Must Read Texas – October 23, 2013

Vega Announces GOP Bid for U.S. Senate;
Exclusive: State of the Race: TX Railroad Commission;
New Campaign Videos from Patrick, Westcott; Burka on Cruz
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Linda Vega, a Houston immigration attorney, after exploring a GOP bid for U.S. Senate, announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate Wednesday.


With State Rep. Stefani Carter (R-Dallas) ending her bid for Railroad Commission, we asked the three first tier candidates for their view of where there campaigns are currently.

(listed alphabetically)

From Malachi Boyuls:

Malachi Boyuls is a conservative Republican candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner.  He owns a small oil and gas investment firm and is former regulatory attorney, where he successfully fought the federal government on behalf of business, protecting jobs.

As Railroad Commissioner, Malachi’s top priority will be ensuring we continue our path towards energy independence and ending our reliance on foreign oil.  Getting government out of the way so the free market can flourish and create jobs, protecting private property rights and producing the energy Texas and America needs will keep Texas driving the economic engine of our nation.

Malachi’s campaign has been endorsed by the state’s top conservative and Republican leaders including former RNC members Bill Crocker of Austin; Denise McNamara of Dallas; Ernest Angelo, Jr. of Midland; and former Republican Party of Texas State Chairman Cathie Adams of Dallas.  He also enjoys the support of Sen. Ted Cruz’s Statewide Grassroots Director Kaye Goolsby of Houston; John Steinmetz of Lubbock; Republican Women leaders Mona Bailey of Fort Worth; Angie King of Dallas; Fiscal Conservative leader Peggy Venable of Austin.  And some of the state’s top energy leaders from Midland to Houston have given their name and their dollars to help Malachi Boyuls become our next Railroad Commissioner.

Malachi Boyul’s campaign fundraising has far outpaced the field of candidates, making his campaign the most complete campaign with backing from conservatives, grassroots and financial supporters.

Malachi and his wife Shelby are the proud parents of two young children and are active members of Watermark Church in Dallas.

From Wayne Christian:

“The Campaign couldn’t be going any better. Every day we are receiving more support from conservatives across Texas ready to send an experienced conservative fighter to the Railroad Commission. My experience in fighting the EPA combined with my service on regulated industries and the energy committee give the voters exactly what they’re looking for.

Our campaign has really picked up momentum in recent weeks. We have received over 150 endorsements ( from many of the same political leaders that led to the Senator Ted Cruz’s victory in 2012. A recent online straw poll has our campaign at 34%, 10 points ahead of our closest competitor.

We just returned from the Texas Federation of Republican Women convention in San Antonio, where I received a very warm welcome. One could not walk two feet without seeing a Wayne Christian lapel sticker and the applause I received after our speech was unparalleled by the other RRC candidates. I am traveling the state, hitting between 10 – 20 Republican clubs and Tea Parties every week.”

From Ryan Sitton:

Ryan Sitton is a candidate who is well positioned to secure a spot in the run-off due to his ability to self fund, base of support in the Harris county media market, and energy experience. Sitton has pledged to put in $1 million of his own money in the race. This gives him a significant head start on the other candidates in the critical race for name id. Ryan also hails from the largest media market in Texas and has recently secured the endorsement of conservative leader Dr. Steve Hotze and other key grassroots leaders in the Harris county area.

Ryan Sitton has over 15 years experience in the oil & gas industry which is by far the most real world energy experience of the leading candidates. His company PinnacleAIS employs over 300 people which also gives him the ability to claim he is the only candidate in the race with experience leading a large organization. This will resonate well with donors, voters who would prefer to have someone who understands the oil & gas industry leading the Texas Railroad Commission.

Two other candidates, Becky Berger and Ray Keller, are running as Republicans.
If they send in their own statements, we will publish them here.


Two new campaign videos:
> Lt. Gov. candidate and State Sen. Dan Patrick: “Texas goes Sacramento.”
> State Rep. candidate Chart Westcott: Introductory video.


TM’s Paul Burka weighs in on the return to Texas of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX):

Ted Cruz’s popularity is like nothing Texas politics has ever seen. He received an eight-minute standing ovation from the Texas Federation of Republican Women in San Antonio. This was followed by a fourteen-minute standing ovation in Arlington. The way he is going, he could be elected governor by acclamation. What explains Cruz’s unprecedented adoration? I think it’s three things:

(1) Cruz is the rare politician who talks up to his audience, not down to his audience

(2) He elevates the discussion with his intelligence.

(3) He seldom resorts to gimmicks or applause lines; he makes his audience proud that he is on their side.

Moderate Republicans and Democrats who underestimate him are making a mistake.

– SAEN reports (behind paywall) the Judge says he will rule “quickly” on Texas abortion law.  Here’s the TT report.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– TT’s Jay Root reports that Democratic mega-donor Steve Mostyn has created another organization of “consumer lawyers” to compete with the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.
– TT’s Morgan Smith 
reports for Texas Weekly on the “minor differences” among the GOP candidates for Lt. Gov.
– FWST’s Anna Tinsley 
reports (behind paywall) that Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns has decided not to run for State Sen. Wendy Davis’ (D-Fort Worth) seat.
– A national Super PAC created to support an expected 2016 presidential campaign for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 
held a fundraiser (behind paywall) in Houston Tuesday night.
More ethics allegations in the Houston Mayoral race.

Other stories of interest:
– EPA says Texas remains the #1 producer of carbon dioxide emissions among the states.
– A CNBC host 
made an unfortunate comment about Sen. Cruz Wednesday and has apologized.

Lighter clicks:
– Netflix viewership is now so large it is rivaling that of large TV networks.
– You won’t believe how many actors that you know today 
got their start on Miami Vice.
– An 
update from a West Virginia football blog about the rumor that WVU athletic director Oliver Luck will be the next athletic director for UT.
– How can you not feel terrible for 
this bride?

Today’s Source of Inspiration:
– Heroes in our midst.


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