Dallas Morning News Bias – October 26, 2013

Again today, NOT A SYLLABLE in The News on the millions of Americans who’ve had their insurance plans cancelled and/or seen their deductibles/premiums sky-rocket due to Obamacare. Nothing.
(We’re not talkin’ bias now, friends. This is good ol’ corruption.)
1) Seniors losing their doctors
2) Obamacare takes away woman’s health care choices
3) Wisc. health insurance premiums to almost double
4) Poll: majority of Americans want health mandate delayed
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Site fix target: Nov. 30, WashPo, p. 1A  Can you wait another month for Utopia, America? All will be cool then. (NOT.) … Rest assured, sez The News’ front-page banner story, “a former [Obama] administration official” now has compiled a “punch list” and promised it’s all “fixable[!]” (And again with the “President Barack Obama’s health care law,” not his “controversial health care law.” LOL.) … BTW, besides the “former Obama official,” the only others quoted here are a House Dem, “a supporter of the health care law,” and a random in-the-weeds IT guy who explains a few deft keystrokes and other BS. That makes this piece, friends, ……… pure propaganda!
*Sebelius visits Texas, says website testing botched, p. 14A – She came all the way to Texas to tell us this! And The News sent a crack Democrat scribe, “3-Dub Jr.” Garrett, to detail her findings. (Recall, no DMN reporter lifted a toe to note Cruz’s welcome events in San Antonio and Arlington, where he received 8-minute and 14-minute ovations, respectively. It’s like they didn’t happen.) … Missing context: Sebelius is BIG fan of late-term abortion — and “fewer human beings.” (See below.) Where was Wendy Davis? A great tie-in, no? (Where’s a great j-schooler when you need one?)
*GOP coalition pushes immigration, NYT, p. 6A – Yeah, except the mainstream media’s poster-boy, Marco Rubio, has now backed out. That’s not noted here for some reason. And how odd: the word “illegal” appears nowhere in this piece.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.