Dallas Morning News Bias – November 2, 2013

A l’il housecleaning:
*The News’ editorial board demanded yesterday that Dear Leader Obama “fix” his health care train-wreck.
So tell us, Poindexters:
How is Dear Leader to “fix” his LYING to the American people in order to get this abomination passed, in order to get re-elected?
(I’ll wait.)  
*Also, The News routinely dredges up sob stories about individual illegal immigrants, but we’ve not seen a feature on North Texans who now face real financial hardship/health care disruption due to Obamacare.
*Ohio appeals court deals blow to contraceptive mandate; a win for religious freedom
*College students: Obama’s handling of scandals, health care rollout, ‘deceitful’ and ‘incompetent’
*Israel ‘furious’ with White House for leak on Syria strike
*Top generals: Obama is ‘purging’ the military
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
* Silence, shock filled wait for [JFK’s] speech, JFK50, p. 1A  Folks, if you had no idea about the events of Nov. 22, 1963, from this disgusting bilge you’d swear he was killed by a right-wing nut for his liberal views.Nowhere does DMN Dem scribe Michael Granberry even mention Lee Harvey Oswald, much less that he aspired to be a card-carrying Communist, that he visited the Soviet Union — that he was NOT a right-winger. Instead we get:
— a wrinkled Dem recalling, upon hearing news of the shooting, someone saying “my son would have liked to have had that shot”;
— this same Dem noting that “dread about Kennedy’s visit had surfaced within [her] family”;
— that her father had been “alarmed at the [right-wing] tenor of the city”;
— that she recalled “the extremist mob that spat on [LBJ] and his wife, Lady Bird …”;
— that she recalled” the ugly incident of a woman striking Adlai Stevenson on the head with a placard”;
— a then-Young Republican recalls “right-wing fever was really gaining force in Dallas, and I was afraid of it for Jack Kennedy.”
Again, friends, Granberry never mentions Oswald or that was a left-winger. He just leaves all thiscrap hanging there. It’s beyond irresponsible.
I’ll say it again: The News is absolutely using JFK50 to mislead new generations and the uninformed into believing strident opposition to liberalism killed Kennedy. The intent? To marginalize, weaken today’s tea party movement.
(BTW, Granberry has done this before. When I called him on it, he denied any understanding of what I was talking about.)
TSA agent’s killing terrifies travelers, LATimes/AP/NYT, p. 1A – Here, we go: this nutbag had “expressed disappointment in the government.” Watch closely where this goes. My money sez the mainstream media will effort to blame conservatism for this. (Recall, just this week, The News’ editorial board called tea partiers “anti-government,” and “extremists.)
*Climate change risk bad, getting worse, report says, NYT, p. 22A – Yeah, “scientists say[!]” UN“scientists!!” … LOL. This report just happened to coincide with Dear Leader signing an executive order yesterday to force America to “step up” efforts to “adapt to climate change.” But that little factoid is buriedthree-quarters through this pap. (Shoulda been the headline. Odd: when scientists debunk “global-warming”alarmism, The News ignores it. Why is that? Oh, and see below what a top MIT scientist says about these UN IPCC guys. Also, below: AP uncovered docs that Dear Leader’s administration pressured climate scientists to downplay the fact that Earth has not warmed in 15 years. The News didn’t run that either.
*Less food for America’s poor, LATimes, p. 4A – Missing context: you can include the “middle-class” here too — in Dear Leader’s America. … Aw, it sez here the federal government’s “emergency payments” to“stimulate the economy” have “expired.” I’m curious: what happens when the Fed’s $85 billion-a-month in play-money “expires?”
*[Texas] Abortion clinics to close, NYT/AP, p. 1A – Missing context: It’s “the law of the land.”

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.