Dallas Morning News – November 4, 2013

1) Gallup: Obama approval slumps to 40 percent
2) Obamacare site goes off-line for extended maintenance
3) Obamacare user gets others’ eligibility letters 
4) Virginia Dem calls for forcing docs to accept Medicare/Medicaid patients
5) Obamacare architect: individual insurance market going away
6) Stage 4 cancer survivor loses plan, doctors
(These stories of individual hardship exist here too, but The News has yet to dispatch its cadre of j-schoolers to find them — like it does for local illegal immigrants.)
7) Benghazi whistleblower says he was smeared
(C’mon, The News uses Mother Jones for Ted Cruz attacks — why not The Daily Beast for this?
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Disaster averted, Cowboys beat 1-win Minnesota, p. 1A –Dallas losing would’ve been a “disaster!”Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha! Seeing your health insurance deductible quadrupleTime to shop!!! … I’ve asked before, friends: If Dear Leader Obama outlawed conservative speech on a fall Sunday, would it knock the Cowboys off The News’ front-page on Monday? I say it wouldn’t.
*[Obamacare] Impact hitting home, AP, p. 1A – Look! AP hack Ricardo Alonso Zaldivar, who spent the last three years spouting Obamacare BS, finally admits millions are gettingscrewed!!! ‘Course, he softens it early on with, “some” are losing their plans, and noting that “cranky” ol’ website.
*Obama to recognize area’s health law work, p. 6A – Aw, Todd “The Hack” Gillman has put his cute reporter hat back on! After giggling yesterday in his “analysis” that Dear Leaderoughta have a swell time givin’ it Cruz when he visits this week,Gillman turns today to hard-news on the subject. His report, abridged: DFW has the highest percentage of uninsured in the country and Republicans never wanted Obamcare to work and haven’t lifted a digit to “educate” people. Voila! (Thanks, Todd!)
*Mendacity, paternalism, subterfuge rule, KrauthammerOp-Ed, p. 13A – Finally — a column that properly evisceratesObamacare — and liberalism in general. Kudos. … But it’s way,way too late.
*Hotels prep to be packed [for JFK50 observance], p. 1A –Hey — nitwit Hugh Aynesworth at The News’ “symposium” was right! JFK’s murder WAS a “gift” to Big D! (See below. Imagine Glenn Beck or Limbaugh saying something like that. Oh, it’d be headlined alright — splashed about for days. But for one of The News’ own, it rolls right on by.) … Gotta wonder ifDMN Dem scribe Karen Robinson-Jacobs felt the least bit odd asking hoteliers, “So this is gonna be great for y’all, huh?” or“Dallas really needed this, right?” … The 50th anniversary of JFK having his head blown off in Dealy Plaza comes “just in time to blunt the normal pre-holiday slowdown,” intones Ms. Robinson-Jacobs. Nice. … OK, so maybe a brief note or sidebar for this — but a front-page “ain’t it great?” feature? Positively crass, guys.
*Get back to democracy, [John] Kerry says, NYT, p. 1A –Wait — he’s talkin’ about Egypt. For a minute I thought we had a story.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.