Must Read Texas – November 3, 2013

AP on the First Statewide Test of the State’s Voter ID Law;
DMN’s Hoppe on Lobbyists Gifts to Gov, Lt. Gov Candidates;
DMN Feature on Boomtowns; Kennedy on Accountability First PAC
Good evening from Austin.
(Did you remember to set your clocks back?)

It was a beautiful fall day here.

Here’s the short weekend brief.

Your must reads:
> AP’s Chris Tomlinson reports on the first statewide test (this Tuesday) for the state’s new Voter ID law.
> DMN’s Christy Hoppe reports on lobbyists gifts to the major candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.
> The DMN has a quite remarkable digital feature on the oil boom in Texas, which they liken to the 1980s oil boom.
> Bud Kennedy’s Sunday FWST column (behind paywall) reveals the PAC and the major donor behind an effort to oppose a series of local bond elections.

– SAEN reports on a renewed push to pass Prop. 3.
– TT 
reports on LCRA’s proposed emergency measures to deal with the drought.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– The Atlantic reports on rumored tension between U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY).
– The Chron reports (behind paywall) U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has fired two congressional staffers for campaign finance irregularities.
– Big Jolly Politics’ Mark McCaig goes after TAB for giving conservative lawmakers low scores.

Other stories of interest:
– SAEN reports (behind paywall) on the increasing likelihood of toll lanes in the city.
– The estimated cost for new schools in West, TX, 
has been cut in half.
– DMN’s Mitchell Schnurman 
uses his column to demonstrate how regulation is helping soften the fall of Energy Future Holdings.

Lighter clicks:
– Former NFL player who retired after being diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) rocked out on stage with Pearl Jam in New Orleans.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Look what the third string quarterback did Saturday.
– A moment this cheerleader will never forget.


AP: Texas’ Voter ID law gets first statewide test (11/2/13 11:55pm)

AP: Estimated cost of new West schools cut in half (11/2/13 11:55pm)

DMN: Candidates to lead Texas accept meals, gifts, more from lobbyists (11/2/13 11:55pm)

DMN: Law to keep ammonium nitrate facilities secure may put Texans at risk (11/2/13 11:54pm)

DMN: Boomtowns (11/2/13 11:54pm)

DMN: Will Obama dis Ted Cruz in Wednesday’s Dallas fundraising visit? (11/2/13 11:54pm)

FWST ($): Millions for security included in Fort Worth bond proposal (11/2/13 11:54pm)

FWST: Voter ID law snags former House Speaker Jim Wright (11/2/13 11:54pm)

FWST ($): Texas… Gold standard, or fool’s gold? (11/2/13 11:54pm)

CHRON ($): Campaign finance issues dog Stockman (11/2/13 11:54pm)

CHRON ($): Flood law could be ‘catastrophic’ for Galveston (11/2/13 11:54pm)

CHRON ($): Hall, Parker have differing views on ReBuild Houston’s road program (11/2/13 11:54pm)

CHRON ($): School board elections could affect Grier’s efforts (11/2/13 11:54pm)

SAEN ($): Insurance costs for employers taking off (11/213 11:53pm)

SAEN ($): ATF’s few gun inspectors cover large gaps (11/2/13 11:53pm)

SAEN ($): Toll lanes’ chances becoming more likely (11/2/13 11:53pm)

SAEN: Abortion law forces doc to turn patients away (11/2/13 11:53pm)

SAEN: Officials make final push for Prop. 3 (11/2/13 11:53pm)

AAS ($): Large companies turn to courts for tax relief (11/2/13 11:53pm)

AAS ($): Panel begins revising Austin City Council districts (11/2/13 11:53pm)

CNN: Ted Cruz responds to father’s ‘ill-advised joke’ (11/2/13 11:52pm)

THE ATLANTIC WIRE: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Are Frenemies (11/2/13 11:52pm)

THE HILL: Tax group releases state-by-state rankings (11/2/13 11:52pm)

TT: LCRA Proposes Emergency Drought Measures (11/2/13 11:52pm)

TT: After Court Ruling, 9 Abortion Providers End Services (11/2/13 11:51pm)

THE HILL: Perry may defy Guard same-sex benefits (11-2-13 11:08pm)


DMN: Dallas Morning News recommendations in Nov. 5 election (11/2/13 11:54pm)

CHRON: Rein in the snoops (11/2/13 11:53pm)

CHRON: Reaching out to Third Ward key for UH (11/2/13 11:53pm)

AAS ($): Biden casts light on domestic violence (11/2/13 11:53pm)

BLOGS (from the left)

PROGRESS TEXAS: John Cornyn and Ted Cruz Should Allow a Vote on D.C. Circuit Nominees (11/2/13 11:53pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

BIG JOLLY POLITICS: Say YES to Prop 6 for the future of Texas (11/2/13 11:53pm)

BIG JOLLY POLITICS: The Texas Association of Business is an Enemy of Grassroots Conservatives (11/2/13 11:53pm)

ABBOTT CAMPAIGN: Podcast: Field Supervising (11/2/13 11:12pm)

Author: Must Read Texas

Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) & Jason Stanford @MustReadTexas