Dallas Morning News Bias – October 17, 2013

*Done deal: Default averted at 11th hour, AP/WashPo, p. 1A – The tyrant won! Yay!!!!!!! (Thetyrant always wins, BTW.) Now we can get back to “normal” governance! … Limbaugh had it right yesterday: Great! Now we can borrow another trillion dollars! …As for The News’ dramatic headline:there wasn’t going to be a default at midnight last night — deal or no deal. That’s simply a lie.
*Cruz is left carrying the shutdown baggage, p. 1A – Here, I’ll just note — in this supposedly straight-up news report by Todd “The Hack” Gillman, we get (emphasis mine): “Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., asserted that Cruz’s efforts “clarified” where each party stands on Obamacare — as if that hadn’t already been clear after President Barack Obama insisted he won’t allow repeal or defunding of his signature health care law.” Gee, slip into Quick Take “analysis” mode there, Todd? I know — it must be hard to keep that straight. And, why not call it “his controversial health care law,”big guy? … (Hey, just wondering: why’d we never see a poll on what Americans thought about Dear Leader Obama barricading the WWII Memorial?)
*Hutchinson: Cruz’s push was ‘kamikaze mission’, p. 6A – DMN Dem scribes have found another RINO to bash Cruz!! Why, it’s good ol’ Kay Bailey — who lost miserably, by about 20 points, to Rick Perry in 2010. That’s not recalled for readers though.
*How they voted, p. 7A – What’s this? Here, in teensy font, we see not a single North Texas GOP representative, nor either Texas Senator, voted to re-open the government last night. (Yet, the tea party position is extreme, unworthy of support, doncha know.)
*Budget Deal Reached But Internal Split Is Harming GOP,  Editorial, p. 14A – LOL. Like The News’ editorial board cares about the GOP being harmed. … “Lovey Howell” Willey’s crew, here, so liked yesterday’s local RINO quotes so well, they ran ’em again! (BTW, guys, enjoy that Obamacare, will ya’? That employer mandate will be here before you know it.) … Actually, what we’re seeing, folks, is the end of the Republican party as a viable opponent to what the Left is doing to America.
*CitySquare founder weighs in on income disparity, Blow column, p. 1B – Another “Fretful Stevie” Blow review of lefty Robert Reich’s “income inequality” movie! It seems Stevie didn’t like the conservative who recently accompanied him to the movie, SMU professor Michael Cox, and needed a fellow lib to buck him up. Plus, the “outspoken” Cox needed more dressing-down: “He does not really know or have an ongoing relationship with a poor family,” Blow sez. (Cheer up, Stevie. Under Dear Leader, those opportunities are growing!) … This lib, Larry James, founder of CitySquare, says, “We’re in the midst of the largest income redistribution in the history of our economy. It’s all flowing up …”Howzat again, Lare? The rich are getting rich by taking poor people’s money? LOL. Blow also brags that James “transformed a modest East Dallas food pantry into a large innovative agency.” I’ll say — using mucho state and federal tax dollars to do it. (It’s the Hook-Into-Uncle-Sam’s-Teat-And-Thrivemodel.) See below, CitySquare’s financials. Its largest contributor, by far: government. And whatta ya’ know, the more government hands out, the more “need” grows. Amazing!) … Disclaimer: I have no“ongoing relationship” with a poor family.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.