Must Read Texas – November 1, 2013

NYT reports from McAllen on Abortion Clinics Shutting Down;
AP interview with Dan Patrick; Perry FWST op ed on Israel trip
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Here’s the short brief:

Your must reads:
> NYT’s Laura Tillman and John Schwartz report from McAllen on the abortion clinics closing in Texas due to provisions in the recently upheld state abortion law.
> AP continues its interviews with the Lieutenant Governor candidates, with an interview with State Sen. Dan Patrick (R-TX).
> Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) wrote about his recent trip to Israel in an FWST op ed (behind paywall)

The current field

– Texas Oberserver looks at both sides of the debate on Prop. 6.
looks at what’s next for water if Prop. 6 passes Tuesday.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) says his father’s “Kenya” comment about President Obama was a joke.
– State Sen. John Carona (R-Dallas) is helping Lt. Gov. candidate and State Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston).
– The field to replace San Antonio City Councilwoman Elisa Chan has now grown to 12.

Other stories of interest:
– A $117 million settlement is in the works between Farmers Insurance and north Texas homeowners.

Lighter clicks:
– A $52 million Ferrari.
– Da Ali G show is returning — to F/X.
– Delta Airlines & Jet Blue are already allowing gadget use during the entire flight.
– Esquire: Is Matthew McConaughey the greatest actor of his generation? (He was a Delt at UT)
– Texas A&M wearing special helmets today.

Enjoy your Saturday!


NYT: Texas Clinics Stop Abortions After Court Ruling (11/1/13 9:54pm)

AP: Patrick touts conservative record (11/1/13 11:54pm)

AP: Reinstatement of abortion law leaves few options (11/1/13 11:54pm)

AP: The legal case surrounding Texas’ new abortion law (11/1/13 11:54pm)

DMN: Cruz: Father’s remark about sending Obama ‘back to Kenya’ was joke (11/1/13 11:52pm)

DMN: $117.5 million Farmers Insurance settlement in works for Texas homeowners (11/1/13 11:52pm)

FWST ($): Fort Worth abortion clinic among at least nine in Texas to close (11/1/13 11:52pm)

CHRON ($): County housing authority details reform progress in letter to feds (11/1/13 11:52pm)

CHRON ($): Abortion clinics cancel appointments in wake of court ruling (11/1/13 11:52pm)

CHRON: Ethics committee won’t investigate Al Green, other Congressmen arrested at immigration rally (11/1/13 11:52pm)

CHRON: Farenthold open to legalization but doubtful on citizenship (11/1/13 11:52pm)

CHRON: Iraq veteran to challenge John Cornyn’s Senate seat (11/1/13 11:52pm)

SAEN ($): State opts not to try for federal pre-K funding as enrollment rises (11/1/13 11:52pm)

SAEN ($): $3.1 million goes to feds for horses linked to Zetas (11/1/13 11:51pm)

SAEN ($): Neither side budging on Guard benefits (11/1/13 11:51pm)

SAEN ($): Law stifles services at abortion facilities (11/1/13 11:51pm)

SAEN: Three more join race to replace Chan (11/1/13 11:49pm)

AAS ($): Ruling halts abortions at some Texas clinics (11/1/13 11:48pm)

AAS ($): Israel leads opponents in contributions (11/1/13 11:48pm)

TO: Prop 6: Slush Fund or Solution to Texas’ Water Woes? (11/1/13 11:48pm)

TT: Carona Lends Private Plane to Patrick Campaign (11/1/13 11:48pm)

SLATE: Ben Sasse: The Next, Next, Next, Next Ted Cruz (11/1/13 11:48pm)

DAILY BEAST: House of Cruz: the Making of Ted Cruz (11/1/13 11:48pm)

TT / KUT: If Prop 6 Passes, What’s Next for Water in Texas? (11/1/13 6:04am)

TT: As Uber Looks to Expand, Debate Flares Over Dallas’ Code (11/1/13 6:03am)


DMN: New avenues to debunk old science (11/1/13 9:52pm)

FWST ($): A thorough investigation into police shooting of homeowner is underway (11/1/13 9:52pm)

FWST ($): Nobody’s taking over the Alamo (11/1/13 11:52pm)

CHRON: Unpacking accusations (11/1/13 11:52pm)

SAEN: A matter of equality for Texas Guard (11/1/13 11:49pm)

SAEN: ‘Horse hockey’ is way too kind (11/1/13 11:49pm)

NYT: A Bad Reversal on the Texas Abortion Law (11/1/13 11:48pm)

BURKA BLOG: Perry and Impeachment (11/1/13 11:48pm)

BURKA BLOG: David Barton to Challenge John Cornyn? (11/1/13 11:48pm)


R. JONES: Could Texan of the Year finally be a woman? (11/1/13 9:52pm)

GOV. PERRY ($): Bringing Texas a little closer to rest of the world (11/1/13 11:52pm)

FALKENBERG ($): Prop 6 won’t suffer fate of cancer fund (11/1/13 11:52pm)

SCOTT: College system shift plays on our racial stereotypes (11/1/13 11:52pm)

STATE SEN. GARCIA & PEACOCK: Redistricting proposal targets Hispanic gains (11/1/13 11:52pm)

WALKER ($): Protecting bat cave will benefit region (11/1/13 11:52pm)

SINKIN ($): Climate change becoming urgent matter (11/1/13 11:52pm)

NORTHCUT ($): Biotech research requires strong protections (11/1/13 11:51pm)

BRISCHETTO ($): Big money has undue political influence (11/1/13 11:51pm)

CHASNOFF ($): Judge’s rulings could be illegal (11/1/13 11:51pm)

CASEY: TTLA faces rival organization (11/1/13 11:49pm)

PADILLA: Is a teacher shortage looming in Texas? (11/1/13 11:49pm)

KRISHNA ($): Central Texas still faces water shortage (11/1/13 11:48pm)

RAMSEY: Friendly Fire in Texas Legislative Races (11/1/13 6:03am)

WERTHEIMER: Ted Cruz is no Washington outsider (11/1/13 5:50am)

BLOGS (from the left)

BOR: Even More Cuts to Food Stamps Mean Millions of Texans will go Hungry (11/1/13 11:55pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

LIFE NEWS: Running for Texas Governor, Abortion is a Losing Issue for Wendy Davis (11/1/13 11:48pm)

PAT DOLLARD: Rick Perry May Defy Pentagon On Same-Sex Benefits (11/1/13 11:48pm)

THE RIGHT SCOOP: Kelly File: Texas businessman sells company because of ObamaCare (11/1/13 11:48pm)

GLENN BECK: Senator David Barton? Glenn certainly thinks it has a nice ring to it (11/1/13 11:48pm)

Author: Must Read Texas

Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) & Jason Stanford @MustReadTexas