Dallas Morning News Bias – October 29, 2013

1) Nearly 1.5 million have lost health insurance due to Obamacare
2) NBCNews: Obama admin knew millions would lose health plans
3) Alaska closes Obamacare exchange after three sign-ups
4) GOP Senator: Sebelius is laughingstock of America
5) ‘Global warming’ gets nearly twice as much taxpayer money as border security
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*’My world fell on me’; Husband’s death puts life of [illegal] immigrant mom in limbo, p. 1A – Stop! I can’t take it anymore! Just open the border! PLEASE!!!! ... Ya’ll notice when Dear Leader Obama “pivoted” from his health care disaster to illegal immigration, The News did too? … Another front-page sobber here — with still nothing on Americans losing their health plans by the mega-bushel. (Friends, that is stunning.)
*Abortion limits partially struck, p. 1A – Who dat say judge-shopping is waste o’ time? And note this Austin-lib judge’s timing! The day before the law takes effect! His studious deliberation just worked out that way, you see. … Pro-abort DMN Dem scribe Hoppe-Along Lefty says only that this judge, “Yokel” Yeakel, is a W. appointee. (That’s s’posed to mean he’s a conservative, dear readers — but it doesn’t.) This isn’t this Austin lib’s first pro-abort ruling. He loves him some Planned Parenthood too! He also protected Occupy Austin thugs last year. (Get this: even The People’s Republic of Austin had had a enough of the Occupy crap — but not Yeakel!!) See below:
*Deadline for [Obamacare] signup moved to March 31, AP, p. 5A – The only Obamacare news today! Eight inches at the bottom of 5A! And what is it? Dear Leader has officially granted us serfs six more weeks to comply with his government-takeover of health care. ‘Course, that’s changing “the law the land”— and he can’t do that — but what the hell! AP’s not worried!
*Jurors watch clerk set on fire, p. 1B – Missing Editor’s Note: The DMN opposes the death penalty in all cases, with no exception — even for this savage miscreant who set an elderly woman on fire for some cash and the ring off her finger. Sure, we know she died a tortuous death, over five agonizing days — we get that — but some things, like our ideology, transcend even the most heinous acts. If you disagree, can’t we just stop bickering? Do as we wish, “get things done.”

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.