Dallas Morning News Bias – October 22, 2013

Why Obama Should Be Freaked Out Over Obamacare, by Ron Fornier
(The author is no conservative.)
2) CBS political director: Obama headed for ‘credibility death spiral’
3) Cheney backs tea party: They are Americans, D.C. ‘extremist’ is Obama
(The News absolutely runs his comments if he bashed tea partiers.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Obama pushes [health care] law, admits problems, NYT, p. 1A – “Call my toll-free number, my fellow Americans.”Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! This is The President of the United States, folks. And The NYT isn’t fazed — calls this “an impassioned defense” of Obamacare! Good Lord.
*Head of U.S. Chamber says Cruz has lots to learn, p. 7A – Recall, The News ignored Cheney’s comments today and completely censored Cruz’s 8-minute standing ovation welcome in San Antone this week — but they run this crap. DMN Dem scribe and chief news-section Op-Ed writer Todd “The Hack” Gillman dredges this up. Good work, son! Now here’s your Mong Biscuit. … Cruz’s next welcome event is this evening in Arlington. (See below.) Will The News cover it? Let’s see!
Texas AG candidates flaunt their ties to Cruz, Politics, by Gromer Jeffers Jr., p. 5B – “Politics.” I guess that means ol’ Gromes can write about whatever he chooses. Doesn’t have to be “news,” just something that might advance the narrative — er, be interesting. You know, like:
— Cruz’s “ill-fated strategy” to defund Obamacare (not Wendy Davis’ “ill-fated strategy” to stop Texas’ new abortion law.);
— Cruz is one of the “most divisive political figures in the country” (not Wendy Davis is “one of the most divisive political figures in Texas.”);
— Cruz’s “approval rating are dismal among many voter groups” (not Wendy Davis’ approval ratings “are dismal among conservative voters — the clear majority in Texas.”)
— Cruz’s “tactics are questionable.” (not “Cruz is simply doing what he promised to do if elected.)
(BTW, where is Wendy Davis? She’s suddenly pretty quiet. Must’ve noted she’s better off in Texas with her mouth shut — and it certainly doesn’t matter to the low-info crowd.)
*Abortion providers go to court, p. 2A – And The News’ Dem, pro-abort scribe Christy Hoppe goes to work. (No disclaimer here though.) Missing context from Ms. Hoppe: Texas’ new abortion restrictions are “the law of the land” — get over it. … Hoppe leads by quoting a Planned Parenthood “chief medical officer.” “[The law] turns back the clock two decades[!]” he wails. How ’bout this intro instead, ma’am? A 20-week old unborn child has had a heart beat for perhaps four months  — and may even feel pain. Whether or not to allow termination of this life is a central question about Texas’ new abortion restrictions now being weighed in federal court. 
*Report: 15% of youth idle, AP, p. 3D – Is it because of our Marxist president’s pathetic economy? No way! That’s not mentioned at all — silly! AP blames it on (ready?) kids being born in the wrong zip code, income inequality, lack of government-provided Internet access — and blah, blah, blah. I’m not kidding. Amazing. (And Obamacare is going to make things waaaaaaaay worse. Oh — and recall yesterday: The News ran a front-page piece on what the “shutdown” supposedly cost us — but still nothing on what Obamacare is costingand will cost us.
*France latest ally mad at U.S. over espionage, AP, p. 9A – I thought we were s’posed to be loved with Dear Leader in charge. … BTW, “President Barack Obama” does not appear in this story.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.