Dallas Morning News Bias – October 18, 2013

Another thing about yesterday’s ignorant DMN editorial:

It says tea partiers are “ANTIgovernment,” that we “question the need” for “core functions” of government.

That, friends, as we all know, is false.
*Controlling everyone’s health care decisions is not a core function of government.
*Forcing young, healthy Americans to buy health insurance is not a core function of government.
*Forcing hardworking families’ deductibles and premiums through the roof is not a core function of government.
*Income redistribution is not a core function of government.
*Running trillion-dollar annual deficits is not a core function of government.
*Using the IRS to silence opponents is not a core function of government.
*Arming our enemies in the Middle East is not a core function of government.
*Decreeing, changing, ignoring laws from The White House is not a core function of government.
*Opening our borders to any and everyone is not a core function of government.
*Lying about Benghazi and Fast and Furious is not a core function of government.
*Feeding every school kid in America, regardless of need, is not a core function of government.
Got it? See the difference?
1) Networks blame GOP for shutdown in 41 stories; Dems 0
2) By 100-1, media cover government shutdown victims over Obamacare victims
3) Obamacare spikes health premiums in 45 states
4) Harvard study: tea partiers more scientifically literate than others
(DMN editors would chew off their thumbs before reporting this.)
5) Food Stamp recruiters have 150-per-month quotas
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Local federal workers relieved for now but fear same ordeal soon, p. 1A – Oh, good. Thousands of North Texas federal workers — especially those EPA folks The News has been sooooo concerned about — are OK. But for the mulitudes who’ll soon be paying thousands more each year for health care? Nada. Nothing. … Again, what do these hoards of EPA workers do all day? That’d make a great Sunday feature!
*Immigration tops Obama’s agenda, AP, p. 11A – No, that’s illegal immigration.” Odd, the word “illegal” appears nowhere here.
*[Syrian] Rebels kill intelligence official, Wire reports, p. 14A – Did they use Dear Leader-supplied weapons? Story doesn’t say. In fact, Dear Leader isn’t mentioned at all.
*Millions remain enslaved in Africa, LATimes, p. 16A – Missing context: Does Al Sharpton know about this? How ’bout Jesse Jackson? And why bury this on 16A? After all, millions of low-info voters have no idea about this, having been taught that America invented slavery, and only America practiced it. … (America, of course, got rid of slavery — unlike these African nations.)
*[Komen Race for the Cure] Focus is on a cure, not politics, p. 1B – DMN Dem scribe Christina Rosales says Komen “quickly backtracked” last year in its flap with Planned Parenthood, “due to public outcry.” Actually, Ms. Rosales, Komen backtracked due to a thuggish, vile, left-wing assault — backed by the mainstream media. (Note: had Dear Leader backed-off on parts of Obamacare this week, would The News have reported it was due to “public outcry?”Absolutely NOT.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.