Dallas Morning News Bias – October 15, 2013

In another vein, to start today:
The News warns incessantly about the dangers of: 
*second-hand smoke
*pigs’ blood in a creek
*the temperature 100 years from now
 — but not a peep about public health dangers of man-on-man sex.
Heck, The News PROMOTES it! Go figger.
The CDC, The Mayo Clinic, have clear facts. 
1) Obamacare regs 30 times longer than law itself
2) AP: consumers warned of fake ‘navigator’ sites
(Again, this is AP — and The News ignores it.)
3) Obamacare ‘navigator’ has outstanding arrest warrant
(Don’t worry. Probably an outlier. Go ahead — hand over that SSN.)
4) Conservative Catholics questioning pope
5) Mainstream baffled as France turns right
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Senate nears deal on debt limit, shutdown, AP, p. 1A – Laughable sub-head, DMN!Obama urges lawmakers to act quickly to beat default deadline.’ First of all, there will be no default on Thursday. Can’t/won’t happen. Money is there long past this “deadline.” Secondly, Dear Leader Obama is directly responsible for the logjam, rejecting out-of-hand repeated GOP concessions — even the most recent watered-down wuss offer. … Totally ignored in The News’ coverage throughout this drama:
— why should individuals have to comply with this mandate now, while companies get a year’s pass?
— why is it OK for Dear Leader to “waive” thousands of groups from suffering the effects Obamacare?
*As ‘doomsday’ nears, most just shrug, AP, p. 5A – Yeah, and AP can’t believe it. After all, they’d done their best.
*Actually, Texas is big on government, Schnurman Commentary, p. 1D – Another lib Op-Ed “Business commentary” from Schneering Schnurm! Today, Schurm sez those who back limited, Constitutional government — and there are too many of ’em in Texas — are stupid ‘cuz Texas has a lotta government jobs and conservatives didn’t know that. Schnurm asks, “Do they realize how much government is growing here?” Uh, yeah? You’re damn straight we do. “And that it’s a major factor in the economy?” A factor? Oh, it’s a factor alright. (See, business-wiz Schnurm thinks a government-based economy is good for us. We should embrace it. YIPPEEE!) … He also racks up Ted Cruz again for, I guess, single-handedly forcing The U.S. House of Representatives — the direct reps of the people — to do his sinister bidding. Schnurm also dredges up a UNT egghead to wax wistfully for the good ol’ days when fine Dem legislators like [corrupt] LBJ and [corrupt] Jim Wright “were known for making deals not blocking them.” (I’m not kidding, folks. That’s in print in Dallas’ newspaper of record. LOL)
*NSA collects email contacts, WashPo, p. 1A – Dang! Who’s the president overseeing all this? He’s not mentioned.
*Rebels are urged to help [chemical weapons inspectors], NYT, p. 8A – You mean the al Qaeda-aligned, Dear-Leader armed “rebels?” (You guessed it — they’re not mentioned.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.