Davis viable in the Texas Gov race? (11/3/13 11:27pm)

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