Dallas Morning News Bias – November 1, 2013

Both were by The Washington Post and gave Cruz “two Pinocchios,” Obama “four Pinocchios.”
Translation: WashPo perceived Obama as telling a WAY BIGGER whopper.
*For Ted Cruz, Saturday, Oct. 16:
The News provided a headlined story: Fact Check: Cruz’s criticisms premature
*For Obama, Thursday, Oct. 31:
No headlined story – just a tiny-font info box with: Fact Check: President Obama on keeping your health policy   
LOL! Yet DMN editors will swear up and down they’re not biased!
From yesterday:
[Annual] Deficit under a trillion [for first time under Obama], AP, p. 7A – Missing context: you can thank the tea party for that.
1) La. Dem offers bill to let Americans keep health plans
2) White House pressured insurance execs to kept quiet
3) Sebelius hit with House committee subpoena
4) Obama officials predicted in 2010: 93 million would lose health plans
5) Lois Lerner gave confidential tea party tax info to FEC

Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Cruz in damage control over dad, p. 2A – Rich! The News looks to hang Cruz with his dad’s comments! This from a newspaper that never once tied unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to Dear Leader during the 2008 campaign. (Oh, no you didn’t, Managing Editor George! We discussed it.) … Dem scribe Todd “The Hack” Gillman has the breathless “scoop” here — from Mother Jones magazine. (Not kidding. Ever seen anything from The American Spectator in The News? No.) … Evidently, one is not allowed to think Dear Leader wasn’t born in Hawaii, to think he’s a Marxist, or to call the U.S. is “Christian nation.” That’s radical, you see — even disqualifying for public office to even have a relative think that. On the other hand, homosexual “marriage,” abortion-on-demand, open borders, socialism — these areproper centrist American positions. (RIGHT!)
*Houston hustles to reach the uninsured, AP, p. 2A – The only Obamacare “news” in today’s edition, folks: propaganda pudding for Houston’s hired lefties who are valiantly toiling to “reach more than 1 million people across 600 square miles who don’t have health insurance[!]” … See, The News has moved on, friends. It’s time to get this rollout “fixed,” save Dear Leader’s bacon. Stories like ones below have no place:
*Tea party activist’s challenge to Sessions reflects split in GOP, p. 1A – In one sentence here, DMN Dem scribe Gromer Jeffers calls the strategy to defund Obamacare “controversial” — but Obamacare is just “[Obama’s] signature policy.” Nothing “controversial” there! Hahahahahahahahahah!
*Condor lead poisoning up sharply, LATimes, p. 8A – This from a newspaper that refuses to report on thehalf-a-million birds, including bald eagles, killed each year by wind farms. HuffPo reports it, AP reports it — but not Texas’ Most Liberal Newspaper.
*Letters to the Editor, p. 18A – Today’s abortion scorecard: pro-aborts 2, pro-life 0.
*Obama’s Katrina Moment, Editorial, p. 18A – Wow, The News really comes down hard on Dear Leader and Sebelius — before concluding it “agrees with many of Obamacare goals,” that it’s “the law and land,” and demanding that it be “[fixed] immediately.” They also take this opportunity to blame Katrina’s aftermath solely on W.’s “abysmal” performance – excusing Dem clowns Ray Nagel and Governor Blanco.
Notes for “Lovey Howell” Willey’s deep-thinkers:
— Obamacare’s “goals” have little to do with helping the needy. Helping them didn’t require crashing the entire health care and insurance industries, then assuming brutish control of both. The goal is and always been total control of resources and distribution in a move toward socialist “Utopia.” If you support Obamacare’s goals, you support that.
 DOMA was the “law of the land”; Texas’ new abortion rules are now “the law of the land.”
— the only way to “fix” what Obamacare has done and will do is repeal it.
*Day to Remember, Mayor Rawlings’ JFK50 Op-Ed, p. 19A — Nice. Dallas’ Dem mayor gets space to leave open the possibility that 1963 Dallas may indeed have been “the city of hate.” He says he just doesn’t know, cuz he didn’t live here then. But, he gushes, Dallas certainly isn’t like that now!! No, now it’s a “city of diversity, a city of opportunity and, most of all, a city of love.” Good grief.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.