Dallas Morning News Bias – November 3, 2013

“He didn’t even have the satisfaction of being killed for civil rights. It had to be some silly little Communist.”
— Jacqueline Kennedy, Nov. 22, 1963
Liberal Entitlement-State Dream Is Crumbling, Larry Kudlow
*Lax [ammonium nitrate] standards may endanger lives, p. 1A – Folks, this is The News’ Sunday banner story. It rambles on for four pages — while Obamacare bares down on millions of Americans. (That, BTW, gets a third-of-a-page on 6A, under the header: “Some” will see costs soar under Obamacare. But I digress.) The News’ agenda with the West blast is and always has been to prove conservative-run Texas lacks proper regulation, that conservatism gets people killed — and they’ve spare no expense to “prove”it. (Obamacare, with it’s 10,000 pages of accompanying regulations, is evidently The News’ preferred approach.)
*Symposium examines assassination’s impact on city, p. 27A – Did the name Lee Harvey Oswald come up at this DMN-sponsored “symposium?” Guess not. What WAS discussed by these pin-headed libs, Jim Lehrer, Hugh Aynesworth and Lawrence Wright?
— 1960s Dallas Country Club “refused to host Arthur Ashe, a black tennis star.”
What has this to do with Kennedy being murdered by a left-winger? Nothing.
— Wright’s mother supposedly “knew some of the women in mink coats who spit and cursed at [LBJ] and his wife, Lady Bird …”
What has this to do with Kennedy being murdered by a left-winger? Nothing.
(This is at least the fifth time The News has run this vignette this year. Most recently — yesterday.)
— A “Kennedy, Wanted for Treason” newspaper ad ran before JFK’s visit.
What has this to do with Kennedy being murdered by a left-winger? Nothing.
(Hell, The News runs that for Bush/Cheney these days as Letters to the Editor — for free!.)
— After the shooting, Lehrer told his wife, “Let’s get the hell out of here as soon as this is over.”
What has this to do with Kennedy being murdered by a left-winger? Nothing.
— Lehrer blames 1960s newspapers and business leaders for giving “right-wing fringe groups” a “megaphone”and “authenticity.”
What has this to do with Kennedy being murdered by a left-winger? Nothing.
And check this! Aynesworth gets the prize: Kennedy being killed in Dallas was a “gift” that helped rid the city of conservative influence!!! I’m not makin’ that up!!!! … Friends, the level of hatred and rage libs have for conservatives is absolutely stunning — but we’re the “haters!” … I run low on adjectives to describe what The News is doing with its JFK50 revisionist-history scam. “Reprehensible” will suffice today.
Note: as usual, nowhere in today’s DMN is Oswald labeled a left-winger, an aspiring Communist, a fan of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.
*Jim Wright runs into ID challenges, p. 2A – No set-up here! 90-year-old former Dem House Speaker shows up without proper info for a voter ID and gets refused. STOP THE PRESSES!!! . … Wright is described here as“the legendary Texas political figure” — NOT “the disgraced former Speaker of the House.” The News also benignly notes Wright “served in the House from 1955 until he resigned in 1989.” … Gather closely, grasshoppers, and learn: Wright resigned for 69 ethics violationsconfirmed unanimously by bipartisan committee. He was the first House Speaker to resign under such circumstance. His violations involvedimproper acceptance of gifts and exceeding limits on outside income. But at The News, he’s simply“legendary!”
*Obama may offer Cruz quips in Dallas, Todd Gillman’s Texas Watch, p. 8A – Oh, let’s hope so, Todd! … Another Gillman news-section Op-Ed! Thank you! It’s soooo helpful to have an official DMN reporter then tell us what to think about what he’s reported. After all, some may not correctly absorb what’s going on. Today, Todd sounds giddy that Dear Leader soon has a chance to yuck it up on Texas soil about Ted Cruz and his father. (“What fun the president’s speechwriters must be having[!]”; Obama “might want to issue a thank-you” to Cruz for shutting down the government! Fun, indeed, Todd!) … Todd reminds readers here that Cruz“instigated the government shutdown strategy that left the GOP reeling” — but NOT that Dear Leader’s approval-rating hit a record-low in last week’s NBC/WSJ poll. (That’s nuance, sir! Bravo!) And nowhere does Todd note that the U.S. House of Representatives voted its constituents wishes in demanding Obamacare changes before funding the government. (I know. Too messy — and you only had 21 inches.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.