Dallas Morning News Bias – October 28, 2013

White House ‘Glitches’ Go Beyond Obamcare
1) Obamacare sticker-shock spreads
(The News often runs LATimes stories — but not this.)
2) World’s anger at Obama policies goes beyond Europe and the NSA
(The News often runs McClatchy stories — but not this.)
3) Cheney: ‘Our allies no longer trust us, our enemies no longer fear us’
Meanwhile, The News’ “news” and opinion
Note — Today, Obamacare’s wheezing debacle is pushed from The News’ front page by:
The Cowboy game
A smoocher to Dallas’ Dem mayor 
A tear-jerker for illegal-immigrant children 
A Collin County landowner who claims an energy company is “profiting unjustly”
“Rock pioneer” Lou Reed died 
*GOP wants answers on health care, AP, p. 4A – Ah, here’s the Obamacare news! The GOP wants answers! Nobody else! Everyone else is cool with it! (The GOP, you know, is probably racist. Don’t forget that.) … Obamacare facts The News has not reported: this stinkin’ website has cost taxpayers nearly $400 million; the  total cost of the rollout has surpassed $1 billion. (Allah only knows how much Dear Leader will now blow to “fix” things.)
*Politicians Trip an Alarm, Editorial, p. 12A – Per “Lovey Howell” Willey and her uninformed crew: with our first Marxist presidentand the most radical Dem party ever in power — tea partiers are the extremists! What a hoot! Here, they again claim:
— tea partiers are “anti-government.” (False, no matter how many times you say it, DMN.)
— tea partiers “blithely flirt[ed] with a default on government debt.” (Default, of course, was not near — but Dear Leader and the Dems quite willingly “flirted” too. Remember?)
— tea partiers “nearly caused an economic calamity.” (See above. Oh, and the last five years don’t qualify as “economic calamity?” LOL)
— had America defaulted, “the economy would have stalled.” (Of course, to these nimrods, it’s not “stalled” now. Again, though — default was not going to happen.)
And this was new from Willey’s Wonkers:
“[The DMN] believes in limited government and free markets.” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.